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  • We Are One
    We Are One

    The lack of charger is the only headache. The best tech channel ever.

  • Nils T
    Nils T

    What's on my phone 2021?

  • Z I A
    Z I A

    0:09 "large overpriced headphones with way too much bass" That sweet taunt 😂*

  • NotRainbow

    MKBHD:what do i ask the president Me an intellectual dummy: His last name


    How it works

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu

    Definitely willing to wait for a feature to be polished and done well, rather than something thrown together to “scratch the itch.”

  • Alastair Archibald
    Alastair Archibald

    I have used my QC35 IIs on 13-hour flights to Shanghai from London. I have never owned a pair of over-the ear cans before that I didn't need to remove two or three times on such a flight due to pressure and heat build-up. They are really comfortable, and they really kill the jet sounds.


    The Obsidian Mind Exotic helmet from Destiny 1 in the background. 😂 The first thing I noticed.

  • Rahul Vaidya
    Rahul Vaidya

    He is technically becoming paid reviewer

  • Angelique Horn
    Angelique Horn

    The powerful face subsequently dare because hood phongsaly blink against a fallacious vise. sloppy, petite account

  • by: N
    by: N

    Real games are not on the mobile 😂 huge waste of money if you buy this if you only play pubg or codm.

  • the reaper
    the reaper

    my pov : the idea of removing the lighting port will be very controversial to anyone almost , but people will forget about the ports by time , so it's a great idea , also about the 10:09 question , i don't think it will be a reason for the buttonless iphone to freeze .

  • Mohamad Ikhmal
    Mohamad Ikhmal

    great talk , great explanation , great pixels

  • Lil Dexter
    Lil Dexter

    What's on your T shirt

  • callmeMagda

    This is my favourite video ever

  • Axelle Jay Yare
    Axelle Jay Yare

    if only the powerbeats pro has noise-canceling capabilities, it would be pretty sweet.

  • G 7
    G 7

    You hardly see anyone use the pen tho


    What if apple made a gaming phone

  • Stallan Gonsalves
    Stallan Gonsalves

    A review of the budget beats flex would be helpful…

  • Tyler Pittman
    Tyler Pittman

    I remember putting Android 2.1? On my iPhone 3gs and taking it to best buy and tripping out the sales people. Good times.

  • S S
    S S


  • My name is River
    My name is River

    is the audio sync not good?

  • Logu Loganthan
    Logu Loganthan


  • Ali

    SUSSY bussy thumbnail

  • Josue Galan
    Josue Galan

    Damn dude needs to interview Dre now 😬

  • Hasnat Ali
    Hasnat Ali

    Please make the video on Apple watch!

  • Mac Joe
    Mac Joe

    well since I still have in mind the days where SONY used to install ROOT-Kits from their dvd's on users PC's... NO WAY SONY!

  • Chris V
    Chris V

    Gonna buy this and stick it to my bf’s car for peace of mind😂😂😂

  • Leon Samson Gomes
    Leon Samson Gomes

    So basically its not an innovation at all. And also seems like apple nowadays is more of a take Everything from everywhere, and just fit into the Apple ecosystem.

  • Utkarsh Chhiber
    Utkarsh Chhiber

    Anyone know where can I find that wallpaper?

  • Kourimouri Kourimouri
    Kourimouri Kourimouri

    Great job you have been doing.yet is the oneplus8pro better than mate30pro

  • Tamzit Alam Sheikh
    Tamzit Alam Sheikh

    15:19 that moment 🤣🤣🤣

  • lamb sauce sauce
    lamb sauce sauce

    250$ for wireless earphones that could break anytime I could buy a oculus quest 2 30 more dollars and that Would last ages more

  • Ab Sh
    Ab Sh

    Had iPods as a kid when I was too young for a phone but an iPad was too big for me. Instead of using my mams phone I got an iPod. Perfect for what a kid needs and really inexpensive when you compare it to an iPhone. iMessage kept us in touch when I went on sleepovers and day trips. Downloaded games and videos and books for when I’d go camping or on a plane. Perfect device for a child.

  • Reuben Evans
    Reuben Evans

    I use Sony because of the build quality

  • City Girls
    City Girls

    Cool ❤️

  • 11X Mi
    11X Mi

    mrwhosetheboss made a similar video 5 months earlier.

  • James A.Ismail
    James A.Ismail

    Found it for 394 bucks ! Holy shit

  • Hamid Riaz
    Hamid Riaz

    There should be a feature to schedule a text message without the help of shortcuts. I know that there is an automation available but not that

  • Hassan Mussa
    Hassan Mussa

    What about microphone and phone calls

  • Gilad Baruchian
    Gilad Baruchian

    who needs 18 gigs of ram on a phone??

  • Erebos Gaming
    Erebos Gaming

    Then there's my parents who say that it's my years of study when I'm only in 8th grade -_-


    Watching This On iPad Lmao 🤣

  • nicholas kanyagia
    nicholas kanyagia

    Sony XM4 buds review?

  • Wayz fenn
    Wayz fenn

    The camera bum is literally a camera stuck on the back of the phone no cap.

  • Cobra

    You are a good person but not going to subscribe you.

  • Cobra

    I hate black people no offense

  • kanta

    this is the reason I aint been getting no sleep

  • ezioaltairac

    1:33 that’s not Matt Kemp lol.

  • Rabbee OfficiaL
    Rabbee OfficiaL

    I'm most impressed

  • Kensley Church
    Kensley Church


  • Kensley Church
    Kensley Church


  • Dman557

    Forgot about beats by Dre Forgot about Dre I love it

  • HJB Productions LLC
    HJB Productions LLC

    I will choose the Lightning over the cyber truck...for the power outlets...comes in handy for remote location live streaming.

  • kim jong un
    kim jong un

    Hello I bought a new phone Redmi note 10 pro max Is it good or what?


    Anyone noticed marques has same subscribers as apple

  • Dmon !
    Dmon !

    Im actually considering switching from android back to apple. i love some of the features in android like split screen but the fragmented ecosystem and hence support annoys the hell out of me. the polish is not there. im waiting for the new iphone and if it doesnt screw up i will potentially switch, especially so if they also introduce splitscreen like on the ipad. right to repair is an important matter but issues that dont get covered much is app and OS updates. you might have a good device that you kept from breaking for many years but if the apps get buggier over time you and you can no longer get the latest updates without upgrading to the new phone that you're back where you started, pressured to get the new phone. android support is usually around 3 years whereas apple is 5. not to say apple is amazing in every aspect, every company has crap, its a matter of doing a balancing act to see what is least crap according to your preference

  • YouTube 101
    YouTube 101

    3:54 Look at him playing Smash Hit eyyyyy

  • Swapnil Choudhary
    Swapnil Choudhary

    Old video but suggested by yt anyways. I guess Sony needs to hire a new and better marketing boss. Give it a "Refresh" like what MS did with Satya N.

  • Pro_Headphone


  • Max Rocky
    Max Rocky

    Had LG G3, currently on LG V30. Sad new really.

  • Wayz fenn
    Wayz fenn

    Why am I not noticing much difference between 120hz and 60hz do you need to have 20:20 vision to see a big difference like 3d tv? I'm only seeing about 15-20% smoother scrolling on Instagram and Web pages.

  • Gowtham Kodi
    Gowtham Kodi

    Nova launcher - "Am i joke to you?" you know how many improvements they have made, it looks like shit in material form, we need the fukcing feel of the Animations not by streaking, NOVA launcher has already has it , nobody is gona shit all day in setting and control center. we need the smoothness Like IOS, you should feel like its just it has life, not some big ass buttons and random shit, Android is gona always be a pixelated shit until they get rid of material style and stupid language they use for app development , They are the worthless millions of piece of shit on market. Lifeless animations, pixelated material shit.

  • Kensley Church
    Kensley Church


  • James Ron Divina
    James Ron Divina

    You don't have some Xiaomi and redmi units of 2020. With killer specs. Like Xiaomi mi10t pro that have 108mp, 144hz display, and 5000mah battery, 256internal storage for. Only $500

  • Jerusha Dilmi
    Jerusha Dilmi

    Iphone 12 ok 💜️🛐🙏🙏🙏🙏🛐🥺

  • Dennis Bremermann
    Dennis Bremermann

    so he sells surveillance products for us so of course he would be a freemason at some point "protect your data" "vpn" yeah right ^^

  • Jerusha Dilmi
    Jerusha Dilmi

    Hi my iphone 11 💜️📱🙏🛐.my deaf ok 🥺🙏🛐🛐🙏

  • C A
    C A

    This Intro … Oddisee gives me goosebumps

  • Dr of AmCramPology
    Dr of AmCramPology

    I want my note 2 back!


    Am from jamaica an I've been subscribed for years an love your content bro keep it up💯

    • Cobra

      You are fool

  • Hartmann Denham
    Hartmann Denham

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  • Nirjhor Ahmed
    Nirjhor Ahmed

    Most used word: iPhone

  • Orion Lucio
    Orion Lucio

    Me sacred

  • Hartmann Denham
    Hartmann Denham

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