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Marques Brownlee

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  • TuX

    I swallowed mine

  • Enrique Santana
    Enrique Santana

    Can’t wait for them to remove the phone part of I phone

  • Wonback

    I want a Sony smartphone now

  • bennybenben805

    they want to force you to buy air pods

  • Arthur Ribas
    Arthur Ribas

    The s20fe is incredibly "cheap" here in brasil, it is costing 2099rs, while the s20 is 3600rs

  • vicky shah
    vicky shah

    Heeyy hii there !! Can you suggest any smart watches which is best suitable in oneplus smart watch price range

  • emes

    11:16 what's ur discord tag o_O

  • 製杖

    More like talking sht

  • nikluz

    Finally I can track my girlfriend.

  • RayyaN

    I don’t have 5g wireless but i have it on the phone

  • Melba Barnuevo
    Melba Barnuevo

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      Steve Malcom

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      Cj Alvaro

      This is not the first time i am hearing of Mrs Stephanie Williams and her expertise in the trading world but i have no idea of how to reach her

  • Rishabh M
    Rishabh M

    That afterburner card though ..... I've heard u say "Never Buy a tech product on the promise of future updates " isn't that contradictory ..... Just curious

  • Ryan Cobb
    Ryan Cobb

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  • Chungus Head
    Chungus Head


  • William Bishop
    William Bishop

    Tesla is full of it for the safety thing. Imagine gas catching fire and blowing up when you work on an engine.

  • Niko Santos
    Niko Santos

    all this time, im waiting for a gaming tablet

  • Pascal Poussin
    Pascal Poussin

    It would be interesting if you put in the best camera Vivo phones as well.

  • Lismore98

    Great video Marques

  • metroidfighter

    I have a weird idea. Stop buying/supporting Apple, John Deere, Tesla etc. There are other alternatives. Tesla not as much. I have never bought or owned anything I can't repair or mod. People are as much to blame for these terrible practices as the company's that they support with their wallet. Then you should make your laws to stop them from putting a metaphorical gun to your head. Hurt them in the bank account. The auto industry years ago I'm quoting "Give them a car for free, and we can make it all back and then some in parts/labor/maintenance." I can still buy OEM parts for my vehicles. Same with Data/Messaging limits. Cost the carrier cents or nothing in the long run but charge you big bucks in the end. Still people pay for it, never to ask why. Stay away from these scummy company's. Also screw Tesla. A $100,000+ dollar car, and you take a customers ability away to fast charge and update. Cause they modded the car.

  • Lex

    Looks like a Gameboy SP

  • J Scott Upton
    J Scott Upton

    More overpriced status symbols. I never pay more than $100 for my desktop computers. They are loaded with Linux. A few loaded with windows 10 and some with windows xp (my Peachtree accounting program...which never needs to be "updated" and gives me accurate numbers year after year).

  • Tristan Wolf Gustavsen
    Tristan Wolf Gustavsen

    Let’s be honest most of us lost focus on the camera lens part 😂

  • Kristi Tirado
    Kristi Tirado

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  • GamingVariety

    Did anybody else see how he had the Galaxy S21, one day before the release of it? By the way, big fan of the channel!

  • Colby Dipsen
    Colby Dipsen

    I don't think you realize how fucking lucky you are to talk to this dude.

  • Krystal Carpenter
    Krystal Carpenter

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  • Kristi Tirado
    Kristi Tirado

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  • Nolan Antonucci
    Nolan Antonucci

    Thanks Marques, this is some very important journalism, unfortunately I haven't seen something like this in years -- Even 60 Minutes now is just interviews that fit narratives.

  • Y K
    Y K

    love how when you talked about noise you actually put that in and then when you said youtube will just clean that for you, then you edited that in, damn

  • سالم سعيد الشهري
    سالم سعيد الشهري

    Apple products are just expensive shit

  • Gayle Cheung
    Gayle Cheung


  • Evan Batterman
    Evan Batterman

    People would be amazed at how simple it is repair phones and laptops. Think about it, 12 year old kids in China are building your iPhone.

  • On God
    On God

    *This pro....Nexustoolz at lG saved my life by unIocking my new iPhone...he’s an expert*

  • Evan Batterman
    Evan Batterman

    Mkbhd, you need to try to repair a phone. It's stupid easy. 12 year olds in china are building these phones.

  • Gayle Cheung
    Gayle Cheung

    lol…Still have mine from 1996

  • Emily Pottier
    Emily Pottier

    Amazing T-shirt!!!

  • Sasha Ribak
    Sasha Ribak

    No smart alert, preventing from losing. Then people would rely less on someone else finding, especially if you have a $$ in your wallet. Hopefully, in the next Airtag 2, it will be added.

  • Abraham M. Luna
    Abraham M. Luna

    What a bummer man. Just found out about LG dying yesterday. My wife just upgraded my phone to an LG Wing. I've had my previous LG phone since 2011. I didn't want to give it up but oh well. Hope LG comes back by the time I upgrade this bad ass phone I just got. I still have hope for you LG. Please come back! ☹️



  • BaxiTube

    The letters about the sueing are also direct threats towards you guys the influencers. They are basically saying "we took on apple we can get YOU if you tell the truth"

  • Appalachias Hellfighter
    Appalachias Hellfighter

    Just upgraded from 8 to 12, only thing familiar is the otter box defender, so far I like this thing

  • Aly karim
    Aly karim

    Whos waiting for his to arrive 😂💔

  • Spiinix

    For a first phone not bad

  • Duckers

    Even siri today doesn't do a whole lot on iphone at least. google can read you articles and translate stuff on the fly to other languages. siri just be like "here's a page with your search result for you to read yourself" Or translating "i can't do that"

  • Russ N
    Russ N

    "Colored Imacs" thats racist.

  • Bruce Siegel
    Bruce Siegel

    My favorite "easter egg" in Back to the Future 2 is when they travel from 1985 to 2015 and the 84 Macintosh is shown for sale in the window of an antique store. Mine still sits on a shelf at home.

  • Eneida Brittain
    Eneida Brittain

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  • VictoriaWood (as seen on TV)
    VictoriaWood (as seen on TV)

    Watson was absolutely shocking 🙁

  • Beau Kaufman
    Beau Kaufman

    If youtubers killed LG in the smartphone world then it never deserved to be there.

  • Mais um
    Mais um

    Não sei se leio ou assisto 🤡🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💚

  • Friends of The Amazon Jungle
    Friends of The Amazon Jungle

    Sold, am getting one as soon as I get back home to the States. Greetings from the Amazon Jungle 🌴♥️😎👍✌️💪🙏

  • Manuel Vazquez
    Manuel Vazquez

    This video was made 6yrs agoo.......

  • Nikunj Khaitan
    Nikunj Khaitan

    Which is better? One plus 8 pro or One plus 9?

  • Juan Saavedra
    Juan Saavedra

    I customized a black controller off colorware just for PlayStation to accaully make one 😐😂

  • Kevin Romero
    Kevin Romero


  • Uptionz

    Ur voice piss me off

  • Wolfgaming Channel
    Wolfgaming Channel

    I want faster charger Me: *put speed of light charging port*

  • nawayuva Ghimire
    nawayuva Ghimire

    How high Doge can fly?? Now my 100$ on doge will decide my upcoming future days....

  • TriniChinee

    If a phone seems to have an inferior software by moving slower than other phones .. why won't it last as long

  • E

    I’m going to put this on my bff’s purse

  • Alireza Nayeri
    Alireza Nayeri

    15:03 Who else recognized Ayatollah Khomeini? ;)

  • diggydubb

    Can you do a review of the new Apple TV 4K vs the old ones. by the way not a big fan of the new look for Apple Mac but functionality is great!

  • Boughatii Lovren
    Boughatii Lovren

    I never get any notifications from you even though I clicked on all notifications

  • Clarissa Smith
    Clarissa Smith

    Can't wait to hear the FBI story lol sounds interesting

  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky
    Pyotr Tchaikovsky

    Has the smartphone bubble burst yet?

  • Caven

    2022 anyone?

  • TriniChinee

    The phone I have is a galaxy s6 And I haven't really kept up to spec with phones over the years since .. but phone has really revolutionise in such a short space of time!

  • Catalyst

    Whose here after Elon rekt the markets? 😂



  • Dale DeWitt
    Dale DeWitt

    Biochemistry of the brain. God created you.

  • Andrey

    Well.. this is awkward

  • Steve Hansen
    Steve Hansen

    As an Apple user, I’ve lost the ability to think for myself. Can the Air Tag find the common sense, self reliance, and basic competence stripped from me when tech decided to run our lives?

  • Boughatii Lovren
    Boughatii Lovren

    I love LG

  • Dalton Parker
    Dalton Parker

    The most expensive phone that is manufactured is a 1 terabyte iPhone 12pro max, with a solid gold 24 k back, yet only costs just under $600 USD to manufacture. So justifying prices for phones and saying that a "value" phone thats just shy of $1,000 USD is a balancing act is a joke lmao. Phones aren't worth even close to what they're priced at. You could easily get a phone tbats top of the line, fastest processor, biggest screen with the highest refresh rate and highest resolution, with top of the line cameras and no actual camera bump AND A HEADPHONE JACK, for less than $800 easy. Even $800 is still over $300 more than manufacturing cost of the s21 ultra max 5g. The only reason companies are charging this much is because today's "more educated" consumers are dumber than ever and have no idea how manufacturing works or the value of an object. This phone in specific costs less than $450 to manufacture. Meaning that anything over $450 is profit that will pay for the device, payroll, overhead, etc. And its funny that the s21, compared to the s21 ultra max 5g, is only about $150 in price difference, but you're gonna be charged over $400 in difference for the "bigger" one.

  • Me llamo jeff
    Me llamo jeff

    looks cool but 1080p better due to 200 fps lmao

  • Murat Adam
    Murat Adam

    I thought it gonna pee on 5:42

  • Reynard Crescenzo
    Reynard Crescenzo

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  • Phil Walker
    Phil Walker

    One disappointment is the “ping” that may alert someone to there being a tag in their vehicle or somewhere else near them, is that it may alert a thief to the fact the bicycle or other item they just stole has a tag hidden on it, so they have a chance to locate & remove it, ending your chance to retrieve your possession. Also, if I want to use it to track a parcel being shipped somewhere, it’ll alert (possibly annoyingly) the driver of the courier vehicle.

  • Benjamin Nagy
    Benjamin Nagy

    I used to use the m50s for mixing and whatnot and I thought they were the shit for the price. Recently picked up the m50x and it still holds up to this day in my opinion. It's a great mid priced set of headphones. Doesn't really leave you wanting much more even listening to music.

  • Tarek Mahmoud
    Tarek Mahmoud

    Why sony's xperia 1 iii pic in this video? 2:41