2021 Tesla Model S Refresh Reaction!
Honest thoughts on a LOT of new stuff, and why I won't be ordering a Plaid Model S 👀
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  • GamingVariety

    Did anybody else see how he had the Galaxy S21, one day before the release of it? By the way, big fan of the channel!

  • GamingVariety

    Did anybody else see how he had the Galaxy S21, one day before the release of it? By the way, big fan of the channel!

  • Prakash paini
    Prakash paini

    Roadster Where ?

  • derk derk
    derk derk

    Dude this is anscik review! Today wasn't so good for me, I rent to work. Lost my "gf" and haven't tooken a shower all day...atleast I'm at my gma's. :)

  • Harald Holen
    Harald Holen

    It will not be 0-60 in 1.99 sec. While Performance figure is accurate, Plaid figure has small print. Not on the front page, you need to dig a little deeper. Then you will see the asterix; it's a roll out figure. In real terms this mean that the acceleration is 5-60 in 1.99. No one will ever see the 1 figure. And anyway, no wheel powered car will accelerate faster than it can brake. The 60-0 time can never be undercut.

  • jose giron
    jose giron

    how the fuck i'm I gonna turn a steering wheel if its not completely a wheel lol f1 never truly fully turn in the wheel completely so they don't need a fully circular wheel, come on now

  • Pappy Time
    Pappy Time

    Well I was thinking about buying the new S. Don't trust it no gear selector hate the steering wheel

  • Mahyar

    5:20 😂🌹👌

  • Matthew Seth
    Matthew Seth

    The Witcher in the thumbnail ❤️

  • Rohit Rawat
    Rohit Rawat

    Buy a new PS5 to play Mario cart: ❌ Buy a $100k Tesla car to play Mario kart: ✅

  • blackspades0000

    Its a steering rectangle and not a wheel.

  • Janko Aćimović
    Janko Aćimović

    I mostly rest my hands at the bottom of the steering wheel. Even if I do put hands on the top, it's short lived because I move them to the side or to the bottom of steering wheel. Having them up, tires my arms or well, not as comfortable as having them at the bottom or at sides.

  • Mohit Usa
    Mohit Usa

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      Sabrina Wolves

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      Rica Mae

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    • Richard N Ampudia
      Richard N Ampudia

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  • wsattler

    The interior looks even cheaper than before? Tesla should study a Mercedes Benz dashboard and try to copy it, this dash is embarrassing on an expensive car.

  • Cornel Bogdan Macrineanu
    Cornel Bogdan Macrineanu

    I get the hype, but that is not luxe man, be real, looks like an ipad glued to a dresser. For luxe, look at s-klasse, 7 series, s90 and above. This is far from it. That console looks like some high-school mechanics shop project that got a B-

  • Jack Jackson Jr
    Jack Jackson Jr

    Driver: pushes accelerator Model S: We are staying in park cuz I don't feel like driving today

  • MLS FF
    MLS FF

    Amazing Tesla 💕💖

  • Boyko Panayotov
    Boyko Panayotov

    Yeah I really can't imagine executing a smooth turn with this steering wheel. After the apex of the turn I like to let the steering wheel slide in my hands as it naturally returns to neutral position and I think I lot of people do some version of this movement ... I feel like you would inadvertently end up removing both hands from this yoke steering wheel at some point which is quite dangerous especially since it's an unorganic shape so getting a hold of it again isn't as straight forward as with a circle.... Ugh

  • Igniii


  • Jubin Antony Thykattil
    Jubin Antony Thykattil

    I am waiting for NIO stock to hit 250$ to buy a tesla

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G

    What happens when most of the vehicles on the road are electric, and are also fully controllable by law enforcement, are hackable, are restricted from accessing certain roads, and can be disabled when the “grid” goes down? Scary thought. Ironically, we’d probably be wishing we had a gas powered vehicle at that point. I love the idea and the technology, but unfortunately there is tons of room in the future for it to be exploited in dark ways, and can be used to really lessen our freedom.

  • Tobias B
    Tobias B

    Holy shit the model x looks absolutely disgusting

  • Defacto 609
    Defacto 609

    They should have a sterring wheel option.

  • Sue

    Why does the exterior look like a Camry? Why cant it look like a ferrari.

  • Colin Ambrose
    Colin Ambrose

    8:52 Lmao good use of the arrow

  • SirGMag

    Tesla: Introduce ur new massive active noise cancelling headphones starting at just 70 000 dollars

  • Mihai

    The steering wheel is absurd and stupid ... I absolutely hate it.

  • Alsa

    OG thumbnail

  • Eric Dappen
    Eric Dappen

    tesla is too good. the amount of hype surrounding this brand makes me want to throw up on some white tesla seats

  • Eric W
    Eric W

    These are some of the worst cars you can buy for the environment. If you don't believe me, watch Planet of the Humans to get some idea for starters. And to add insult to injury, Tesla makes the vast majority of its profit, not by selling cars, but by selling energy credits to GM and Ford and other traditional auto-makers, so those companies can bypass meeting regulations. What an awful company to support.

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez

    I just hope their noise cancelling is able to detect the sirens of cops and ambulances. Either way I'm excited to see what they have to offer in the future :)

  • The Tran clan
    The Tran clan

    I know the solution for reverse and forward driving. Neuralink Tesla headphones

  • elmoso1

    You are a well-spoken person

  • Frederick Hartray
    Frederick Hartray

    I would want a hybrid deisel version because electric is great for when you can't ride your bike, but diesel is best when you need to go distances.

  • Dennis Mathias
    Dennis Mathias

    You do the best damn reviews. Even without the car you're reviewing! Great job.

  • Flix Ma
    Flix Ma

    2:03 Tesla replacing the steering wheel with a koala 🐨

  • Richard

    I like the yoke, love the active noise cancelling and would love to be able to afford a Plaid+. But i would stick with the LR if i were to get the S.

  • LifeOfThomas

    between the gear selection and steering wheel this car is not a vibe.

  • Gabriella Erales
    Gabriella Erales

    Marques: Plad plus. Me: Platypus 🤠

  • korbitr

    The car "guessing" which direction you want to go sounds INCREDIBLY dangerous.

  • N 190
    N 190

    Steeringwheel is dealbreaker damn…

  • RyanWake bradtelle
    RyanWake bradtelle

    I would like Google stadia and two stadium controllers included the model s and one with the model 3. Maybe Google studia would be bundled.

    • Arvabelle

      @RyanWake bradtelle W> INBOX ME...........

    • RyanWake bradtelle
      RyanWake bradtelle

      Also if Tesla was willing to heavily invest in cloud infrastructure I bet they could include Netflix as well for like $5 or cheaper.

  • Ark Arya
    Ark Arya

    There is something terribly wrong with it... oh yeah it’s the steering wheel

    • Ark Arya
      Ark Arya

      @Arvabelle Wth?

    • Arvabelle

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  • Panda Is cool
    Panda Is cool

    Can’t the noise cancelling cause a safety problem cause like you wouldn’t be able to hear honks and other stuff

    • Arvabelle

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  • Alcovitch

    These cars are the definition of hyper overengineered. That steering wheel is for the birds. like what the fuck? Really? A lot of the stuff they do in these cars for the interior doesn't make any of it better, just cooky different. Am I crazy to not want to have to access EVERYTHING about the car on a touch screen? I want the left stock for turn signals, I'm ok with buttons for radio. I actually want a physical gear shift for Drive and Reverse. I can't get over that Cessna steering wheel. There's zero casual way to hold that. Big fat zero.

    • Arvabelle

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  • cvc gaming yt
    cvc gaming yt


    • Arvabelle

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  • Brandon Dee
    Brandon Dee

    Active noise cancellation in cars is not a new feature.

    • Arvabelle

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  • Joanne

    That's scary

    • Arvabelle

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  • FărăIsus EștiZero
    FărăIsus EștiZero

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    • Arvabelle

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  • Paul Griffiths
    Paul Griffiths

    With the active noise cancelation, do you think that passengers would still be able to hear the sirens of a police car or ambulance or fire truck?

    • Arvabelle

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    active noise cancellation has been around in luxury automobiles for a bit dude

    • Arvabelle

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  • Julien Ouellette
    Julien Ouellette

    If I wanted to buy a new Tesla but it appears to not have any kind of gear selector, I would just go see elsewhere

    • Arvabelle

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  • Catherine Gallagher
    Catherine Gallagher

    The fake wood paneling is ugly and out of place!

    • Arvabelle

      W> INBOX ME...........

  • Nobody

    I want to drive my car. The car shouldn't drive me or decide for me unless a major risk scenario. Some cars have soul, some feel sterile like a hospital floor.

    • Arvabelle

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  • ColdfeetMc.Cheems

    Please go in reverse Model S: no

    • Arvabelle

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  • April Martin Chartrand, M.S.
    April Martin Chartrand, M.S.

    I don't know about this one Chief.... Wow.. this is a new way to relearn how to drive. The Jetsens have arrived. I just saw a video of a young man who was driving one of these cars, and was being stopped by a police officer for a presumed traffic infraction. The policeman told the young man that "he was not supposed to have a computer screen in his car, it was illegal" so the young man had to tell him that that was part of the car that operates the car. Policeman was just baffled.

    • Arvabelle

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  • cole morgans
    cole morgans

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    • Arvabelle

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  • Jean-Marc Ducommun
    Jean-Marc Ducommun

    Saw you recently in the new E-Merc (EQS) and it would have been interesting to get some spontaneous thoughts about the differences and how they might please the customers, especially the interior, the steering wheel and lack of drive modes. The design of the Tesla is somewhat outdated after 10 years, I hoped for a deeper refresh. And who needs 1000+ HP for 55 miles/h?

    • Jean-Marc Ducommun
      Jean-Marc Ducommun

      @Arvabelle Can’t as I avoid freakbook!

    • Arvabelle

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  • K Pea
    K Pea

    I'm interested in the model X plaid but why doesn't it come with the plus features being that it's in that price point already? It's expensive as is, why take away the options from the family oriented model?

    • Arvabelle

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  • anonymous person
    anonymous person

    Phone tryna be camera...cars tryna be a room.... W d heck

    • anonymous person
      anonymous person

      @Arvabelle y

    • Arvabelle

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  • Black Storm
    Black Storm

    I will continue to drive my Hyundai Santa Fe. It may not be high class, but I Am too older care.

    • Arvabelle

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  • gotthemgoing


    • Arvabelle

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  • BigfootAve

    Active noise cancellation on a car is nothing new. My 2018 Jeep Wrangler has it.

  • Aaron Macphee
    Aaron Macphee

    Definitely see third party add-ons to the yoke. Ive grown up resting my hand at 12 o'clock. Tho an addition to the yoke would block the screen?


    Why don't he drive the damn thing, and stop guessing.

  • Why Google?
    Why Google?

    I feel like Teslas have no right to be that expensive but okay.

  • Dallas Cowboys
    Dallas Cowboys

    id still go gtr

  • Aidan Brown
    Aidan Brown

    4:50 that is EXACTLY What I was thinking bruh😂

  • Bud T
    Bud T

    You're my favorite reviewer, by far! Thanks for all you do!!!


    Not a fan of those steering wheels. looks cool. but trash.

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    digital subliminal messages

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  • Central Intelligence Agency
    Central Intelligence Agency

    8:33 Hent@i noise?! Wtf

  • Sibichan Antony
    Sibichan Antony

    You can change gears by clicking on the car symbol at the top left of your touchscreen

  • Rene Descartes
    Rene Descartes

    me watching this and I dont even have a tesla

  • Corey Fellows
    Corey Fellows

    I don’t like any of this

  • D

    and this is the moment Mercedes overcomes tesla. EQS vs. Model S, EQS wins in any means.

  • Fowl

    These changes are all just terrible. Minimalistic design being taken way too far.

  • Amir Abdallah
    Amir Abdallah

    who will watch movies while driving?

  • Stefan Blaginov
    Stefan Blaginov


  • M D
    M D

    I like to drive the car not the car driving me. No f tesla for me

  • Markus Obrist
    Markus Obrist

    Pretty boring exterior design, and the interior has the charme of a modern Airport restroom. But the thing I don’t understand is why to have a super fast car with a steering wheel that won’t allow you to handle it properly....🥱🥱🥱🥱

  • rem ster
    rem ster

    I like my cars to actually be cars, not a stupid desktop computer on wheels. I ABSOLUTELY HATE the stupid, idiotic touchscreen in the middle of the dash. I want buttons and dials.

    • TRiPLe_ eX
      TRiPLe_ eX

      The touchscreen is more modern and way more practical than physical buttons. If you want a car that has dials and buttons buy an old car

  • Aaron Macy
    Aaron Macy

    Literally the iPhone of cars. For better or worse.

  • Proto Rhinocerator
    Proto Rhinocerator

    I'm glad they have the super expensive models so filthy rich people can buy their toys, and it will eventually drive down the price to something I can afford.

  • Ismaeel Harsolia
    Ismaeel Harsolia

    I wonder if this dude ever gets to ppl asking him if hes hollywood brown from the ravens

  • Tyler Sellers
    Tyler Sellers

    ANC is in a lot of cars already

  • not again
    not again

    2030 tesla be like, the touchscreen does it all, no pedals no steering wheel, no car

  • ashes

    *futuristic might not be fun afterall.* I still love my Lexus Scotty and it's 19 years old.

  • jelaninoel

    I wish i could be in a place where i could decide whether i wanted a plaid+ or not

  • Eddy Valdez
    Eddy Valdez

    Bad engineering for a steering wheel.

  • Dave Howes
    Dave Howes

    Do you think there will be a Model X Plad + ?

  • Tony Gutierrez
    Tony Gutierrez

    Will or has Tesla talked about creating a race team?

  • 0v3rc10ck3d

    Honestly, most people drive incorrectly. This wheel forces you to never remove at least one hand from the wheel and whichever hand you leave on the wheel gives you a point of reference for getting it back to center. When you feed a round wheel from one hand to the other while turning this is what causes a lot of accidents, fishtailing and over-corrections as you cant find center when trying to go back quickly. It might seem odd at first but keep both hands at 9 and 3 while turning, race car drivers do this for a reason.

  • Rupam Dhal
    Rupam Dhal

    Save money. Get the roadster.

  • b

    this car would cost half a million in my country's currency lol

  • Ara Tshagharyan
    Ara Tshagharyan

    Bro Audi is using active noise cancelation for 2-3 years already. That’s not something Tesla came up with.

  • Asa Johnson
    Asa Johnson


  • Eustace Robinson
    Eustace Robinson

    Love your reviews Marques 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😀😀😀😀

  • F1 All Time
    F1 All Time

    Audi shows concept of A6 e-tron with range of 'more than 700 km' (450 mijl)

  • Christopher Aquino
    Christopher Aquino

    I see that this video is from January of 2021. It is now April 21, 2021. As of right now Tesla is putting the finishing touches on these refreshes. I, like most Tesla fans, am waiting to see these cars being driven by the people who have bought them. I'm pretty sure that HRposts will light up with owners showing what the Model S or X is all about. Until then the best we can do is make educated guesses as to how the finished product will look and drive. Of course, the refreshed yoke steering wheel is what folks are most curious about. I have seen many videos that discuss and demonstrate steer by wire. Basically it lowers the steering ratio. That is to say that what normally takes a full turn of the steering wheel would take a quarter turn with steer by wire. With this type of steering the yoke steering wheel makes more sense. For more info search HRposts for Steer By Wire.

12 mil.