Apple Watch Series 6 Review: It's Bait!
: You probably don't need to buy this one.

That shirt!

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Watch provided by Apple for review.


  • Ese Ukey
    Ese Ukey


  • Progz

    I had this Apple Watch series 6 for two days and it is creating a red spot underneath the screen it self that touches my skin. On top of that bumps were forming. Has this happen to anyone else? I returned the watch because of these reasons.

  • Thomas Moccia
    Thomas Moccia

    I still have a 3 and have no desire to upgrade yet. However I am definitely one of those people who pushes it for as long as possible. I was happy with my 8 until the battery finally crapped out on me.

  • Roksiusgod

    "I don't know about you, but I sleep lying down" lmaoo

  • Ultravalex

    I lost my series 4 watch so I bought a series 6 just this week on sale! It has been amazing but I do notice there are not too many noticeable differences

  • haris khan
    haris khan

    For the price of this watch you can get a nice automatic watch or quartz watch from the likes of Seiko or Hamilton

    • Ian L
      Ian L

      I bought it for 250 lol but yeah from Apple def not worth it

  • dillbill2A

    Finally someone who understands that most people aren’t upgrading every year. I’ve always loved your channel

    • Flxsh

      Yess lol

  • Blake W
    Blake W

    I upgraded to the 6 after my 3 basically crapped out on me. I love it this new sweet blue watch and enjoyed the video man!

  • Charlie Gladwin
    Charlie Gladwin

    Does he sleep with the charger

  • Lewis Wright
    Lewis Wright

    I would buy an Apple Watch - but only if it were possible to pair 2 iPhones simultaneously to the one Watch....I have a personal iPhone, and a business iPhone. I’d love to get info from both iphones onto a single Apple Watch. (And no: I do not want to wear 2 Apple watches).

  • neverbyluck

    What about the super easy to scratch GLASS

  • Neil O'Connor
    Neil O'Connor

    Being nosey, how did you get the scar on your hand?

  • Dawn McFarland
    Dawn McFarland

    This guy is like the tech version of Alex from GoHerping, like this guy could be his big brother they speak so similarly. I love it. Makes getting information so much more pleasant when you don’t have to suffer through someone’s annoying voice to get it. Subbing for next time I need a tech review.


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  • Zana Hassan
    Zana Hassan

    what about the galaxy watch 3?

  • Prasenjit Debroy
    Prasenjit Debroy

    11 June 2021

  • Jakob

    You know, to be honest, I really don't like you mic.

  • Kristiyan Nikolov
    Kristiyan Nikolov

    That’s bullshit! Why can’t it know when I fall asleep and when I wake up without my intervention 🤷‍♂️ it should also track the REM stages and keep records of dream activity 😅 we are supposed to evolve the tech rather than stay at the same level for years lol

  • HaseeB Mir
    HaseeB Mir

    Its Okay due to app connectivity and low battery 🔋 health

  • TheDeathmail

    I think that they should make always on display the norm for every watch.... it's a f***ing watch after all -_-

  • TheDeathmail

    I like how you pointed out that expecting too much of an improvement per generation is kinda dumb... the average person should use their tech for a few years...

  • Jack

    Are the shirt's sold out

  • Speed Tests
    Speed Tests

    How long does the watch last once fully charged?

  • Helen-Lynn Malcolm
    Helen-Lynn Malcolm

    Cool scar

  • CC Rodriguez
    CC Rodriguez

    I just wish you could go for a run with GPS and the watch isn't toast for the day.

  • Julio Gomez
    Julio Gomez

  • Josiah is my name
    Josiah is my name

    Thanks for WATCHing

  • Michael Westerhof
    Michael Westerhof

    Marques, thanks for the info as I won't be spending for it now. I'll wait for the next best watch. Also have to ask, Where is the Daft Punk Poster from?

  • LexiCat

    I currently have the series 3 and found a good deal on the series 6 so I’m upgrading…. Series 3 still works great though, just upgrading as Apple I’m sure will make the 3 obsolete

  • Peter VK
    Peter VK

    Yo! Hi! HRposts for me is for watching reviews (passive geek), I’d say I follow perhaps the top 5/10 reviewers and you’d maybe even agree. Your reviews are really good! Thank you. I’m sure you’ve covered this on a prior series as it’s a feature it’s long had, the BPM. How accurate is that. This video has answered many “?” for me if I should board the Apple Watch wagon. But if I wanted it to cover cardio BPM, do you think it’s accurate? And (tinfoil helmet question) what’s your view on having a gadget permanently strapped to ones wrist that produces frequencies constantly. (I never really remove my mechanical watch). Here I’d have a similar charge pattern as you. So? All that time wrapped around our wrists? Best regards!

  • V Kat
    V Kat

    Just ordered this so called “150$ braided bend” for 10$ from Amazon, everything else is perfect!

  • Bapi Pakhira
    Bapi Pakhira

    Well played Apple😂😂

  • moodyvol89

    Be crazy if you were sleep waking for 2 to 4 hours every night lol

  • max A million
    max A million

    My £30 watch has blood oxygen

  • PhamOG

    Hey man, I like that shirt. How can I buy it?

  • Gayle Cheung
    Gayle Cheung

    I got baited, lol June 1, 2021, KMSL. My Apple Watch

  • Ekaterina Ritchie
    Ekaterina Ritchie

    i upgraded from the series 2 to the series 6 and i see a huge difference

  • Joshua Bromhead
    Joshua Bromhead

    Just something that you slipped up on, the Apple Watch SE does not have the S6 processer. But other than that great review!!

  • HarryWooldridge

    What’s the scar from?

  • Bruno Balbino
    Bruno Balbino

    Best review ever! Thank you! 💙

  • Anish Da Pro
    Anish Da Pro

    Mah dude has good taste in music, he has a Daft Punk poster in the background

  • Gabriel Rivas
    Gabriel Rivas

    Good review! Recently the screen of Apple Watch Series 1 popped out because the battery got swollen. Now I am thinking if I should get another Apple Watch when the new one is released this year. I will probably not becauseI am good using my Inspire Fitness with Long Battery Life, sleep tracker, silent alarm Constantly Reading my heart rate 24/7 every sec, has a timer when working out and the Fitbit App is great where I can even log my food intake. I don’t need other features... but let’s see what Apple Watch 7 might offer 🤔

  • Kid flash 2001
    Kid flash 2001

    Nice video idea

  • Timmy The Slime
    Timmy The Slime

    What about series 3

  • Jorge Borges - eXp Realty - Treasure Coast
    Jorge Borges - eXp Realty - Treasure Coast

    What desk is that? Standup desk?

  • Apichar Jiratanan
    Apichar Jiratanan

    Question, why would you go back to 5? Just wondering

  • Laday Blues
    Laday Blues

    I love his arms and hands haha


    Great video! Never had a watch and now I kind of know why.....sleep monitor, eh, kinda works....blood oxygen sensor...get one for $25. It monitors me washing my hands....haha....that's a fail. overpriced toy it seems.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    The roasted direction firstly challenge because jumbo identically surprise off a frantic vest. wicked, mighty afternoon


    the 20 seconds countdown timer for washing hands is kinda cute actually

  • Phin Koplin
    Phin Koplin

    I was just talking about how good the alarm is!

  • Michael Nikprelaj
    Michael Nikprelaj

    What size was he using?

  • Saiju Thomas
    Saiju Thomas

    Hi, What about radiation from the apple watch? Is it worth it? Also is it advisable to wear while sleeping?

  • D0omC0okie

    Dang being tapped awake is really OP

  • sanwal farooque
    sanwal farooque

    4 to 5 standing hours.. hmm .. it'll be pretty scary to find out if you sleepwalk or just stand in front of a mirror like some possessed human.

  • charles schneider
    charles schneider

    The abandoned credit acromegaly trouble because thermometer bodily succeed besides a spotty customer. staking, spooky print

  • Jared Kropf
    Jared Kropf

    Plot twist: he’s cheating on this channel and making another one in his sleep...😳

  • Swatz 2
    Swatz 2

    Ur Mic is bare crispy

  • Jenelle Gallardo
    Jenelle Gallardo

    SE battery drains fastttt

  • Mr.Blue

    Nice boxer's Fracture, I have one on my left hand. same scar as you.

  • J FB3
    J FB3

    I was skeptical about getting an Apple Watch 6 but it’s a very sexy watch looks great love earring it really doesn’t do much and doesn’t have a lot of features like the Samsung one . I love my Samsung Galaxy watch because it does More and is more sturdy and less delicate but the apple one is better looking.I recommend getting a case for the Apple Watch. Do not get the tpu cases the snap on plastic ones are better . Galaxy watch has a ton of apps that you can use on the watch and you can even play videos or play music through it and reply to messages on any app and Google assistant and bixby on galaxy watch is way better than Siri. But overall If you are an apple fan and have an iPhone and want a nice accessory to match your phone than this is for you. If you need it for functionality and tasks than don’t get your hopes up.

  • Jacob Levantino
    Jacob Levantino

    wait yall sleep laying down.............. i sleep standing up in the shower

  • Allison Macapagal
    Allison Macapagal

    your title is the bait

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name


  • リバイアライアン

    I’ll be getting it by tomorrow..

  • Abdulrahman Emad
    Abdulrahman Emad

    why you don't do review about g shock smart watch it will be dope if you do that

  • James Page
    James Page

    Sleeping lying down is overrated

  • Alexander Kahrs
    Alexander Kahrs

    At first I thought "glad I saw this after I finally bought one"...but I'm upgrading from a Series 3, and given the woes of trying to upgrade watchOS on it lately, I think I made a good call lol

  • realnskalsi

  • Robert Durham Music
    Robert Durham Music

    I have an Apple Watch I don’t wear and pay £20 per month for it. I’m ok paying it to finish the contract off. However if I delete the plan from the watch, would I be able to give the watch to my gf for her to add her own plan to it. I would obviously still pay off my subscription.

  • 이상준

    Today introduce New Apple watch 6. We have lots of option have been released. The First option is Case type. We have Aluminum/stainless steel/titanium. And The second option is The size of case. We have 42mm and 44mm. I personally felt uncomfortable using a small device while using a large Apple Watch. The Third option is color. Now Apple is pursuing casual colors. So, New Apple watch6 have New color. Blue and (PRODUCT)Red. I got Blue one. Next Fourth option is GPS and Celluar. Celluar modal is not good👎 Will be introduce performance. The most innovative feature is Automatic Mac unlocking. But New IOS14.5, It also supports unlocking the iPhone. And new Apple watch supports ECD. But I was putting other Koreans, including some countries the health authorities is unavailable not obtain a license. I pray for the approval of some national health authorities as soon. And next new Apple watch band. We have lots of band. It also supports the Hermès Band a luxury brand, and Nike band for comfortable exercise. This Applewatch can use, IPhone user and wants casual watch. We have question. Why we can use apple watch6? Because Accurate heart rate. Protect your healthy. This watch is expensive and nice. The price starts at 399 US dollars and ranges from 950. If you add it again and again when you buy it, the price becomes very expensive. This is Apple's plan. Thanks for Reading. If you have lots money, You got it

  • CuriouSteve

    THANKS APPLE WATCH! I have more oxygen without my mask when running/walking/driving alone in my vehicle/mowing my lawn than I do with it on. Who knew? (Hint: rational, critical thinking people knew, that's who🧠)

  • numb15

    I’ve noticed my Fitbit Charge 3 has better sleep analysis (light sleep, awake etc) than Apple. What are the best 3rd party apps on Apple Watch for sleep monitoring?

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith

    “Idk about you but I sleep laying down” lmao 😂

  • Koushik Kulkarni
    Koushik Kulkarni

    Hi Marcus which watch should be great for new user SE or 6?

  • h00ps

    What wireless charging dock is he using ?

  • Arslan Annamyradov
    Arslan Annamyradov

    where is the review for SE watches dude

  • Ser Arthur Dayne
    Ser Arthur Dayne

    Why would you sleep with a watch anyway? Just charge it at nights.

  • Nabeel Malik
    Nabeel Malik

    Does the SE have a S6 chip?

  • Andy Larry
    Andy Larry

    main was unlôcked by a trustworthy hacker.. *JOINEDCYBER* on Instagram

  • Damir Chesney
    Damir Chesney

    This will be my first Apple Watch only reason I got it was because bestbuy had it on sale for a day and I had some gift cards so it only really cost me like $120

  • Sanjay Palanisamy
    Sanjay Palanisamy

    Don't mind me ,just watching some quality tech videos

  • Youssef Hani
    Youssef Hani

    should i get airpods pro or apple watch series 3 please help me decide

  • Oyebanke Hassan
    Oyebanke Hassan

    *JOINEDCYBER* on !G got my watch fixed up

  • Oyebanke Hassan
    Oyebanke Hassan

    *JOINEDCYBER* on !G got my watch fixed up

  • D. B. Cooper
    D. B. Cooper

    marques brownie sleeps stood up paranormal activity style!!!!!

  • Rapneedweed

    Watching this video, even i know i cannot buy this watch!!

  • PJV1990

    To be honest, the Apple Watch SE is by far the better choice IMO. When you consider price, performance and features the series 6 just isn't worth the premium price compared to the SE. The extra cost isn't worth the 2-3 extra features you get with the 6. I bought the space grey SE and it's been an excellent purchase, I'm so happy with it. I honestly feel that for 95 percent of people, the SE is by far the better choice if you want an Apple Watch.

  • erfan

    The screen is too small. There is nothing wrong with having a bigger one. We have been here with phone and finally we have different options in terms of scale.

  • Brandon Mendoza
    Brandon Mendoza

    which size do you wear marques?

  • Adrian Czyżewski
    Adrian Czyżewski

    "i dunno about you but, i sleep lying down" cracked me up. love that.

  • Richard A
    Richard A

    What's broken is the horrific battery life. Charging twice a day just to make it is ridiculous.

  • liamplqys

    my apple watch gen 1 (series 0) won’t even last all day anymore, the series 6 is on sale for 379 at bestbuy and i jumped on that discounted 50 dollars off, do you think that was a good decision? I waited long enough lmaoo

  • DiveInsideTech

    I ♥︎ 

  • Adedoyin Akande
    Adedoyin Akande

    🤣I sleep. lying down. 5:31

  • Rain Ramblers
    Rain Ramblers

  • Mr Breiart
    Mr Breiart

    Plot twist, he is a sleepwalker

  • Techn9cian123

    I’ve never had an Apple Watch and no reviews ever take that into account.

  • Jessica Smithers
    Jessica Smithers

    sticking to my fitbit lol. thank you!

  • hamzah

    at 6:11, you mentioned that you had a morning routine. Why havent you posted it yet?