Dogecoin: Explained
Dogecoin might not be so bad after all.
Graham Stephan on Dogecoin:
Disclosure: I don't hold any dogecoin. I do hold some bitcoin though. For research purposes.
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    nawayuva Ghimire

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    Coin pump

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  • Eduardo Passanesi
    Eduardo Passanesi

    On Will Rogers: On election day he declared victory and resigned (he did not actually receive any state electoral votes).

  • Aimen H. A.
    Aimen H. A.

    9:09 How did he take his jacket off so quick? Illuminati? Dogecoin magic?

  • Tayfun Kurt
    Tayfun Kurt


  • pavan Krishna
    pavan Krishna

    I should have bought even after this video

  • JR Claridad
    JR Claridad

    It's happening!

  • Killerbear02


  • Skarab@ush

    "Dogecoin" to the "Orbitcoin" = "LaikaCoin"?...

  • Skarab@ush

    And some people going to ride this to the "SafeMoon" ;-)... that is not a financial advice either.

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    Selvan Manu

    Don't buy doge coin look those millionaire's making money from the poor ....musk is scammer.... He will do the same to doge ... All the money you put in disappear..... Buy other coins

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  • M S Chowdary
    M S Chowdary

    Can you make a vedio on Shibu Inu ?

  • Devin S
    Devin S

    Video is misleading , should be titled "Crypto noob tries to explain crypto"

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    Lucas Benjamin

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  • Sin Töten
    Sin Töten

    Yeah gross, this generation’s stupidity allowed for an exponential growth of this product from emoji’s and other pointless bullshit? I’m sorry when the fuck did sense jump out of the window ?

  • Sin Töten
    Sin Töten

    It somewhat pisses me off a HRpostsr makes more than those who saves lives :/

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  • D. N.
    D. N.

    Someone should make a PepeCoin

  • sly fly
    sly fly

    i bought 500 dollars in dogecoin, at .52 cents. so if doge ever takes off like bit coin, i might be rich, i usually blow 500 a month on stupid shit anyways , so this was a risk i was willing to take

  • im not real
    im not real

    $CLOUT is next up. First peer to peer content sharing network on the binance. CLOUT is the first static reward marketing token aimed at farming. Huge things coming soon. No brainer for me.

  • ecstaticity

    Will Rogers didn’t win. He just declared victory. Misinformation from MKBHD

  • Adam Applegarth
    Adam Applegarth


  • Christiano Scali
    Christiano Scali

    Anyway, bitcoin has no CEO, no company and just the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto.

  • Christiano Scali
    Christiano Scali

    I like Bitcoin. I guess that's why I am not a fan of Elon Musk.

    • Smit Bhatnagar
      Smit Bhatnagar

      Elon is an absolute legend

  • mattystewart8

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    Michael Topps

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  • Dilan Eades
    Dilan Eades

    Dogecoin & Shiba both will hit 5 to 10k thousand per share over the moon

  • Faustin

    I liked Ne-yo. Hurts my feeling to know that he's a fake to this extent. Let's hope that tweet was made by a bot that hijacked his name.

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  • Tired and Old
    Tired and Old

    Pretty sure Wool Rogers DID NOT win the 1928 presidential election.

  • Emilia Maria
    Emilia Maria

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  • Emilia Maria
    Emilia Maria

    Great investment people need to make is coinbase crypto currency the safemoon. Safemoon will have there own wallet system soon. It will be rocket 🚀to the moon. Make everyone rich millionaire

  • LelahO

    I love Dogecoin for the rollercoaster of emotions it brings on a weekly basis now.

  • Mel Cohen
    Mel Cohen

    Poor video. You don't explain what it is why it has value. Why should one be better than another. .I am non the wiser for listening to your video other than the fact you don't actually know yourself what crypto is

  • Geen Naam
    Geen Naam

    Doggy Coin!!

  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller

    What's the best and solid way to make money from investing?

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      Jania M. Simeckova

      @James Talley Ok thanks.

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      Victor Fisher

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    HatchetFam Entertainment

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  • HatchetFam Entertainment
    HatchetFam Entertainment

    Elon & SNL wouldn't have done 3 skits on doge if something BIG wasn't being planned. He has denounced btc & stopped accepting it for Teslas. He has asked his 54 million followers if Tesla should accept doge as payment & we have hit 75 cents several times. Just wait, most dogecoin holders will have bought at over $1

  • HatchetFam Entertainment
    HatchetFam Entertainment

    Doge is the 4th largest funded crypto in the world. Imagine a bubble full of cash. It's valuable. You want to own a portion of that bubble, in the form of coins, so you push money 8n the bubble which makes everyone's coins more valuable. Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons, Elon Musk, NBA Mavericks owner & the Dogearmy make up the whales that I know of, all of us not selling, which is keeping dogecoin above .50

  • timo1os

    Fun fact: HRpostsr with 1 million subs got hacker and turned into doge coin ad its name used to be ТИПы

  • Johnny J
    Johnny J

    Great video👍

  • Johnny J
    Johnny J

    After Bitcoin crashes, altcoins are going to skyrocket, take its place. I have Cardano, Stellar lumens, Vechain, Tron, Shiba Inu, Ankr, Skale.

  • Caleb Hoernschemeyer
    Caleb Hoernschemeyer

    Watching this with doge at $.60

  • Leonard Levi
    Leonard Levi

    buy 5$ worth of dogecoin, leave it there forget about it.

  • Biscuit ent
    Biscuit ent

    I put 50 on trust wallet whats the potential

  • LT Greenwood
    LT Greenwood

    Imagine saying dogecoin wont pass bitcoin thn everyone is meming to get it past bitcoin and it actually does 🤯

  • Randell Hendley
    Randell Hendley

    Less than 2 months after this video, Dogecoin hit 70 cents. Definitely, going to $1.

  • Matrix Gamer
    Matrix Gamer

    Please be careful clicking links, Marques.

  • Carl Paul
    Carl Paul

    What is the best way to make money from crypto trading

    • Jenny Spence
      Jenny Spence

      @Larry Michael OK thanks

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      Mascy Quinn

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    YouTube Sucks

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    • YouTube Sucks
      YouTube Sucks

      @kihembo allan I know de wae, my bruddah.

    • kihembo allan
      kihembo allan

      Are u Ugandan?

  • Jay Carr
    Jay Carr

    Dodgecoin has no use case. Thats not a smart investment.

  • Noel Mide Nimstad
    Noel Mide Nimstad

    I baught 20,000 after i watched your video! Thankyou so much for giving me or showing me this opertunity!

  • A A
    A A

    Its shib guys

  • Clever Trades
    Clever Trades

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    Charles Favour

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    • YouTube Sucks
      YouTube Sucks

      Wow.....Every one of these comments is from a Scammer.........I believe we have also met on Facebook........I’m the one who spams you all with “scammer” gifs. You’re welcome.

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    Saria Adem

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      Judy Parker

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      Well Played

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      Saria Adem

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  • Joseph G
    Joseph G

    Can anybody help I only got 250 to my name right now I want to invest in doge any idea if I will make a profit

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    jack hammond

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    kattl oxo

    wow! nailed it 3 months ago!

    • reks70

      Hey what do you think about Dogina? doest it have a prospect to moon?I saw that it is the only female dog on the net and will that be good meme marketing? Help a bro out !

  • Kennedy Alexis
    Kennedy Alexis

    Incredible video without a doubt. I realize of late its extremely difficult to foresee, seeing a coin has failed and anticipating there is a more prominent possibility of it rising doesn't generally work out yet this is an awesome chance to contribute there is a tremendous chance that there may be an immense expansion in the absolute worth of crypto in up to 14 days, yet It is very grievous that the most well known word recently among crypto lovers and is "hodl on the grounds that crypto is excessively unstable for you to do that. to abuse the market you need to begin trade, My real portfolio was increased by 5 Out of two months Subsequent to connecting with Levi Lucas an anaIyst and my personaI coach who told me the best way to explore and misuse crypto for my potential benefit regardless of the instability. Chris can be reached on Telegram @levilucas101 there is the authenticity of winning and losing however the losing doesn't hurt really awful in light of the fact that I recuperate rapidly by settling on more brilliant choices.


    This is the stupiest shit i ever herd point blank

  • vivan Surange
    vivan Surange

    Maybe the coin "shiba inu" will rocket up ....hehe......Its a real coin u kno

  • J TOW
    J TOW

    XRP 589

  • Olivier S.
    Olivier S.

    Please make another video about Doge

  • Raymond Wade
    Raymond Wade

    A joke just like the catch me outside chick.... she is Multi millions today

  • Sunshine SUEN
    Sunshine SUEN

    10x my invest after your video. Thank you very much😘

  • Henry Lucas
    Henry Lucas

    I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago can I get a person who invested with her?

    • The speed force it Self
      The speed force it Self

      These are scammers

    • Kevin Brian
      Kevin Brian

      What's the minimum I can invest with her

    • Henry Lucas
      Henry Lucas

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      Henry Lucas

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  • Rahul Thakare
    Rahul Thakare

    meant for decentralization and getting manipulated by tweets, irony!

  • Lawal Sani
    Lawal Sani


  • Nick DeBease
    Nick DeBease

    I put 200$ in doge and I’m trying to put more but I shouldnt until I have enough cash , I’m investing 10% of my total earnings

    • reks70

      Hey what do you think about Dogina? doest it have a prospect to moon?I saw that it is the only female dog on the net and will that be good meme marketing?Help a bro out !Hey what do you think about Dogina? doest it have a prospect to moon?I saw that it is the only female dog on the net and will that be good meme marketing?Help a bro out !

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    Peter Lucas

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  • Syahrudin -RUDI-
    Syahrudin -RUDI-

    how about SHIBA INU? review please

  • Harbor Area street preachers Jesus Christ
    Harbor Area street preachers Jesus Christ

    This was a waste of time and so inaccurate already made $50000!!! Don’t listen to mainstream losers

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    Lydia Stephen


  • J G
    J G

    I was gonna say congrats on 14 million just wait till 15 million subs

  • David Andre Manuel
    David Andre Manuel

    Pyramid scheme done in a different way.

  • SgtBreezyy

    I have a question how much profit can I make if it put 200$ or 1,000

    • Micheal Scott
      Micheal Scott

      (5:1:3) (8:9:9)(1:7:5:2)🇺🇸❤️*

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      Micheal Scott

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  • John Smith
    John Smith

    ...and Elon Musk pumping DoggyCoin is NOT doing what TRON want's you to do?? Especially since Musk then delivered a tweet which dropped BitCoin by 17%. These are ALL scams because, ultimately, there's nothing there. Other than a (temporary) end-run around banking systems AND the greater fool theory, they've got nothing going for them. Eventually, banking systems WILL strike back & investors then will become the (final) greater fools; left holding the bag on worthless electrons. Google Tulip Mania to learn how that happens.

  • SireHarnieGG

    The tron and the doge comparison isn’t so. Not that doge wasn’t serious but it promoters understand marketing and used the fun way to market unlike the tron was just trying to be officially serious it happens

  • Run Canh
    Run Canh

    Can SHIB go like DOGE ?

  • Lil Shiiv
    Lil Shiiv

    It's shiba not sheba

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