Galaxy S21 Review: Would You Notice?
Samsung Galaxy S21 is a serious series of smart selections.
Galaxy S21 Ultra Review:
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Phone provided by Samsung for review.

  • Ryan Cobb
    Ryan Cobb

    The moaning australian practically pat because taxicab surgically tempt above a shocking baritone. troubled, perpetual coal

  • Dalton Parker
    Dalton Parker

    The most expensive phone that is manufactured is a 1 terabyte iPhone 12pro max, with a solid gold 24 k back, yet only costs just under $600 USD to manufacture. So justifying prices for phones and saying that a "value" phone thats just shy of $1,000 USD is a balancing act is a joke lmao. Phones aren't worth even close to what they're priced at. You could easily get a phone tbats top of the line, fastest processor, biggest screen with the highest refresh rate and highest resolution, with top of the line cameras and no actual camera bump AND A HEADPHONE JACK, for less than $800 easy. Even $800 is still over $300 more than manufacturing cost of the s21 ultra max 5g. The only reason companies are charging this much is because today's "more educated" consumers are dumber than ever and have no idea how manufacturing works or the value of an object. This phone in specific costs less than $450 to manufacture. Meaning that anything over $450 is profit that will pay for the device, payroll, overhead, etc. And its funny that the s21, compared to the s21 ultra max 5g, is only about $150 in price difference, but you're gonna be charged over $400 in difference for the "bigger" one.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    My S7 screen cracked today. Watched some videos and new phones and decided I'm gonna just change the screen. Nothing better than s7 yet.

  • MM

    I didn't like the fact that there was NO plug to charge the phone. I called Samsung to voice that complaint. And NO way to plug in earbuds. They said because everything is now wireless. 😔

  • El Mero Lupe
    El Mero Lupe

    Can't decide between the S21 Plus or the Note 20 Ultra

    • Pixels

      Note 20 Ultra is way better

    • Daily Dose Of GTA ONLINE
      Daily Dose Of GTA ONLINE

      Im getting s21 its arriving tomorrow or tuesday. I HOPE TOMORROW.

  • Daniël Visser
    Daniël Visser

    fun review, but pink is obviously the best colour scheme.

    • Daily Dose Of GTA ONLINE
      Daily Dose Of GTA ONLINE

      I got mine as violet. And im a guy too i didnt want a boring BLACK SUPREMECY or WHITE SUPREMECY phone. Im trying to trigger some people

  • Ian Troup
    Ian Troup

    Bought one today after my iPhone X split itself in two - battery expansion issue with overheating apparently - time for a change, so I've gone back to Samsung devices - they have improved a lot in the last 4 years!

  • ReNegaDe-SpitFire

    I ordered this phone yesterday. Dont get me wrong, I'm excited. But phones have definitely taken some steps back. I havent replaced my smartphone in 5 years and the market hasnt changed much. Verizon store is selling a bunch of brick phones. You know, the over 10 year old tired design. And the fact that I need an adapter to use headphones is pretty lame. But of all the brick phones on the market right now, this was the most interesting. I would have gone for the lg wing if it weren't for lg going out of business.


    NFC is gone? does mean Samsung pay is out the window or is that a different tech

  • Baby Boy
    Baby Boy

    They dropped the ball with the brightness.. Definitely noticed.

  • Tyme

    got my s21 like an hour ago i love it

  • Nicholas

    No wonder they are just giving them away for free everywhere. Evil!

  • nr3rful

    wonderful, i need to upgrade and this helped a lot...thanks

  • Friends of The Amazon Jungle
    Friends of The Amazon Jungle

    A good, sympathetic review is always a wonderful surprise🐊🌴🙏👍💪😎❤️ greetings from the Amazon Jungle

  • Marita Ludvig
    Marita Ludvig

    Hey, so this is s21 and not s21+ ? 🙈

  • Andrey Ivanov
    Andrey Ivanov

    This phone seems to be better than OnePlus 9 non-pro. It's funny to see OnePlus losing on their own field

  • Sōsuke Aizen
    Sōsuke Aizen

    The sad middle child, Somewhere in the distance.

  • Just Clyde
    Just Clyde

    No edge screen...

  • Christopher Herr
    Christopher Herr

    I went from S10+ to S21. Honestly, with having pretty small hands for a guy, the phone fits a lot better for me. I didn't even notice the resolution drop until the specs mentioned it. I prefer the durability of plastic back to the glass, although it does lose the more premium look and feel. All in all it feels like a sidegrade with some quality of life improvements, but it runs nice and smooth.

  • Nick

    Is it worth the extra money to upgrade from the S21 to the S21 Ultra for the resolution alone?

  • Leonard Durecki
    Leonard Durecki

    The 1080p is a noticeable drop coming from the 1440p of the LG G6 at least for me, I can't really see 120hz.

  • Sinister

    Bro I love the production quality of his videos

  • KaylieLou kidby
    KaylieLou kidby

    Mine is due tomorrow in pink... I currently have the s9 so I can't wait 😁

  • kryst Kryst 2
    kryst Kryst 2

    The portrait is really wow

  • davin reeves
    davin reeves

    No mst, not expandable storage😕 I don't know. I'm out.

  • Da Reason
    Da Reason

    that phone reminds me of the s5, built 5! durable as hell.

  • J Cali
    J Cali

    What’s the difference between the s21 and the A32?

  • K M
    K M

    Gosh, you're so cute 😍

  • KronosGaming

    This looks like a massive upgrade from the S8 though.

  • Tick

    I went to a Samsung store and felt the phone in hand I was so surprised to hear that the back was plastic I genuinely thought it was glass

  • ASBESTOS Fibers
    ASBESTOS Fibers

    The phone market is a complete joke. Same boring crap comes out every year and content creators struggle to make it all look like something new. It's dishonest and getting pretty old. I definitely notice this thing is plastic. It's slippery as ice, so thin it's hard to hold on to without a case the screen is void of color and bland. Only the frequency gets a plus in my book. Selfie camera is obnoxious and in the way on the screen. The 1080p is pathetic. Saying 'you probably won't notice" And changing something major is rather ignorant of you. But I suppose you are talking to the ignorant common public.

  • Yehonatan Claude Tourgeman
    Yehonatan Claude Tourgeman


  • Miles O
    Miles O

    On my s21 now Honestly I notice the Plastic but yeah it ain't bad

  • Ryan Burke
    Ryan Burke

    I realize this video is over 3 months old. I just ordered a S21+ 256gb. Im a galaxy user since the 5. (great phone. along with the 7.) I was about to buy the S21 Ultra until I learned the standard and plus had flat screens but the Ultra was curved. Ive spent too much time with my S9+ and its garbage curved screen to ignore a return to flat screens. Samsung, Stop it. This is a good informative video and I appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

  • Goran Hikl
    Goran Hikl

    The batterie will last all day ? Wooow what a sales pitch.

  • Cat C
    Cat C

    Why oh why are they removing expandable storage ...

  • Joe Paul Joy
    Joe Paul Joy

    in canada we get it with sd888 right?

  • Ashish Kumar Tripathi
    Ashish Kumar Tripathi

    In india samsung just increased their Prices..😟 I Don't why..

  • gotohell

    Just brought 1 of these for by girlfriend's next week .. i hope she likes it ..any extra tips for how to use this phone please reply comment below .

  • B R
    B R

    I never used the expandable storage or headphone jack or the card swipe thing on my s10. And it’s broken and to pay to get it fixed is only $150 less than just getting the s21 in my country. So i ordered that instead.

  • fog152

    no uSD is really a bad decision

  • The AlmightyMe
    The AlmightyMe

    The s10 stomps no contest

  • Goofs

    Song at 1:11 appears to be The Cell by C2C. MKBHD, linking an entire playlist is not helpful when trying to find a specific song. It is a nice list tho.

  • Mesut

    No need to launch s21 FE s21 is already the lite version

  • YamiAlex224

    Samsung does try to price for all budgets which is good

  • weetjewatikwil1

    I just have mine...but im not inpressed tbh..... i liked my s10 lot more.....

    • Cesar

      Me too

  • ••

    More fps

  • Kemroy Harry
    Kemroy Harry

    I'm waiting on s21 FE!!!

  • Arnab Sinha
    Arnab Sinha

    Am i the only one who thinks the s21 is not that beautiful?

  • Lee R
    Lee R

    Samsung are realising people are no longer interested in getting a new phone every year. They've lowered the price to try and tempt people in. But think about it, once the excitement of owning a new phone has worn off, it's really no different from the last phone you had. Honestly, I get more excitement out of buying a new phone case these days. I'm still on an s10e. I'm getting a little tired of the smaller screen, so may get the s21, but only the basic model with 5g.

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude

    God its like too much lol

  • Cornholio777

    Galaxy is dead like HTC... Who even remembers HTC

  • SouthernBassHunter

    They need to go back to including the dual SD/SIM slot and not just sim

  • Alexander Robleto
    Alexander Robleto

    10s vs 21s = i keep my SD chip and earphones 10s ✊🙏💪

  • Guilherme Rodrigues
    Guilherme Rodrigues

    Does it have an external SD?

  • Eddy

    Mines is arriving this week. Upgrading from an S9 Plus that I bought a few months after release!

  • kenji horinouti
    kenji horinouti

    Samsung should do in the “+” version a more fancy version not just in functional edges but in fancy body less plastic and more expensive looks like

  • DocDrazen

    Welp, just ordered one from Google Fi. First new phone since I got the LG G7 when it first came out in 2018.

  • Karthik. S
    Karthik. S

    +MKBHD loved the intro

  • Manuel Labor
    Manuel Labor

    $816 Phone for 1080p....uh...Nope. I pass.

    • Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
      Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

      Does resolution beyond HD matter that much on a screen that'll fit into your hand? I've ordered the S21 Ultra and I know I won't have 4k turned on.

  • prophinex

    again missed what is missing in the box great job just like your apple reviews

  • Osin Oz
    Osin Oz

    After the years of over priced mobile, of course, Samsung feel the competition from China,, they forced to follow the steps, reduce the price,

    • Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
      Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

      The Xiaomi Mi 11 is breathing down its neck. I think I'd choose the Xiaomi over this. The Ultra is undoubtedly the best phone out there right now, with the caveat that the Mate 40 Pro+ would probably have kicked its ass had it GMS.

  • Troodon Farhad
    Troodon Farhad

    Am I the only one who just want a camera that can shoot an image or a video and don't care about more from it

    • Troodon Farhad
      Troodon Farhad

      @PixelsI get it. Thought you meant the softwear thing that Samsung didn't use the telephoto for portrait

    • Pixels

      @Troodon Farhad Oh, that's not what I meant. I was trying to say the "telephone" camera is actually just another wide angle lens, not an actual zoom camera. What happens is that since it's higher resolution, they can crop the sensor to digitally zoom in. That means wide angle distortion is still there so it isn't good for portrait shots.

    • Troodon Farhad
      Troodon Farhad

      @Pixels Haven't Samsung fixed that problem? I think a saw a tweet from Iceuniverse that they had fixed it with an update

    • Pixels

      Agreed, I'd rather have one less camera than 3 cameras that are lower quality. The "telephoto" camera is misleading though so I won't recommend to anyone who wants to shoot portraits

    • Troodon Farhad
      Troodon Farhad

      @Sally Ann We just want to take a pic and that's it. This camera thing feels like that trend when everyone tried to make phones as thin as possible

  • Dev Flanker
    Dev Flanker

    Stereo sound?

  • Mridul Singh
    Mridul Singh

    How many android update S21 has

    • Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
      Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

      @Mac Matt better still. Just picked up an S21 Ultra.

    • Alle Warten Auf Das Licht
      Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

      It's usually 2-3 years worth with Samsung flagships.

  • sonic hedgehog
    sonic hedgehog

    i find it funny that the things listwd that phone users care about is what i phone users look for. i'm more interested in functionality, and expandable memory. i'm sad they got rid of the sd card slot tray. and i do miss the bixby button and the curved edges. but ii's slowly growing on me. slowly >.>

    • cooolhunk007

      are y getting any heating issues ?

  • Lj Minecraft
    Lj Minecraft

    I have cray

  • lambotama

    Guess I'll wait until they come to their senses and bring expandable storage back on the next one

    • Pixels

      They removed it and it still sold well so I highly doubt they will add it back

    • santiago carrer
      santiago carrer

      keep waiting, it will never happen, like headphone jacks or charger in the box or removable batteries

  • Josua D
    Josua D

    the only act of balance samsung did is what kind of profit percentage they make; is it 100% is it 150% or so on. Let's be real, not including a charger is a cost saving move at best, even if they cut the price, as the price should've come down anyway thanks to not including external 5G chip and using still selling those damned exynos chips and charging the same price as the superior SD variant. The only thing I liked about this gen samsung smartphone is that they FINALLY ditched the curved screen. It was never a good idea anyway, and they held on to that for years is kind of amazing. Oh, and the "glastic" back panel feels good to the touch. And that's about it. It's not much of a change, and outside of US, still disappointing as always. Samsung, let me be real, LSI sucks. Disband it and just buy SD chips internationally. it'll save you R&D cost, and reduce the whole complexity of your business.

  • WeirdWhiteDog

    everytime I upgrade my phone I watch another one of these videos

  • David Carter
    David Carter

    I have the S21 plus given to me as a gift. I didn't switch my service to it yet. It is FAST!!!!!!

    • David Carter
      David Carter

      @cooolhunk007 It gets warm but thats because im playing games at high res. But if anything happens to it then its no loss to me since it was a gift given to me. I could easily sell it and buy a mid-range. But this is my first flagship device and im happy with it. But no serious issues from my experience with it.

    • cooolhunk007

      are y getting any heating issues ?

  • mephisto86yt

    Samsung camera software, a total mess, a lot of inconsistency, noise at low iso and exposure, weak processing to remove noise. They are behind Apple, Huawei, Google at least 3 years, before p20 pro era. Try s21 with pixel camera app in low/medium light condition, or indoor, you will be blown away, it's like having another sensor. Instead of pushing MS crap on their phones(onedrive, office and others), they should make a partnership with Google to improve their camera software. If you are trying for several years in a row to improve you camera software, processing, and you are not able to do it, then ask for help(from Google).

  • Junjie Juan
    Junjie Juan

    i want to buy a new phone but i dont know which one to get someone recommanded me de oppo find x3 neo but i was thinking about galaxy s21 if someone can help me i would appreciatie it

  • Prateek Saxena
    Prateek Saxena

    Which would YOU choose OnePlus 9 pro or samsung s21?

    • Vikas Prashar
      Vikas Prashar


  • I'm Retarded
    I'm Retarded

    The S21 is a clear winner over the S20, for me, because of the completely flat screen.

  • weightycarlos

    Come on, Samsung. Keep up! Make a compact flagship smartphone!

  • Jaguar7444

    Miss the headphone jack. I upgraded from the S9+.

    • Cesar

      Me too

  • askala ebony
    askala ebony

    Ahhh this was pleasant to listen and see👌🏾👌🏾

  • William Weatherspoon
    William Weatherspoon

    Is it worth it.... Bad reviews on T-MOBILE website.. I don't know what to do

  • Bluursito

    im waiting for the s21 fe, that's gonna be lit, hopefully this but with a 765g.

    • T4

      Hopefully the 21 FE doesn't have notorious touch screen issues as well

    • santiago carrer
      santiago carrer

      bruh, the s20 fe had a snapdragon 865, you can't just make that kind of downgrade


    Text on my old Pixel 2 XL looks sharper than on the S21. Must be because of the higher ppi.

  • Haden

    I wish it would've come out a little earlier because I could've gotten it

  • Internet Kid
    Internet Kid

    So the question is should i buy this phone?

  • unknown

    Thank God T Mobile sending me this phone for good price

  • TooadVR

    its nice that i can get unlimited data and this phone with two year contract for only 86 cad

  • Shahab Saeed
    Shahab Saeed

    I'm making the jump from s7 edge. My mind will simply be blown.

  • albert stains
    albert stains

    Surprisingly i notice 1440p vs 1080p more than i notice 60fps vs 120 fps

  • Purnima Debnath
    Purnima Debnath

    Please please please,,, make a video covering the details about Samsung's declaration of giving security/OS updates to it's devices for 4 years

  • Mauro Brugal
    Mauro Brugal

    I have that Phone same color and evrything

  • John W
    John W

    All I’m seeing though is s21 overheating and stuff..

  • Scottie Smalls
    Scottie Smalls

    Why didn't Samsung put a headphone jack on this phone? I googled it and saw they chose not to bring back the headphone jack, anybody have any idea why? I use the phone mostly for music with Bose headphones and I like to plug into the phone

  • Monou Regom
    Monou Regom

    Nice shirt !

  • Nevena Sterikova
    Nevena Sterikova

    Do not buy any samsung without aux jack. The adapters they provide are not working and you wont be able to use headphones. I am so dissapointed with S20 FE.

  • Karen Coffelt
    Karen Coffelt

    Thank you for the review! I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and I might upgrade. The only thing I don't like is that the cameras on these phones have only 12 megapixels, where is at one point they were making them 14. If they could do it before, I don't know why they can't do it again, especially for the price that they charge.

  • Harry Drake
    Harry Drake

    Corporate shill

  • Raphael Tan
    Raphael Tan

    is oneplus 8t more worth it to buy tho?

  • Trishna Lutchmudu
    Trishna Lutchmudu

    Samsung should bring back the mocro SD card the headphone jack and the power breaker too but the phone colour look so good hope in 2022 samsung bring back all these.

  • Bend Reality
    Bend Reality

    Damn..can anybody suggest the intro music?

  • Zyanna Ikigai
    Zyanna Ikigai

    I mean that intro is everything

  • Hi Im Micku
    Hi Im Micku

    2 things are enough for me to completely skip the S21, no SD and no 3.5 jack