How Teslas Upgrade Over Time!
Tesla will never be the same!
Parts of this video were filmed before quarantine.
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  • Oliver Wulff
    Oliver Wulff

    Ok now I REALLY want to get the new Tesla model S coming out this year!

  • Oliver Wulff
    Oliver Wulff

    For some reason this is just my favourite MKBHD thumbnail ever

  • Tula Baird
    Tula Baird

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  • Sanjay Panara
    Sanjay Panara

    Through test data, it may be possible that Tesla can be summoned to court if someone pays in terms of their lives.

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    Holder Juny

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    Andrew Xu

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  • Rubén F. Marín
    Rubén F. Marín

    What’s the music at 6:30?

  • Juice Xu
    Juice Xu

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  • Bo Chen
    Bo Chen

    10:30, it collects data regardless if you buy it or not.

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    Elane Mallette

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    Mike Barbato

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  • Jonathan Morris
    Jonathan Morris

    I think the software updates are nice! It would 100% be a scam if they made people buy a whole new car just cause the software is less glitchy on that

  • iiD_ixon

    1 year since this video was published!

  • Carmelo Bilski
    Carmelo Bilski

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  • Spectraevil

    Lol as a Tesla user. It doesn’t upgrade over time. That is a flase sales strategy, to make people think your car will be upgraded overtime n all. They make minimal updates and then put a price tag for the features lol. If u r buying Tesla thinking that they will keep gives u updates n all then dont buy it.

  • Joanne Beveridge
    Joanne Beveridge

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  • Moein Mirjalili
    Moein Mirjalili


  • Risith Jayasekara
    Risith Jayasekara

    MKBHD: "Like a piece of tech, Its the best version ever." MKBHD: *Remembers Galaxy Note 7* MKBHD: "Usually"

  • Revert FPV
    Revert FPV

    In few months Tesla is going to pick you up from work , and every other place

  • Daniel Frimpong
    Daniel Frimpong

    great job

  • Scott Mcghee
    Scott Mcghee

    what did it cost you to buy and have a power station in your home or warehouse

  • Ethan

    smart summon is kinda cute, it gives the car a personality in a way.

  • Phi Nguyen
    Phi Nguyen

    That Smart Summon is still a joke and I'm guessing until FSD is rolled out and Tesla is certified with Level 5 autonomous then it would become quite practical. For now, the distance is too short and like you said, it behaves more like a toy than anything useful. Great video btw. Oh now it's 2021 perhaps you should switch out to the new S Plaid soon.

  • Ishan Kumar
    Ishan Kumar

    These cars get a lot of software update Iphone: finally a worth opponent

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    Jackeline Fernande

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  • Salvador Padre Jr
    Salvador Padre Jr

    Do you need wifi for software updates and summoning Tesla?

  • Tomas Young
    Tomas Young

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  • Raphaël Gsq
    Raphaël Gsq

    "(These changes) are all pretty small, minor, inconsequential, who'd even notice or care" Ingeeniers who spent years workin on them:😢

  • J. Corona
    J. Corona

    Does rain affect the cameras and how they work?

  • Yuran Chen
    Yuran Chen

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    William Peters

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  • Zain uddin Ahmed
    Zain uddin Ahmed

    why do tesla owners always hide their number plate

  • OliviaHAmilto AvaHUntersde
    OliviaHAmilto AvaHUntersde

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  • Ravinder Maini
    Ravinder Maini

    I thought of proposing some small features in Tesla car key that would in turn helpful to the customers in finding their key in shorter interval of time. 1. Last week my aunt lost Tesla key in my house and we are hopeless after spending hours of search. This incident gave me idea that if the key can be linked with Tesla app so that we can send signal which can make it sound (beep) that would make it easier to locate. In addition to that it will also provide the functionality of the location of the key. 2. Other feature if you can consider is adding some light (LED) in key so people could find easily if they lost key inside or outside the car in dark for e.g. Last weekend when I went for grocery and somehow key dropped from my side pocket. It took me half an hour to find it. If tesla key has beeping system or led system, it very convenient for people to find a key. Let me know what you think about this idea

  • moralinda nanas
    moralinda nanas

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    Wilma Barnes

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  • noomy 663
    noomy 663

    I can't help expecting any updates on its engine performance since the entire progress is made online. I'm not pretty familiar with the system because I don't own one.

  • Pawit Ninnabodee
    Pawit Ninnabodee

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  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn

    Holy white, your tesla looks sick

  • Mr. A6
    Mr. A6

    5:50 That is the tightest driveway I have ever seen lol

  • Neel Goyal
    Neel Goyal


  • Kamal Khiva
    Kamal Khiva

    One question how much more radiation ☢️ tesla cars have compared to smartphones??

  • Kamal Khiva
    Kamal Khiva

    Finally big remote control car is here in which me self can sit in

  • john cao
    john cao

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    sneaks ceh

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  • Maathesh Manoharan
    Maathesh Manoharan

    ah yes the osborne effect

  • Johnzelle Anderson
    Johnzelle Anderson

    The summoning feature is interesting. Reminds me of the parking assist in my 2019 Prius Limited. While the tech is interesting, I only tried it once because it was inaccurate and scared me. I like the idea of sending the data to the manufacturer to improve future models and updates.

  • taikwan yu
    taikwan yu

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    Nancey Rowen

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  • SuperGirl1970 Carver
    SuperGirl1970 Carver

    Night rider

  • Ibnul Toha
    Ibnul Toha

    imagine your tesla self driving and coming back to u after it has been stolen

  • Virgilio Melott
    Virgilio Melott

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    James Faction

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    nicolas oviedo

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  • WeedsePoentah - Clash Royale
    WeedsePoentah - Clash Royale

    Yeez tesla back at again

  • Swedish Adrenaline
    Swedish Adrenaline



    smart car.... time to make car like iphone

  • Anrich Potgieter
    Anrich Potgieter

    A lease is a fleece - Dave Ramsey

  • Mairea Dulhana
    Mairea Dulhana

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  • niss

    what about privacy, i mean ok they know everything from your phone lets say you go extreme and ditch new phones n shit maybe im cheating on my wifou imagine she learns from my fucking tesla lol

  • Haiducu Andrei
    Haiducu Andrei

    are we going to ignore how dope his car looks?

  • Nitro Doorslammer
    Nitro Doorslammer

    The auto drive feature will be a fuking disaster in India I live here and street rules are given as much respect as if someone breaks your phone and then proceeds to smash it even more

  • Adam Murray
    Adam Murray

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  • Alina Alive
    Alina Alive

    Such a great and detailed review that was technical but also not dry !! Excellent work!! So excited to get mine !!!

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    shota tori

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  • Moses Thalluri U0112
    Moses Thalluri U0112

    Does it have a rat sensor ? What if rats get inside and mess up the insides?😂

  • digital subliminal messages
    digital subliminal messages

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    Ashmyka Ferns

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    Максим Малюта

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  • Mukund Agarwal
    Mukund Agarwal

    How do you connect to Tesla to internet

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    Ben Shaer

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    tiven srinivasan

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    asdf g

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  • Johannes Dolch
    Johannes Dolch

    I guess "Feature Complete" can have a wide array of meaning

  • Joselo

    1:02 so Tesla’s are like iPhones?


    My dream also buy a super car...😍😍😍😍

  • Dennis Sumague
    Dennis Sumague

    tesalsy huop 포함: If you have a car, Dirve the Lambo!!!!!!!! im rembering the model s ㄴㅇㅇㅇ였jimmy suzuki


    Well, He purchased it at the wrong time. XD

  • MakeMeAFool AI
    MakeMeAFool AI

    I'll love to have the Tesla Model S

  • ÐEXŦER Pachuau
    ÐEXŦER Pachuau

    Apple: We make the best smartphones. Tesla: But can you drive it? Apple: . . .

  • Vikrant Kumar
    Vikrant Kumar

    Get a tesla armored truck. Summon it and you've a Batmobile coming for you

  • Mutualist

    I've never wanted a consumer product as much as I want a Tesla. No other piece of tech or car or anything compares.

  • Hasso Sigbjoernson
    Hasso Sigbjoernson

    So the downside is to be seen with used cars: *a used Model S from early 2016 is way, way worse than a newer 2020/ 2021 Model since it has a weaker battery and all the interior changes didnt happen.* Was initially seems to be the reason for you to change Apollo to a newer Phantom. But how about ... testing some of the older Model S or Model 3 so see, how good or bad they are holding up?

  • Максим Малюта
    Максим Малюта

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  • Feelin' Bad for Myself
    Feelin' Bad for Myself

    Wow! I love the color of the car it's kinda like S21 Ultra Phantom Black

  • Qwest Ion E very thing
    Qwest Ion E very thing

    this video is a perfect demonstration why Elon Musk is now the wealthiest man on the plante. i love this. i got goose bumps from this video. i love my Honda but maybe its time for an upgrade. but im way to cheap to ever spend this much money on a car.

  • Максим Малюта
    Максим Малюта

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  • PBG Yash
    PBG Yash

    you always talk about Tesla as it's the best company and you always show pure hate towards apple. Give me one good reason why u hate apple so much and yet use it everyday?