LG Wing: The Swiveling Smartphone!
I've been trying to come up with a just wing it pun for at least an hour, but I got nothing.
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Phone provided by LG for review.


  • Bruhinator

    Why tho

  • FadeBrain06

    I remember the 1st Iron man movie tony stark has like this

  • king 8924
    king 8924

    Bro review like this make lg go

  • Joker

    I found this at the park , and no one had called in 2 weeks so ima keep it cuz it’s 1,000 bucks 😳😳


    Recently i got a new one with my carrier in Korea. Because they just wanted to get rid of LG phones from the store i bought it for 180$

  • cres_cres

    What has lg been doing beacause im pretty shure its not legal

  • Darshan Prajapati
    Darshan Prajapati

    Got it for 380$ 😂

  • why

    It's like Tony Stark phone in Iron man -1

  • Hashim Shaikh
    Hashim Shaikh

    Getting this for approx $400 now.

  • Driver Brian
    Driver Brian

    Twitch broadcasting.. that is the question. Pop-up Front cam, stream main cam and get alerts, chat, stream view etc. Epic if they program for it.

  • Ali Emmanuel
    Ali Emmanuel

    I got so tired watching this …

  • Sreekar Pradyumna
    Sreekar Pradyumna

    People who film vertical even with this phone can be shot.

  • Sreekar Pradyumna
    Sreekar Pradyumna

    I actually dig this a lot.

  • Dhruv Khullar
    Dhruv Khullar

    People would loose shit if apple launched it...

  • Shawol Rose
    Shawol Rose

    I saw this phone in a SuperM MV and then in the Kdrama 'Love Alarm' and was like "tf is that" but now I honestly think its pretty lit and I would want it

  • Steven Choong
    Steven Choong

    Emulation, turn it upside down and you got yourself a gameboy advance sp

  • R G
    R G

    i like the T shaped light in the back. nice touch

  • Cursed Noodle
    Cursed Noodle

    I mean at least LG keep it interesting

    • Anthony Ngu
      Anthony Ngu

      Kept now since they shut down their mobile department.

  • Tom A
    Tom A

    Im glad that i bought one.

  • Torronto Man
    Torronto Man

    this is smart

  • DaMemeBoi

    Samsung: Fold Huawei: Fold Microsoft: Fold LG: *Swivel*

  • darron strawderman
    darron strawderman

    idk.. it failed tho and there out the phone game now

  • jesus gabriel
    jesus gabriel

    well this is sad

  • Ap0c

    And you forget the most important part of the selfie cam called privacy protection. Oy because of that i wang it even if it's a past gen phone.

  • Ap0c

    Hydrolic.... in a phone.... wuahahaha come on dude.

  • Anup Pandey
    Anup Pandey

    Such a stupid review, have you checked network mode. There is no 5G in it. Yiu guys don't even care to check the basics and claiming to ve expert. I have recently purchased the phine based on your stupid review and struggled a lot for replacement. Finally i convinced them that there is no 5G in it.

    • Anthony Ngu
      Anthony Ngu

      Lol get over yourself.

  • Aaron Rebello
    Aaron Rebello

    I LOVE the fact that LG innovated this phone into being. I dunno why it didn't fly but I want one real bad and hope the software updates continue once I get my hands on one.

  • Ajay Bahure
    Ajay Bahure

    Best phone for online exam 😎👍🏻

  • Dwight K. Schrute
    Dwight K. Schrute

    6:30 "Big fan of spam my guy"

  • SKMS

    Sometimes technology which is well ahead of its time are being ignored by people

  • Mystic Duo
    Mystic Duo

    I could use thing for gaming cause i can have spotify or discord open on the downer screen which could help me Use the game

  • Iguana93

    No offense, but... If you're trying to say smartphones aren't largely stagnant in their design, I don't think one LG (that almost nobody will buy and which will probably not lead to a trend) is going to make your point. :D The fact that they have been making a lot of weirdly different phones instead of a unified lineup of almost identical ones is precisely the reason why they drifted out of the field. As a product designer, if I were to work at Apple, I'd have to bludgeon myself to death with some rounded aluminium corner out of boredom. :D

    • Anthony Ngu
      Anthony Ngu

      You are new here aren't you?

  • Kastjels

    *That Gimbal Mode is kinda cool, not gonna Lie🤙*

  • patricia alexander
    patricia alexander


  • MadMetalManiac74

    ..... Then LG left us 😪

  • Sebastian Krewson
    Sebastian Krewson

    I need this but Better. Better everything screen, battery, processor, everything. I Am in love with this design and I need it.

  • MMAoracle

    I can’t believe anyone’s gonna buy this

  • mickeybro2


  • Garmain Wu
    Garmain Wu

    R.I.P LG phones

  • Jay Bhingare
    Jay Bhingare

    Whoa Whoaa🤣🤣 11:18 2nd Gen....What did you Sayyy??

  • lilstump55

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life

    • Anthony Ngu
      Anthony Ngu


  • rinoy ana laxmi
    rinoy ana laxmi

    The encouraging tray intuitively bomb because currency startlingly suspect concerning a foolish knickers. wonderful, periodic bomb

    • Anthony Ngu
      Anthony Ngu


  • Hudson Le Feuvre-Smith
    Hudson Le Feuvre-Smith

    6:14 "I just love spam." 🤣😂

  • Kacchan

    Peter McKinnon did make his own cameo.

  • Vault

    Imagine a ds emulator on this one

  • MiMi SeeYou
    MiMi SeeYou

    This video was SUPER helpful thank you! I had no idea that was you talking in the intro lol

  • MiMi SeeYou
    MiMi SeeYou

    Haters gonna hate. For a researcher and mom... this is insane! 💜 I’m going for it. Filming events or games. Working in 2 screens. Who cares if it needs a second to switch over? The minutes and hours it will give me back of my time is worth .7 seconds of patience. 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄 y’all ask too much! Lol

  • Choong Haw Zheng
    Choong Haw Zheng

    marques : im intrested in what the lg wing 2nd generation looks like LG : *NOPE*

  • Sanal Kumar
    Sanal Kumar

    I Bought one LG wing. And it flew away. Me: 🥔

  • 9aracna TM
    9aracna TM


  • Shreyansh Dash
    Shreyansh Dash

    Incase u r streaming on the phone, game on main and chat in the secondary

  • Kai Park
    Kai Park

    7:34 bottom right corner of the paragraph amogus

  • Kai Park
    Kai Park

    6:07 amogus

  • Gaming with king
    Gaming with king

    It's a great change in first try

  • Gaming with king
    Gaming with king

    It's is is better if u buy a 2nd instead 😂😂

  • Taha Rauf
    Taha Rauf

    Feels like lgs phone dept was given one last try at a phone so they did something new it didnt take off so noe they shutdown

  • Rehb star
    Rehb star

    Love the fact that LG doesn't copy the trend and do it their own way like it or not, thats actually me and I'm loving this attitude.

  • Manshul Kataria
    Manshul Kataria

    Now available for 400 bucks

  • jcp12

    LG 😔

  • T-ara Leemzz
    T-ara Leemzz

    Is this available in malaysia.???

  • Sekh Azizul
    Sekh Azizul

    Recently its available for $450 in India😂 Now everyone buying this.

  • James Brooks
    James Brooks


  • B

    Only if LG and Sony did a collaboration. That would be awesome 🤩😃

  • Don't Look At My Channel.
    Don't Look At My Channel.

    They needa stop

  • C Lionsman67
    C Lionsman67

    60 hz is a no?? But yet uses a iPhone and praises apple! Lmao

    • Carlos Gonzalez
      Carlos Gonzalez

      @Sam DIN lies this best so far for ig lol

    • C Lionsman67
      C Lionsman67

      @Sam DIN Use it then complain. I own one. No issues.

    • Sam DIN
      Sam DIN

      But more on that, LG UI is a bit clunky tho. I've used this phone, and the combination of midrange snap 765G, 60Hz, kinda heavy UI, and half-baked integration between the software and the flip mechanism makes this phone kinda sluggish to used regularly. For most tasks this phone is okay, but more often than not when you suddenly flip the screen up you noticed how slow the animation is, and the whole UI is a bit slow, not irritatingly slow, but definitely you'll noticed it. It bugs me...I love the form factor, but this needs flagship soc or at least faster refresh rate to makes the UI experience more enjoyable, because my daily phone is 120hz actually. Of course some may say "but iphone is still smooth with 60hz", not wrong because it is...

  • TerpleDerp

    It’s sad that LG doesn’t make phones anymore. They were pioneers for a lot of the things that are now normal in phones. They were kind of like the rough copy, the test, and other companies made more refined versions. This seems like a really cool idea, but I feel like it wasn’t given enough time to get anywhere, but that it could’ve been a really popular design if it was adjusted, updated, and improved. Hopefully some company recreates this at some point.

  • Who Am I?
    Who Am I?

    6:35 “big fan of spam my guy” yo marques you sneaky guy.....

  • Mike Casper
    Mike Casper

    Watching this on May 2021 and realised this is the last smartphone from LG. RIP LG

  • Peter Kuan
    Peter Kuan

    i actually think web conferencing while taking notes, texting, running other apps (multi tasking) is actually a real use case.

  • Da' Vi Perez
    Da' Vi Perez

    Ebay is selling them now below $500. I think @ this price it's Great.

  • Gerardo Zaragoza
    Gerardo Zaragoza

    So....is this the one phone that doomed LG’s phone industry?

    • Carlos Gonzalez
      Carlos Gonzalez


  • Priyanka Patel
    Priyanka Patel

    It is for sell nearly at $400 in India after lg mobile department death

  • Unnat Sadh
    Unnat Sadh


  • Charizardy360

    There is an lg wing on ebay for 500 dollars

  • Hoody. :V
    Hoody. :V

    Nintendo DS in a budget

  • ELord Gaming
    ELord Gaming

    I got mine for 200 but I got an extra normal phone for free s o like I got mine for 100

  • kausto j
    kausto j

    It just a very unconventional phone..one that won't appeal very easily to people. Will take a foldable phone over this anyday.

  • TheCambra

    This dude still does reviews

  • Solo Learn
    Solo Learn

    Powerful smartphone though

  • Roxeigh kynaston
    Roxeigh kynaston

    I love the fact it’s so different. But it’s a no from me just because my hands are small and I would so bloody drop the damm thing hahaah and they too screen will be bye bye 🤣

  • Silas Rahbek-slott
    Silas Rahbek-slott

    the teen titans phone

  • Josh Pierce
    Josh Pierce

    But can I get armor for it? I drop my phone a lot. I can't imagine very tough armor for a phone with moving parts like that.

  • Hank Fish
    Hank Fish

    Brands be like: "worlds first *insert super specific description here*", well if you make a new product it better be the worlds first at something? Or else why would anyone buy it?

  • Getting Even
    Getting Even

    T-mobile has it for $699 now.

  • Ky Fisher
    Ky Fisher

    i normally find these smart phone ideas silly but this one i think i would enjoy using

  • Minecraft Historian
    Minecraft Historian

    my question is how do you put a case on this

  • starr lavish-monroe
    starr lavish-monroe

    Always thought this phone was dope. I just want it

  • Brichanise Terrell
    Brichanise Terrell

    Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth,Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved 🥳

  • Swarnim B
    Swarnim B

    mkbhd: i'm interested in what a second generation wing would look like *r/agedlikewine*

  • ACE Nanor
    ACE Nanor

    Hmm, well one problem is the case but they'll get their own swiveling case

  • Hunter Sunday
    Hunter Sunday

    Is this phone still worth getting now that lg is no longer making phones?

  • Anjana Munasinghe
    Anjana Munasinghe

    Any possibility of getting a phone cover on that? 😕 something that delicate could use some back

  • Dark1fy

    Watching on my wing

  • Maxi Singh
    Maxi Singh

    This ones actually got some impressive tech, If LG can add a in-screen FingerPrint Sensor to that, then other companies have no excuse.

  • ChriSaito

    You said music on one screen and navigation on the other may not be all too useful, but I got so excited when you mentioned that! Since I drive doordash, it can be a pain to exit out of navigation to change podcasts. Maps becomes a small popup, and 99% of the time it's in the way. Navigation and music or the doordash app would make all of that so much easier. I thought the phone was cool before, but not for me. This alone may have changed my mind.

  • javaman7

    Wow two phone we get free another phone

  • Mr Imperfect
    Mr Imperfect

    One is for sunny Leone and another for Mia

  • Daniel Gomes
    Daniel Gomes

    very fooking useful shit broderrr

  • DioStreamsYT

    The final LG phone

  • Himanshu Mahawar
    Himanshu Mahawar

    It's not 1000$ now now it's just 500$ ⚡