Porsche Taycan Turbo: I Almost Switched! [Auto Focus Ep 6]
Porsche Taycan is an incredible electric sports car. It just needs 1 more thing to get me to switch from Tesla.

Shoutout to Maurice from Porsche of Englewood: mmanente@townmotors.com

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  • Anthony Spradley
    Anthony Spradley

    The Porsche over the Tesla all day! Maybe just maybe Tesla wants too much to use their infrastructure!? Just saying

  • Steelflex


  • Jane Goodall
    Jane Goodall

    lmao with some of the features he's saying are so great about this car, you'd think he hasn't driven anything made within the last 5 years. Seatbelts that electronically pull you in SNUG? C'mon man, that's like standard ish now.

  • unc0ver

    Fuck Tesla, Elon doesn’t care about his customers. I actually had an order for one but I realized Tesla is not a very good car long term

    • odisy64

      They are the best cars long term, they have the most efficient cars while also having the most durable motors and batteries. Porsche has recently had battery life issues.

  • Jason Heath
    Jason Heath

    You could make a breakfast cereal review compelling. You have exceptional talent sir!

  • Marco Téllez
    Marco Téllez

    Porsche, no doubt!

  • Rahul Pradeep
    Rahul Pradeep


  • Ese Ukey
    Ese Ukey

    Porsche's are cool... need I say more. ☺ ... if only you can keep the cars the way you keep the phones...My days, I'll just die(metaphorically). 😄

  • Michael Olujide Owolabi
    Michael Olujide Owolabi

    The Ford Mustang Mach-E interior is trash.

  • rizolli 2000
    rizolli 2000

    E cars are the future cuz we will run out of petrol

  • SuperMachead1

    Why is it surprising to anyone that a car way more expensive would be of higher quality…Duh

  • Erick Jones
    Erick Jones

    Hard choice bro. Im with you. I'd take the Taycan with the supercharger.

  • Alex Kovach
    Alex Kovach

    You know with a Marques video you can 👍🏼 as soon as it starts playing.

  • Balaji Ramasamy
    Balaji Ramasamy

    Of course ! No doubt ! Porsche is a 🔷diamond ! Tesla is a cheap bronze ! I will never buy Tesla .

    • odisy64

      The model S plaid craps on the taycan in every way, even the model 3 can keep up on track with taycan turbo s.

  • Josh Fabregas
    Josh Fabregas

    wtf is mkbhd rubbing his hands in the thumbnail

  • a a
    a a

    This car specs look weak and old compare to Tesla

  • a a
    a a

    Is this even faster than the model 3 haha

  • Lips

    the thing is, does anyone actuall use the superchargers? In EU, pretty much everyone just charges at home.

  • Haseeb Ahmed
    Haseeb Ahmed

    Nice review. Pedigree matters. Taycan for me.

  • Microage

    Porsche is about a million times better than Tesla.

    • odisy64

      Why are they behind then?

  • YH Wu
    YH Wu

    someone sponsor me?

  • Custard Banjo
    Custard Banjo

    Remember when a car had a gear stick, three peddles and a speed dial. How has all this crap made them easier to drive?

  • Morrison Hillman
    Morrison Hillman

    I would take Taycan over Tesla

  • Quoc Anh Nguyen
    Quoc Anh Nguyen

    What a car it is. How modern it is also. Way way better than a Tesla!

    • odisy64

      Worse infotainment and its slower than a model 3

  • Endurancevm

    When it’s cold out, your range will drop by a significant amount, touchscreens will be sluggish to respond, and you are sitting there, freezing, battling your tiny touchscreen inputs. Point is, sort out charge/temperature issues and give me physical inputs.

  • Henry M0ss
    Henry M0ss

    I’d choose the taycan and it’s not even close

  • Dylin L
    Dylin L

    I would take the taking cuz I just like porches

  • Harris M.
    Harris M.

    Taycan without a doubt. I would rather have a way better interior (both in quality and layout in my opinion) than more accessible fast charging.

  • George Lay
    George Lay

    As long as there’s a Porsche, Tesla will not exist for me

    • Croat🇭🇷

      @Randall C Agree i just dont like EV cars . No sound , boring , ugly

    • iloveplayingpr

      Keep your porsche, we got our Rockets.

    • Randall C
      Randall C

      I agree. For me as a Porsche enthusiast, the 911 Turbo S will always be the pinnacle of automotive perfection. But the Taycan Turbo S makes a very compelling case. If Porsche can somehow make it compatible with Tesla's network of charging stations, I would go all-in on it. I like Tesla but nothing is quite like a Porsche.


    0 to 60 in 3 seconds Tesla model s plaid plus: hold my

  • Andrea Beltran
    Andrea Beltran

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  • StayFocused

    Porsche over the Tesla

  • Adam Drake
    Adam Drake

    Porsche for dayyyyyyyyyys. The only part new to Porsche is the powertrain. Everything is new to Tesla.

  • Nordle

    who the F would EVER take a Tesla over a Porsche! (even if you left £10k in the boot of the tesla as well)

    • odisy64

      Id take a tesla, they are faster and better looking

  • Derp Wolf
    Derp Wolf

    Tesla will never make cars like Porsche, ever. The US automotive industry just isn’t geared the same as the German market. Maybe, one day, the top tier Tesla’s will be comparable in quality, but we are talking 10-20 years. They have to able to produce a consistent product firs5 and that’s without mentioning they are still working on filling out their range.

  • Derp Wolf
    Derp Wolf

    Thank you for pronouncing Porsche correctly.

  • Marcus schou
    Marcus schou



    I would take the Taycan every single day over the Tesla

  • K P
    K P

    Remember when Bill Gates bought a Taycan instead of a Tesla and Elon Musk got triggered and called him stupid? 😂 For a grown man to act that way is... honestly kinda hilarious

    • odisy64

      Elon was not upset about him buying a taycan, he was upset that he still thinks electric cars aren't viable yet and things like hydrogen are better.

  • K P
    K P

    Basically buy Taycan or Audi E Tron GT if you want a great car that's emotional, gorgeous and practical... get a Tesla if you want to look like a hipster

    • odisy64

      Sounds like your taking copium


    porsche always

  • Master HD
    Master HD

    Porsche Taycan Turbo

  • Alycia Gordan
    Alycia Gordan

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  • Joe Irizarry
    Joe Irizarry

    Porsche if I didn’t travel much or have another vehicle to travel (most people). So that’s me. Model 3/Y is obviously another price point. Disappointed 100k+ car is slower than car half price but not a deal breaker. Great video! Want more high end EVs please!

  • John Hall
    John Hall

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  • Fed Donovan
    Fed Donovan

    Mustang ev

  • Michael Hidalgo
    Michael Hidalgo

    I would take the Taycan over the Model S. Super charging would be great on the Porsche but I realistically would probably only ever charge it at home since I don’t road trip a lot and would probably just use a different car.

  • Lagu

    One day.... One day I will buy a taycan...

  • Malone

    Well presented. Thanks.

  • Eric Kline
    Eric Kline

    I believe it’s pronounced like “tie-con”

  • Richard Dwyer
    Richard Dwyer

    That stupid "music" makes this unwatchable. And I wanted to see it; the narrator is quite good.

  • baez1301

    The car will cost like 90k-100k, still impressive but at 60k less the Model Y is still more impressive

    • al chemist
      al chemist

      Model Y for 30 or 40k? I dont think so lol

  • Em Kay
    Em Kay

    So i‘m from Germany and just love the quality of our products. I would def choose the taycan! :)

  • It wasn't me
    It wasn't me

    I don't even understand the dilemma. Porsche 140 %

  • Antony Dennison-Greenup
    Antony Dennison-Greenup

    My Velar has the rear camera wash facility..... yum.....

  • Ma Jo
    Ma Jo

    Tesla anyday

  • Rob Bush
    Rob Bush

    Taycan for the win! Drive one of my gas cars for long trips :)

  • trung nguyen
    trung nguyen

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  • Jesica Donya
    Jesica Donya

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  • Scott Welch
    Scott Welch

    I've been saying for a while... Just wait until an actual car company makes electric cars. Tesla just can't compete with real carmakers. The only thing Tesla has is brand identity, but that doesn't help you when you have a car that is less reliable than a Jaguar, and that's saying something.

  • Ben Buckler Boards
    Ben Buckler Boards

    I’d take the Taycan even if I had to charge it with a bicycle-generator. It’s a stunning car to look at 👍🏻 Great vid legend

  • yathish haralur sreekantaiah
    yathish haralur sreekantaiah

    Never finance your car through ‘Porsche financial services’.

  • Dongineer

    It's pronounced "Porscha". Anyway, Tesla is better right?

  • xavierbright 24
    xavierbright 24

    Yea I’ll still go with Tesla because of the charging part, that whole part just killed Taycan vibes lol

  • Marvin Ince
    Marvin Ince

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  • Anthony Gomez
    Anthony Gomez

    I'd take a Model S Plaid, Cybertruck, or Roadster over the Tesla. The super charge network, Autopilot, FSD is what does it for me.

  • chevyhighrider

    Porsche not even a question.

  • Vaxan

    porche is better than the tesla, simple, if you dispute that, i have a question, how does elon musk taste

  • Jaylen Bester
    Jaylen Bester

    It’s Porsche for me

  • Steven Cai
    Steven Cai

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  • James Heffer
    James Heffer

    Definitely the Porsche

  • Andrew Chu
    Andrew Chu

    I think if Porsche or other Manufacture would like to compete with Tesla, instead of making a 'futuristic' look base on their tradition, they should just make a 'classic' model out of their flagship product but make it as a EV, then I would most definitely consider Porsche (I have already owned a Model 3). Yet, they head on compete with Tesla as a futuristic look & functionality, Tesla will still a winner!

  • Stijn Diemel
    Stijn Diemel

    I was bit surprised to see you doing the intro of the video in a t-shirt with the logo of Royal Dutch Football Association on it.

    • Andrew Nee
      Andrew Nee

      it's PoNY ultimate, not football

  • dozza92

    Porsche, being a German company, uses the CCS Combo 2 charge port which is standardised throughout the EU. There are twice as many CCS compatible superchargers in Europe than Tesla superchargers in the USA given their similar areas, which makes choosing the CCS Combo 2 charge port an absolute no-brainer.

  • ThatGuyGlenn

    tayan always

  • Delores Roberts
    Delores Roberts

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  • im dan
    im dan

    Porsche all day every day.

  • im dan
    im dan

    i will definitely pick taycan turbo s instead of model s just because of the driving dynamics and its so fun around corners where tesla would be absolutely crushed and i dont like to use autopilot as its not that fun

  • Maura Center
    Maura Center

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  • The MacMaster
    The MacMaster

    Just Ordered one in the same colour. :0) Comes in September

  • Humayun Sajid
    Humayun Sajid

    You should do cars reviews aswell, You’re so good on reviews

  • Michael Wafkowski
    Michael Wafkowski

    Chose? Tesla who?

  • Florian W
    Florian W

    I would take definitly the porsche

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia

    You made a mistake not switching

  • og87

    That Taycan is a fucking dream 🤤

  • Juan Barraza
    Juan Barraza

    Review an all electric SMART CAR. That would be funny. 😆

  • Jenny Green
    Jenny Green

    I love the look of the Taycan. Don’t see a lot around the D.C. area. I looked at the price and know why. However, the Tesla’s are everywhere here.

  • Myname_is Shriyan
    Myname_is Shriyan

    0-60 is 2.3secs

  • Myname_is Shriyan
    Myname_is Shriyan

    Dude the specs are not accurate

  • Phil Spaghet
    Phil Spaghet

    The reason I love the Taycan so much is that it's a Porsche that happens to be electric, not an electric vehicle with a Porsche badge. I would take the Porsche ALL DAY no question!

  • Mr. D.
    Mr. D.

    I would choose Taycan..24/7

  • binh Nguyen
    binh Nguyen

    That music in the background is so annoying

  • howardrandall smith
    howardrandall smith

    Taycan do.

  • Jan Verheyen
    Jan Verheyen

    You are the only reviewer mentioning the wireless phone charger and are way more detailed then ALL the rest. Keep it up!!!

  • btwImAli

    I would take the Tesla

  • Pratik Shah
    Pratik Shah

    Please review the Mustang Mach E!

  • Timo K
    Timo K

    Taycan easy

  • R Valent
    R Valent

    Ah yes, turbo on an electric car

  • UwU Caffeine Addiction
    UwU Caffeine Addiction

    I’d take the Porsche because it’s Built well And I think electrify America will be well expanded across all of the US very soon. Although it kind of already is and I can go on some interesting road trips already with it.

  • Winfred Sanders
    Winfred Sanders

    Excellence review for the comparison of Taycan to Tesla. Great Job!!