Way before cell phone cameras, we took selfies with Polaroids. I explore how the first Polaroid camera, the Polaroid SX-70, turned us all into amateur photographers and paved the way for our social media-obsessed culture. Fellow HRposts creator and model Karlie Kloss teams up with me to make photo filters the retro way - with bleach. And Peter Mckinnon stops by to play “Dope or Nope.”

  • Brian Rath
    Brian Rath

    I'm surprised there was no coverage of the 35mm B&W and Color film made by Polaroid that required only the purchase of the developing unit (that worked perfectly well). I was working far from a city when i first tried it. It worked perfectly for me, and would have been a particular boom to business for those still going with 35mm SLR cameras....

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    That kid has a deeper voice than me 🥲

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    mkbhd in 2025: welcome to ARRI AMIRA DF unboxing

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    That camera freaks me out because that camera was featured in a movie called Polaroid, PS it’s a horror movie

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    Niko L

    you didn't think of getting a refurb that's been tested to work?

  • Casual P
    Casual P

    16:23 meet Marques Brownlee...the first man to do a drop test in 1973

  • Lucy Lumen
    Lucy Lumen

    Great vid, I just put up a video about my Polaroid cameras and trying to learn about the SX-70 film.

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    The Marvelous M

    12:22 accurate But really, I'm diggin this show. Subbed & Liked.

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    I am as old as this camera, I wish I could get a body upgrade the same way I upgrade my PC or my smartphone... You'll get outdated too, sucker!

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    Sw00t_y PrD

    Jesus Christ is the King

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    Sw00t_y PrD


  • Michael Garcia Mendoza
    Michael Garcia Mendoza

    Holy crud I own this exact model! Didn't know about the history of anything I got this one and the 1970 One-step for $75

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    ced ed

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    Ross Voorheis

    Marques continuing to take pictures after jamming the cartridge hurts my soul.

  • gameo7

    i honestly forgot one of the best things about Instagram that got me hooked when I was a kid. The filters. Makes me really miss that old Instagram logo.

  • mohsen dawoodi
    mohsen dawoodi

    You broke your 4 fingers in feature bro

  • Lake County Naturalist
    Lake County Naturalist

    I collect and shoot Polaroid to this day. Nothing like it. You never know what you are going to get. And sometimes it's better than you planned.

  • Roy Marron
    Roy Marron

    The reaction is actualy very sensible to temperature, so depending if you either freeze it or apply heat, the color temperatures will shift accordingly.

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    ROY WOOD JUNIOR!!!!!!!

  • Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322
    Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322

    So are we supposed to shake the picture or not ?

    • Mohammed Ashian
      Mohammed Ashian

      No, you’re supposed to put it away from light so the chemicals don’t ruin the picture I thought the same about shaking it when I was a kid I only figured it out a year or two ago

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    Juan Hernandez

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  • Michael John Little
    Michael John Little

    05:28 ... Although we have digital camera, we still have the same problem prior to the Polaroid camera... that although you can view the image... you have to then print the image out... and it depends on the printer... the quality may not be that good...

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    Maria Durce

    Pare cobra

  • Rafael Aguiar
    Rafael Aguiar

    Dope video. Loved it

  • Iron65

    Hi! I really love this video. It is so well edited and insightful for new generations to see. Excellent job, cheers to you and your team!! My father have this back in the day and yes it has a special place in my heart

  • Jude Tarkoh
    Jude Tarkoh

    Roy Wood Jr. baby! 😁

  • Jude Tarkoh
    Jude Tarkoh

    Roy Wood Jr. baby! 😁

  • Blake Aghili
    Blake Aghili

    Oh the guy from Brooklyn film camera was in the video

  • Kinson Cheung
    Kinson Cheung

    "I like some of the gaga song, but what the fuxk does she know about cameras?" one of the best polaroid ad ever

  • Kapil Khandelwal
    Kapil Khandelwal

    19:03 I see Vsauce there...


    Loved the way you approached this story, Marques. Keep up the good work!

  • Daniel

    I was never a fan of Polarouids, I never understood why people liked old bad quality pictures. But after this video, i can appreciate them. The Physics behind it is pretty dope

  • Stephen Kinyua
    Stephen Kinyua

    It's now 2021 did you frame that shot. It,s such a beautiful shot. Really appreciating this whole segment.

  • Chris Gomez
    Chris Gomez

    Marques and Peter Mc! With the sneaker heat!!!

  • Toko Fukawa
    Toko Fukawa

    Ah yes, when the photo isn’t coming out, keep taking a photo

  • Robert FromOC
    Robert FromOC

    You could also go in with a stylus or other tool and press on the still developing photo to smash the color layers together and do some wild effects.

  • Robert FromOC
    Robert FromOC

    You shook the older Polaroid photos to dry them faster, once you pealed them off from the developer sheet. I had a whole routine I did automatically of folding up the developer sheet so the chemical gel wouldn't get on anything. The self-contained SX-70 films you didn't have to do that but people who had used the older film packs still had the habit. Hence the song.

  • Robert FromOC
    Robert FromOC

    I shot 4x5 Polaroid in college using the smaller version of the LF camera you used. I LOVED the black and white film packs that gave you both a positive and negative. You had to wash the negative in a caustic solution to clean the developer off. The quality of the negatives was beautiful. There might still be a shot of Royce Hall at UCLA hanging in the Westwood VA Hospital that I took with Polaroid 4x5 film. I'd love to find out if it's still there or not.

  • Robert FromOC
    Robert FromOC

    You want incandescent lighting with the SX-70 to get those rich, rich, colors. On overcast days or in shadows things took on a kool (and cool) color pallet often giving a sickly pale skin color with Caucasians.

  • Robert FromOC
    Robert FromOC

    I may be mistaken but I think the tech from the ultrasonic auto focusing of later Polaroids made it's way into our cars as proximity sensors. Marcus, something to do a video, products whose tech ended up in other fields of manufacturing/other purposes.

  • Robert FromOC
    Robert FromOC

    I attended Polaroid's introduction of the SX-70 in LA. I still have the photos I took that day somewhere. Anyways, the saturation of the colors was breathtaking and the camera when folded up was pretty elegant looking.

  • Ashley Mullins
    Ashley Mullins

    13:09 HAHA HAHA HAHA SMILE!!! :)

  • Logic N. Reasoning
    Logic N. Reasoning

    The colors are very washed out on these prints.

  • Simon Calle Laverde
    Simon Calle Laverde

    05:27 Steve Jobs is like no one, near this guys

  • Pablo Iturra
    Pablo Iturra

    i have a kiipix and takes polaroid pictures from the screen of my cellphone and it is sooooo dope! you shoul try it!

  • KR. Tirtho
    KR. Tirtho

    "Let's drop it again" Yeah, now you're saying my language

  • Flying Money
    Flying Money

    9:28 is that Gali from Hyperchange!?!

  • switchjim

    11:00 The alternative was to use a conventional camera, blindly take the pictures, later on drive to the photmat to drop off the film, wait two weeks, drive back to the photomap, idle your V8 engine in the line of cars until your turn, and then ask if your pictures came back yet ... then pay for that, and you got one image (double image gimmick for marketing competition came later) only then, after driving to a parking space, could you finally see the blurry picture and wonder what it was you tried to photograph.

  • switchjim

    8:11 i didn't hear any mention of it, but today, when people know of ground penetrating radar and LiDAR eyes for automobiles ... back then, IR LED wasn't a consumer item and TV remote used ultrasonic waves the TV could hear. The SX-70 was ultra modern and that huge gold circle with the little holes in it, at the top of one of the cameras, is an Ultrasonic device to send out sound and capture the reflection and calculate the distance and auto focus the lens ... also, about that time, people walked on the moon, so such amazing things as this camera were just an amazing part of the space age, like those disc that spun and could be read by a laser and make pictures on your tv. Another camera product then, was the amazing KODAK item that was amazing enough that they called it a "magicube"

  • Synyster Goose
    Synyster Goose

    And yet they kind of came back lol

  • Maitreyee Nabar
    Maitreyee Nabar

    Idk why but these Polaroid photos give me a rave party vibe

  • AquaGamer1212

    We had a Polaroid 600 style, it didn’t talk tho thank goodness that’s creepy.

  • prettyyygood

    I wonder why they didn't work on that technology and develop it further to make the film much much cheaper. This thing would go through the roof nowadays. The concept and format witht he white stripe to write something on to is still awesome.

  • PixelPizza77

    Why are the view count and likes hidden?

  • theshadowknows

    I got a “mini” Polaroid camera that took 1in by 1in photos when I was 11 in the late 90s and that was the spark that made me what to be a photographer.

  • Berdan Sarıgöl
    Berdan Sarıgöl

    Isn't the first ever Instagram logo a Polaroid camera?

  • William Gustafson
    William Gustafson

    I have one of those, I love it so much

  • Sparky Fox
    Sparky Fox

    I have a job pro 2, lmao. Paid like $7 for it at an antique shop and it still had a peel

  • SuperGirl1970 Carver
    SuperGirl1970 Carver

    Flash back

  • Proto Rhinocerator
    Proto Rhinocerator

    4:39 "In walks Edwin Land..." Oh, now I get it. That's why it's called the Land Camera. I thought it had something to do with it being unable to work properly out at sea. Duh. This makes much more sense.

  • Craig D'Andrea
    Craig D'Andrea


  • Thescoop

    Honestly, this would have felt like magic back then. It’s still really cool nowadays!

  • Josh Marshall
    Josh Marshall

    I'm sure I'd have a small fortune if it wasn't for my love/addiction to instant photography! At 20 bucks per pack, for 600 and sx-70 type, this is cheap on the spectrum, but try to find affordable packfilm, like the Land cameras or many professional cameras with interchangeable film backs used! in 2017 when Fujifilm decided to cease production of their packfilm the prices of it started to creep up. I bought 60 packs at about 35 bucks each shortly afterwards, now I'm paying 70, 80, 90, even over 100 for a single pack, but yeah I love the stuff, and I'll continue to pay what I must in order to shoot it until the sad day it's all gone. I guess when that happens I'll be using my sx-70 more.

  • Chase Allen
    Chase Allen

    Are there only men in brooklyn?! 🤣 I only saw one woman in any of those shots, thats so funny. Like even in the background.

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    Robert Martinez Morales

    "Is this liquor?" 🤣

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    Charlie N

    No frog tongue?

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    Andrew Martinez

    Love this episode

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    samrat Singh R

    Plzzzzz do a video on pager 📟

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    Peter Cruz

    I dont like how tv produced this is. Its HRposts, not PRODUCTIONTEAMtube.

  • John D
    John D

    I was in college in the early 70's and recall vividly that our marketing professor said that Polaroid would be coming out with a new camera (SX-70) that was such a leap forward that they were struggling with how to explain and market it. Compared to regular consumer Kodaks and even earlier Polaroids, the SX-70 was like alien tech.

    • jazzi

      Its fascinating how much photography has progressed in 40 years

  • Edward Judice
    Edward Judice

    Find on You Tube: The man who shot 12000 Polaroids, That's me, a fantastic camera! Ed

  • Razor of Wolvendom
    Razor of Wolvendom

    After the pandemic I will do this kind of technique using my smart phone, going out with friends and taking pictures 70's style.

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    Felix Asare

    Hey Roy....

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    Wtf I never saw this show up from his feed

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    Polaroids were for nude photos. You didn’t need to take them to get developed (by a dude who was a neighbor and would see your shit).

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    Hey, can we get a “hahaha smile” ringtone?

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    This is super dope episode!

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    Reanetse Moleleki

    05:28 Yeah, that guy would have loved smartphones.

  • Reanetse Moleleki
    Reanetse Moleleki

    You can see Vox's in house style very clearly here. It kinda ruins the video for me. Glad I didn't pay money for this.

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    I can not believe someone just compared Polaroid to Apple. LOL. Brainwash much?

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    Nicolas Bocchino

    Why is the talking camera not a thing anymore? It would make people laugh and give you a genuine smile and not a forced smile for a picture.

  • Nicolas Bocchino
    Nicolas Bocchino

    “Is this liquor?” Best line

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    Do a pager

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    I'm really into the retro look rn

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    lol im using a polaroid tv

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    now make retro tech:nokia 3310

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    Lift the small end bro (2:00)

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    Can’t help but feel early Instagram wanted to capture this energy and now it’s a completely different beast. We’re gonna go back to this type of tech where photography is deliberate and measured.

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    Based on your ineptness you shouldn't be anywhere near a vintage Polaroid camera.

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    John Grieve

    It is NOT metal. It's chromed plastic.