Everyone knows the 1984 Macintosh computer was a game changer for the tech industry. But why was this particular computer so iconic? I learn how Steve Jobs and his team took on computer giants IBM, changing personal computing forever. Living legend Bill Nye the Science Guy joins me to play Asteroids on an original Macintosh. And fellow HRposts creator and Apple expert iJustine explains why the 1984 Macintosh was able to beat its competitors.

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  • Life & Times of a MultipleMediaManager™
    Life & Times of a MultipleMediaManager™

    I drooled over owning a Mac Plus for ever, but they costed a bomb, and they could only display in b&W. I decided to get an Atari ST to do music, but just as I saved up enough money in 1988, the Commodore Amiga came out, and that was that!… I didn't own a Mac until mid-to-late 1990's… a Power Mac 8600, which I loved to bits, and still own.

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    15:19 that moment 🤣🤣🤣

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    Salt Pepper

    Haha, we can all see that Bill Nye has been using some of the most infamous drugs known to man :p

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    Kipper Klank

    Their definition of "innovation" is take an idea that is already out there and polish the living shit out of it. they dont innovate anything lmao

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    Aadit Maddi

    this is so nostalgic for me

  • Danny Heatley
    Danny Heatley

    if you are born in 90s or early 2000's & buy apple desktops /laptops then you have been swindled.... Steve Jobs was so bad he made Ellen look like the pope lol. They sell you stuff 50% higher cost then what they should but because 95% population just go with the flow and not into computers as a hobby just get sold on the bells and whistles & design but hey its your money


    Ok….you getting Bill to say Dope over and over again is hilarious…..that made my day

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    B Gerendash

    Bill Nye...and Super High...

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    fernando hernandez

    Is just me or she is an annoying Apple fan

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    Dang bro, Jesus loves you btw

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    Aplbbl magintosh

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    Filmmakers' Home

    I remember the games. the operation was incredible. Love IT!!!

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    Filmmakers' Home

    I used Macintosh like that at school. Ha Ha. I'm old!!!!!!

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    Why can't You see the views on HRposts Originals anymore? I remember this had 5,848,855 Views 28 Days after it got published

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    Nightmare anime foxy ✓

    That iPhone be like: I GO ZOOM ZOOM

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    The best thing I've watched in a really long time. This was so amazing.

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    Where did he get this.

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    I just saw my childhood say dope

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    papin goks 🔥

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    Video was published in my birthday

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    atomic kebabman

    my dad still has his ‘85 Mac, he loved that like it was his child back then. now we both have new M1s, iMac Pro’s and shit, but damn, i had a good time using that old mac when i was a little kid

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    mc issa

    I think in 1984 the best thing that happened was the NES!

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      The NES was released in 1985

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    Macintosh gets more credit here than it deserves for impact on home computing. Commodore did a lot more with C64 and Amiga 500.

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    How the mighty have fallen...

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    You should do an Amiga, and then let all the Gen Z'ers ponder if that was the first Mac, and the Amiga was so much better than that in the same year, why Mac still exists and Amiga doesn't

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    urich lau

    Macintosh. Made in USA.

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    urich lau

    these 'hip' people don't recognise the Macintosh?

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      And thats a problem?

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    22:00 wihh

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    6:44 It's a overpriced piece of shit



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    no surprise

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    They were overpriced even then

    • the slav boi
      the slav boi

      Computers in the 80s were expensive in general so the macintosh wasnt really that expensive compared to most computers from the 80s

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    Christopher Patrick

    They really missed a good Opertunity to get Steve Wozniak on the episode. He’s an awesome guy and he literally created the consumer computer

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    Vegetarian and Simple

    can we buy this 1864 computer somewhere i have college pappers on those disk I would like to get at

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    Bill Nye = LEGEND

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    Was Bill high or hes always like that?

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    Is that guy (Pinot) from Indonesia?

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      Jakarta, Indonesia . yup

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    what about Xerox Alto ...or Xerox Star...... plz make a video or review on youtube.

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    Billy The Kid

    I restored the Mac he is using. They were very careful not to display any identifiers from the Mac or its original shipping box, I sold it to them at a very reduced price (actually a steal), hoping to get a mention which I did not get, oh well. This is what I have against hipsters!

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    22:00 he is from Indonesia 🇲🇨. One of country in Southeast Asia 💥💥

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    Kari Fogt

    whos i justine ?

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      the slav boi

      A youtuber

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    Some glowing words for Jobs and not even a mention of Woz?

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    very well produced video,thanks

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    Can't believe there's not a single comment about the fact marques got Bill Nye The Science guy on here!


    Bill Nye is a real chad

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    I LOVE THIS!!!

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    Mellow_T _Yellow

    I remember my Dad telling day you'll be able to shop online with this Apple computer. I laughed--smh🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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    Not sure if this is a HRposts film or a full documentary. Wow.

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    lOoK aT mY, pROfILE piC

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    I wonder how much that new old stock original Macintosh would've costed.

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    I love you for this M!!

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    Watching this on the M1. All these years and Apple continues to innovate!

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    im appalled

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    Funny, they did not show the amiga vs the mac I guess they didn't want the mac to ook bad

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    Peter K.

    Bill Nye is either hight as...... or he's just trying too hard to fit in with the hip, funky people. comes out as creepy. Otherwise, great video

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  • Michelle MALiaObama
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    Am I the only one who ships Marques and Justin?

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    That’s not steve jobs, that is william afton man

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    The is Macintosh is sus

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    6:08 No, not again! Garage cool story? Seriously? After all those debunks?


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    My dad still use this one on a daily basis for his stamp collection. He has hundreds of thousands documents where he has registered info for each of his stamps on there, and the computer memory is only like half a megabyte

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    Big shout out to mas Pinot!!! you're awesome!!!

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    Santia McEntire

    This made me feel so old! I was born seven days after this computer came out. And my most earliest vivid memory was the Apple rainbow logo. I remember someone was holding me, while they were sitting at the computer desk on this very computer. And that’s what my Apple journey began

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    Gayle Cheung

    lol…Still have mine from 1996

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    Bruce Siegel

    My favorite "easter egg" in Back to the Future 2 is when they travel from 1985 to 2015 and the 84 Macintosh is shown for sale in the window of an antique store. Mine still sits on a shelf at home.

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    I was shocked they didn't know what it was. I had one in my Primary school.

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    christian richards

    They should do an episode on Amiga. Way more advanced than the Mac from a few months earlier.

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    Ebony Ann Blaze.

    Love it! I'm this old & still geek out on Apple. I look forward to the retro Apple Silicon video in the future.

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    It needs to say hello!!!!!!

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    this was the first computer that made me interested in computers

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    the tech guys youtube channel

    i'm the kind of person to bring a 1990's portable pc as my main laptop/portable pc.

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    they just keep turning the monitors on but not the computers lollll. The power switch on the Apple II is on the back of the computer on the left side! Awesome video! I loved the part with the pixel artist still using the classic mac

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    Great content! Kudos!

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    Adorbs made this episode worth it.