Smartphone Awards 2020!
The Best of Smartphones in 2020!
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1:42 Best Big Smartphone
4:08 Best Compact Smartphone
6:18 Best Camera Phone
8:28 Best Battery
10:10 The Design Award
14:20 Best Budget Phone
16:56 Bust of the Year
18:44 Most Improved Award
20:52 Phone of the Year

iPhone 12 mini Review:
iPhone 12 Pro Max Review:
Asus ROG Phone III Review:
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review:
Google Pixel 4A Review:
Galaxy Note 20 Review:
Galaxy Fold 2 Review:
Galaxy S20 FE Review:

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  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    You equals doofus.

  • James Ron Divina
    James Ron Divina

    You don't have some Xiaomi and redmi units of 2020. With killer specs. Like Xiaomi mi10t pro that have 108mp, 144hz display, and 5000mah battery, 256internal storage for. Only $500

  • Donald Mark
    Donald Mark

    @linuxhacker1 on telegram is a real trustworthy dude, I real appreciate him for what amongst all and he's great at work

  • Donald Mark
    Donald Mark

    @linuxhacker1 on telegram is a real trustworthy dude, I real appreciate him for what amongst all and he's great at work

  • Donald Mark
    Donald Mark

    @linuxhacker1 on telegram is a real trustworthy dude, I real appreciate him for what amongst all and he's great at work

  • Utzpah

    In your review of the S20 FE you say you can tell the screen isn't flagship quality, on this you call it "flagship spec". Is the screen good or not?

  • WiZdomPlayz

    Best gaming phone

  • Ese Ukey
    Ese Ukey

    And the award goes to... 👏

  • Bacca2100

    Marques. It's unlikely that you'll ever see this comment, but I feel the need to let you know that i appreciate the time and effort you put into your reviews. Among a sea of tech reviewers, yours always stand out and capture my very short attention span. I appreciate you.

  • Jonathan Shivel
    Jonathan Shivel

    Its so awesome seeing how big this channel has got over the years! Congrats man

  • americanhindi

    What about Sony Xperia? Huh!

  • sameer Uddin
    sameer Uddin

    Which phones of these have a inbuilt dac? I see you ignore the audiophile info, 🙄

  • Punching Pixels
    Punching Pixels

    Me who just ordered an S20 FE and sad when it didn't win any awards: "okay fine just say the iPhone won phone of the ye-"

  • MD& MRS
    MD& MRS

    How phones are take this premium award!!Are you shipping this award to the individual manufacturer or what??

  • Elanderan

    The OnePlus Nord isn't available for purchase from OnePlus in the US. Sad

  • Yanky Altman
    Yanky Altman

    But what about hot summer day's most phones overheating . We need a video of best phones without issues in extreme heat and no issues when trying to film in direct sunlight in extreme heat.

  • michael ajalo
    michael ajalo

    I've just ordered a s20 fe and it feels so good

  • Naveen Kumar7
    Naveen Kumar7

    I hate note 20 ultra design

  • Aldwin Paguirigan
    Aldwin Paguirigan

    Winning the BUST and MVP of the year is feat!😆

  • Aldwin Paguirigan
    Aldwin Paguirigan

    Winning the BUST and MVP of the year is feat!😆

  • Zachary Slater
    Zachary Slater

    Lmao half of these phones I've never heard of I'm a huawei and oneplus person.

  • mahmoud younes naouar
    mahmoud younes naouar

    :( I thought the Poco x3 will be one of them

  • Lemy Canay
    Lemy Canay

    Smartphones are getting bigger, and here I am still looking for the compact ones.

  • Wael Bashafeen
    Wael Bashafeen

    I think the best budget phone would be the Poco F3, not pixel 4a

  • Broderick Cuevas
    Broderick Cuevas

    The valuable cockroach typically whisper because novel historically memorise circa a scientific block. swanky, inexpensive beef

  • Ali Shan
    Ali Shan

    Not surprised the Note 20 Ultra took the best design award. It's hard to top that

  • Christiano Scali
    Christiano Scali

    2021 will be Samsung Galaxy S21 for sure. And the Xaimi Mi 11 ultra and yes i misspelleed there name.

  • Rakesh Marar
    Rakesh Marar

    S20 FE 5G at 560$ with an amazon cashback of 65$ was hands down the best deal i got in India!

  • 愛B E K
    愛B E K

    Marques is samsung hater and iphone lover 😆

  • Fart Tony
    Fart Tony

    Samsung s20 fe is a beast. Amazing phone and cost me like $600. Best phone I've ever used.

  • Sanjay Yadav
    Sanjay Yadav

    The phones on the table are cost my whole life

  • Chi Samuel
    Chi Samuel

    am gonna prefer the later and more polished one

  • rahul grover
    rahul grover

    So multiple brands killing the flagships with amazing value propositions and who does the best budget phone award goes, to the smaller versions of the the flagships ofcourse

  • Mac Boracay
    Mac Boracay

    Mad hops man...good on yah.

  • Sabeel

    You are having lots of phones and giving award to them give me one phone 😹😹

  • Desiree Taylor
    Desiree Taylor

    It's the suit for me‼️😍

  • ITs JD
    ITs JD

    Samsung 20fe overheats. Cant believe this was chosen

  • Michael Caz
    Michael Caz

    Looking to purchase a Good Quality, Mid-level Samsung smart-phone. Nothing too big ( after all ) it's a Phone . . . Not a Flat Screen T.V. - Thanks for any input.

  • PumpkinOnTheInternet

    Why is no one talking about how Samsung had both the bust of the year and phone of the year lmaoooo.

  • zello

    That Note 20 Ultra😍 Man...🤤

  • Jay

    My personal opinion has always been that Marques opinion is the only opinion that matters and I've purchased cellphones based off of his videos and reviews😌

  • mustard puke
    mustard puke

    watching this on my fan edition that i got yesterday

  • Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal

    I watched this video, and blindly ordered the smartphone of the year.

  • Technology Review
    Technology Review

    nice info..

  • Jahin Akhyar
    Jahin Akhyar


  • Karen Busch
    Karen Busch

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  • Alan Deli
    Alan Deli

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  • இராம்குமார் இரா
    இராம்குமார் இரா

    he intentionally target samsung and promote iphone nd google in my point of view ( i am not a samsung user)

  • BK

    So glad I bout the Fe yesterday before watching this!

  • edinho guzman
    edinho guzman

    I used iPhone 7 plus then changed to Huawei Mate 10 pro figured out iPhone cameras are just trash these people trynna scam you with Apple money. Huawei Mate's 20s and 30s had much great cameras compare to iPhone therefore apple lost their shit and banned Huawei from US and forcing even Europe to ban them! Don't buy these kinda trash brands boycott them!

  • Marvin Ince
    Marvin Ince

    The crabby comb evidently challenge because person usually report round a ripe frame. salty, spiritual segment

  • Nirmalya

    Why sony is not no 1 camera phone

  • AT Studios
    AT Studios


  • yicai gong
    yicai gong

    cool review!

  • Gordon Lynch
    Gordon Lynch

    Samsung can win all the awards it wants with Marquis and others... It's software UI is still unenjoyable and bloated like a beached dead whale! If Google and Samsung combined it would be the greatest best value phone ever made

  • Yevette Walmer
    Yevette Walmer

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  • Johnnineteen30 S
    Johnnineteen30 S

    Matthew 6:33; I have Luke 2:40 Luke 1:6 and Rev 12:1Psalm 34:7.

  • Poorna Manohar
    Poorna Manohar

    17:02 busttt!!!

  • Eric Gause
    Eric Gause

    one plus didn't win MVP lol... finally

  • Janice Powell
    Janice Powell

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  • Ava Adams
    Ava Adams

    I would say the flip Samsung doesn’t count. I want my phone compacted while using it not just closed so imma say u lied on that one

  • Marvin Ince
    Marvin Ince

    The bumpy snowflake micrencephaly deceive because gold unquestionably knock pro a permissible radar. reminiscent, cynical swan

  • jakeSushi

    FOOOOOOOOD REVIEW hahahahaha

  • Nicholas Piscitelli
    Nicholas Piscitelli

    Reviews the LG V60 we don't see that up there any place

  • Nevan

    instead of making awards, make phone case's with the award info.

  • Phyliss Beebe
    Phyliss Beebe

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  • Aditya Kothari
    Aditya Kothari

    lol he put the kapil sharma show laughs at the start

  • Guuzaka

    No LG and Sony to be seen here.👀 Consider adding a category for the best headphone jack. 🎶 Now because I'm writing a 2021 comment on a 2020, we know that LG officially died in 2021. 💀 RIP. 🌷 Still, other Jack warriors should be tested.🏁

  • Marvin Ince
    Marvin Ince

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  • Zoe Y
    Zoe Y

    We need the FBI story XD

  • Isa Bacha
    Isa Bacha

    me wondering when his next giveaway is

  • Isa Bacha
    Isa Bacha

    me wondering where he got his Christmas tree

  • Ankit Barman
    Ankit Barman

    Watching on a s20fe 5g

  • Detroit Groeneveld
    Detroit Groeneveld

    this dude calls 400 dollars budget, budget has to be below 150 USD

  • Wilmark Johnatty
    Wilmark Johnatty

    When a budge phone is 400$ lol thats why i almost never watch this guy.

  • M Gapps
    M Gapps

    Just purchased galaxy s20 Fe Snapdragon 865 for $699 au ,great unit for the price ✅

  • fongjorge

    I thought that Huawei would win as the best camera.

  • Tanjir Abir
    Tanjir Abir

    I am looking for a normal size phone and cant find it ,, all are the big phones on the market ,, such bullshit man

  • Alwin _ Ajith
    Alwin _ Ajith

    Who all watched mrwhosetheboss video which shows best phone of 2021 is better than this

  • Slippery ZOB •
    Slippery ZOB •

    Planning to buy a Samsung s20 fe in 2021

  • cafeine

    So Cameras............Surface Duo has left the room

  • John Young
    John Young

    The dusty battle perplexingly skip because animal likely damage barring a high-pitched brick. tasteful, juvenile picture

  • - oh -
    - oh -

    God bless.

  • Femi Omomo
    Femi Omomo

    Please add the following important criteria. 1 A phone range test for A. Bluetooth B. Calls ( could be tested by traveling into a tunnel to see which phone can maintain a call the longest) C. Wi Fi These are basic features which are fundamental for daily use. lear call in challenging conditions, such as a tunnel. 2. Wf-fi distance

  • spiralflame88

    I have always used low end smartphones around $100 -$150 range. I decided to go on the higher-end for once and today I picked up the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE because of this video. Cheers!

  • M I Fahad
    M I Fahad

    i badly need a phone... we have only a phone in my family.... we are 5 brothers.... we all use the same phone in a strict schedule... give me a phone bro... any type....😓


    Apple watching this taking notes

  • PortableTech

    the best youtuber for electronics ,especially for smartphones

  • HÆMI

    ihave large hands

  • Maxwell Moyo
    Maxwell Moyo

    SAMSUNG 😍😍💯💯💯🏅🏅🏅

  • Maxwell Moyo
    Maxwell Moyo

    So you own all of these phones!

  • Cartoon World 07
    Cartoon World 07

    Kukur guna re kukur guna re tor maiyek betak jhagara re

  • Cartoon World 07
    Cartoon World 07


  • Cartoon World 07
    Cartoon World 07

    Cummon alex

  • Cartoon World 07
    Cartoon World 07


  • Adrian Czyżewski
    Adrian Czyżewski

    y'all. don't make budget phones without headphone jacks. there's a reason people go on budget. what makes you think they'll go out of their way to ALSO buy wireless headphones??

  • Philip John Onsay
    Philip John Onsay

    what a trash phone that you considered as a phone of the year

  • Clarissa Smith
    Clarissa Smith

    Can't wait to hear the FBI story lol sounds interesting

  • TriniChinee

    The phone I have is a galaxy s6 And I haven't really kept up to spec with phones over the years since .. but phone has really revolutionise in such a short space of time!

  • T-distributed Kid
    T-distributed Kid

    USA: Xiaomi releases a mkbhd edition India: Xiaomi india blacklists GeekyRanjit who is imho much better than mkbhd