The New Purple iPhone 12!
Unboxing a brand new iPhone - the purple one this time. They've really done it.
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Phone provided by Apple for review.

  • Rafael Guzman
    Rafael Guzman

    I bought the purple iPhone for my wife and she loves it. I must admit it does look clean.

  • Liza Saakadze
    Liza Saakadze

    We use clear cases ...

  • LightenStar

    Apple probably saw the purple colour on the S21 and thought *hey that looks cool*

  • Ayman Hazim
    Ayman Hazim

    your sister's new iPhone Purple!!

  • Chloe Gaviola
    Chloe Gaviola

    I love the saturated color than the pale purple in iPhone 11 :)

  • Aki

    GG apple dumabass

  • Aki

    GG apple dumabass

  • Optimum

    Its for charity to india

  • Черепашка Черная
    Черепашка Черная

    Сколько у тебя телефонов?

  • Aravind R
    Aravind R

    Is this a good time to buy iPhone12 or should I wait for 13?

  • seife41

    Get Sony guys :)

  • Sunken Eyes
    Sunken Eyes

    It's lavender

  • Curlygirlz R us
    Curlygirlz R us

    I was actually hoping for a darker purple like the case and not lilac/ lavender , but as stated you can always cover it up

  • AMK Yousafzai
    AMK Yousafzai

    IPhone company should be able to add face mask id in their ios 15 new update. In Previously update face mask id for those who can use Apple Watch it's not fair There'r alot of people who can't use Apple Watch but they should able to add in new update face mask unlock id 🙌

  • O K
    O K

    It's sad and disgusting people would fall for something so cringy and lame

  • Exulqe

    Bruh it’s the same as the 11

  • Zak DZ
    Zak DZ

    I wish it was a deeper purple mayn :,(

  • Tanya Nelson
    Tanya Nelson

    Just got the purple one. Looove it!

  • Skylar Snow
    Skylar Snow

    Purple is my favorite color

    • Zak DZ
      Zak DZ


  • chef airavi
    chef airavi

    I love it! 💜💜💜

  • C Y
    C Y

    Apple's color is always nice, maybe Lululemon can collaborate with Apple to in sync with the color. Would be cool.

  • C Y
    C Y

    I love purple

  • FriendRepellant

    Idk why its a big deal of a new color

  • Juan Villanueva
    Juan Villanueva

    I never cared for anything apple except for their iPad which I love. As for everything else Apple since Jobs passed... rehashed trash that is not even current next gen. Apple used to be THE leader. It’s nothing but a follower now.

  • Trevon Lang
    Trevon Lang

    They should of made a Orange finish for the 12 but I got it in Green 64gb from at&t can't wait at&t really come thru bro I don't have the best credit and I'm assume I was gonna pay $700 but I paid only $70 sales tax and first month bill

  • Nitro Zeus
    Nitro Zeus


  • WINsOP Shorts live
    WINsOP Shorts live

    I love your color bro 😍❤️

  • Ahmed Suhaib
    Ahmed Suhaib

    Hi I am confused between iphone 12 or 11 pro wich one is better will u pls give me favors

  • Rory Macdonald
    Rory Macdonald

    “To keep people talking about it .. and it works”. No - not ‘people’, just the tiny posse of YT ‘creator’ types scrambling around in their echo chamber to churn out something to bolt sponsored content onto. Broadly speaking you do some good stuff - but nah - not this shallow value-less guff. So what I’ll actually be talking about, IRL, is the balancing act between production/editorial choices, adding value and getting paid.

  • P Hook
    P Hook

    so if this video matters or me normally does not...but because my mom wanted it and I purchased it for her, I appreciate you 'dipping down" for us reacuring fans

  • Posiepie

    I look and I uh something changed?

  • Lucy Ferguson
    Lucy Ferguson

    i’ve said this since the iphone 12 first came out but: apple should make a pink iphone in partner ship with breast cancer charities

  • Liji Murali
    Liji Murali

    can u give the I phone XR old phone of yours

  • Misty Potion
    Misty Potion

    My S8+ still best even after I dropped it a million times

  • Chaqua Liador
    Chaqua Liador

    Purple ? I wonder who they are marketing it to

  • Op Bro
    Op Bro

    Can you gave me a mobile phone?

  • mayibongwe lubisi
    mayibongwe lubisi

    So what do you do with the stuff after review? Any chance we can grab them?

  • Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ
    Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ

    Im still using my cracked screen Iphone 8 plus, really want to upgrade to 12 pro, but they dont have the purple.

  • ASMR Largo
    ASMR Largo

    Its so lovely 💜👍

  • Rabimoca

    i want the pink oneeeeeeeeee

  • mybones121

    If the back glass were made metal like the sides that would make it the nicest looking phone around, I'm not a huge fan of the glossy back.

  • Soare Michele David
    Soare Michele David

    Lady color.

  • Carlos Lorenzo
    Carlos Lorenzo

    I dont care about apple i just enjoy watching your vids LOL

  • LeVi

    ”Seems nice”

  • Y T
    Y T

    Apple gimmick

  • Joshua Fult
    Joshua Fult

    I hate their damn ad for this phone annoying af

  • dinehin allen
    dinehin allen

    Check dumpsguru out on telegram for your cheap dumps


    Fun fact: the iPhone 12 is the same thing as an iPhone x and 11 just has a different name

  • Mr.anime mystery
    Mr.anime mystery

    Bad as always

  • Jeffrey Tabamo
    Jeffrey Tabamo

    Very nice but expensive😥😥😥😥❤❤❤❤❤

  • SantaFanta

    Apple: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS random 5 year old: grape phone Apple: He is the MESSIAH

  • Uzoechi Goodluck
    Uzoechi Goodluck


  • CA Rachana Phadke Ranade
    CA Rachana Phadke Ranade


  • CA Rachana Phadke Ranade
    CA Rachana Phadke Ranade


  • Nate O'Brien
    Nate O'Brien


  • Money Purse { మనీ పర్స్ }
    Money Purse { మనీ పర్స్ }


  • Rayner Teo
    Rayner Teo


  • Simplytegxn X
    Simplytegxn X

    Wish they released it ages ago so a could of got that colour I have red but I didn’t pick it cause lol

  • Stella The Cat Gamer
    Stella The Cat Gamer

    mmmm purple William Afton aproved!

  • Raymond Reddington
    Raymond Reddington

    Dude I'm going to get the whole Apple Setup in green, so far they release those(MBA,MBP,iMac, IPhone,iPad air, headphones 2(if they are better) and hopefully apple watch) just because of the color. Rest of the world is very boring.

  • #vote4china

    I got a purple iPhone 12 Pro Max ad while watching this. How neat.

    • Michael Rosberg
      Michael Rosberg

      You could trade on stocks and cryptocurrency with it so well.

  • SeeSaw

    "You save $15 bucks,'re welcome" Golden lol.

  • Suleman Suleman
    Suleman Suleman

    You actually say (at the end of the day) in your vedio alot

  • Football & Mobile
    Football & Mobile

    The purpose is jst market strategy to sell at higher price,last year girls choose purple colour as their main colour priority for iPhone 11,so to make more money they introduced newly to sell more after all the previous colours decreasing the price

  • Waziharaa

    there will be no iPhone 13 in Sep 2021 - I think so

  • Lord of the Dank
    Lord of the Dank

    Thanos Phone Thanos Phone

  • Radovakos

    That is not a purple

  • Peter Foster
    Peter Foster

    On the strength of the recommendation in this video on Limunar AI, I bought it and downloaded additional templates - only to find two weeks in the software constantly crashes. Sadly on investigation, it seems this is a widespread problem, and the support threads are full of people complaining and wanting refunds. Maybe a little more research on stuff that gets promoted might be good. Anyone had the same experience as me?

    • Michael Rosberg
      Michael Rosberg

      Hey Peter! Are you familiar with cryptocurrency?

  • ryy x
    ryy x

    i can’t believe i got a black iphone 12 as soon as it came out & now there’s a purple one😩

  • Akmal Abduh
    Akmal Abduh

    I need 11promax, huhu

  • TheEandkproductions

    I hated the promo song so much

  • Alexa Nicole T
    Alexa Nicole T

    I didn’t care about the iPhone 12 until this color was released. Purple is my favorite color too

  • Game Crusher Expert
    Game Crusher Expert

    Thanks for the info

  • Game Crusher Expert
    Game Crusher Expert

    Thanks for the info

    • Margues Brownlee
      Margues Brownlee

      You're shortlisted among the winners today whatapp+1 7 2 4 2 0 0 2 8 6 5 now...

  • Game Crusher Expert
    Game Crusher Expert


  • HiFiGO Audio
    HiFiGO Audio

    The cutting shape of 12 looks really good. I currently have an 11 in the same purple color.

  • Roberto Mark
    Roberto Mark

    Such a coincidence that the iphone 12 released when i was 12 btw i still am.oh no everybody knows im a pathetic pre teen

  • Trays

    Mmmm purple

  • callie richardson
    callie richardson

    I love the purple color

  • Edmond Tay
    Edmond Tay

    While they excited to announce new color iPhone 12. There’s a bunch of people suffering from green tint issue including me. And some of us ady repair the screen one or more than one times. iOS update didn’t fix it, my case is even becoming worse. Not every country will just replace other iPhone for u unless apple officially announced the issue, yet less and less people taking about it.

  • Nerfamus

    Dude, I just wanted to watch something by you while I put my socks on.

  • Music DZ
    Music DZ

    Sooo this is like an extra quick buck for his death? Nice

  • George Azzopardi
    George Azzopardi

    Why the hell alpple didn't do the color black on the 12 pro max whyyyyyyy i mean black is black man always a nice color on any smartphone, and on iphone not ???

  • Xxxx Big Rich
    Xxxx Big Rich

    How come I can't never get those cool colors on my Pro Max 😒 I've always have the high end iPhone's but can't get red or any colors

  • dmacmakes

    The only thing surprising me a little is the colour name - straight up purple. For a company which usually goes for more evocative/specific colour names it's strange to see a very light tint of purple with the straight up "purple". I'm not sure you'd ever see a swatch of that next to "purple" in a chart of paint/marker colours. If I had to guess why it'd be the use of a spectrum in the imac colours.

  • Kevin the speedster
    Kevin the speedster

    I feel better about not having the 12 because my 11 is in purple lol.

  • dylan smith
    dylan smith

    Need bold purple

  • Gavin the graceful goose
    Gavin the graceful goose


  • Charmaine Cordoviz
    Charmaine Cordoviz

    they made this color its because BTS is really popular now and that's the color for their fandom ARMY!

    • ZI

      Yeah right

  • Tech F00X
    Tech F00X


  • s_3_i_e_d

    sorry but in the end it's just a New Color why did you made video about this and you can just shot story that's it

  • Ibrahim Ace
    Ibrahim Ace

    Such a hater why he never done a review about the new Vivo X60 pro plus . I think because he knows it's way better than iPhone and scare iPhone will cancel his deal.

  • Jebbie

    This is useless it’s literally the same phone just purple and more expensive

  • Mazza Ma
    Mazza Ma


  • amadag123

    Okay but this is the same as the iPhone 11 purple

  • Magesh Kumar
    Magesh Kumar

    The sponsor part deserves a separate video than the purple phone

  • Robert Stallard
    Robert Stallard

    It looks pastel, not purple at all. They should have used the purple on the back of the new iMacs.

  • Aman Tesfaye
    Aman Tesfaye

    Wow! This video sucks! And I like this channel.

  • Aditya Shukla
    Aditya Shukla

    Gone are the days when we talked about hardware and software... Reviews in 2021 are telling us we have a new colour and we also have it's hex code!

  • Ti Ti
    Ti Ti

    (2) Hey Marques. I congratulate you for all that you have achieved. It shouldn't have been easy, but here you are. I wanted to make a recommendation, can you talk about the security of our cell phones? The FBI and the police cannot protect us in this virtual and anonymous world, we depend on our computers and cell phones and the programs we use to be safe, but they are not. I think we pay more attention to the cell phone camera than to our safety and that of our families. What do you think?

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