The Only REAL "Pro" Smartphone?!
Sony Xperia Pro is the only phone that truly deserves the "Pro" name... which is why you don't need it.
Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones?
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Phone provided by Sony for review.

  • Sardaukar

    Its half-baked... why not create a camera with that phone build in. something that you can slide in and slide out when needed...

  • Abhradeep Banerjee
    Abhradeep Banerjee

    Ftp lol.... Insecure tech .

  • Abhradeep Banerjee
    Abhradeep Banerjee

    Watching it from sony expria X 1 ii

  • ryan

    Samsung s8 plus note9 plus s21 ultra is way better than sony

  • Meme chan
    Meme chan


  • shakil alam
    shakil alam

    palestine vs Israel ..where is the humanity ???

  • stonerdemon

    Remember, guys: it's not that Sony can't match Samsung or Apple. They just don't care.

  • ulises carrillo
    ulises carrillo

    maybe they are trying to sell eventually a phone with very specific features, so probably we will have bunch of different custom phones from them that will work on, tv broadcast, hospitals, engineers, graphic designers etc.

  • Myat Htoo
    Myat Htoo

    best to buy a mid budget gaming desktop!!!

  • Mario Hennenberger
    Mario Hennenberger

    actually, if the phone would be able to stream ALL HDMI Sources .. that is actually some things that would have some demographic (including myself) but that would mean that the HDMI port always works as a video input natively.

  • Theo T
    Theo T

    You done taking digs at Apple, Brownlee?

  • mohammed azarudeen
    mohammed azarudeen

    Will it launch in India??

  • Pope of dope
    Pope of dope

    I have had an iphone, Samsung, Huawei. On Monday I bought the Sony (xperia 5 ii) And I'm thrilled. No phone has ever make me so thrilled

  • Dedi Setiawan
    Dedi Setiawan

    Smoga bisa dpt experia 1 iii

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    This guy is great 👍

  • carnival rust
    carnival rust

    he always sell Himself to the company.

  • Gagan Bajwa
    Gagan Bajwa

    No one is gonna buy it. It's stupid expensive. I think Sony should take classes from xiaomi. How to price their phones 👎

    • Punit Meena
      Punit Meena

      @Gagan Bajwa ok but that's not what i am saying i am talking about the general need that people have form a phone this kind of phone is not necessary or even justified to a normal consumer, this a smartphone for professionals who can use it to its full extent.

    • Gagan Bajwa
      Gagan Bajwa

      @Punit Meena i did bought Sony's phone before when they were not stupid expensive. (Z1 compact- z5). Now it's impossible to buy.

    • Punit Meena
      Punit Meena

      if you are not going to buy it it is not for you and like the guy said it is not appealing to the general public it is only justified for a narrow target demographic which most people don't fall in.

  • Ritchelle Palma
    Ritchelle Palma

    Sony or former sony ericsson is LEGEND they been around for so long despite the fierce competion in the market. They survived until now. Salute to Sony!

  • Justin _that_one_dude
    Justin _that_one_dude

    $2500 pfft I can’t even afford iPhone se 2 🥲

  • Pramathyu

    Xperia 1 III is out ask sony to send you a reviewers phone right now

  • Fatima Medjedoub
    Fatima Medjedoub

    ah come on dude it wasn't a bad move from them.. except for the price of was the stupidiest

  • As sidik
    As sidik

    The real Pro

  • Alexander Myrthue
    Alexander Myrthue

    LOVE my Xperia 5 II and the functionality of the dedicated Photo pro app

  • ShahZaib Khan
    ShahZaib Khan

    The amount of views shows how passionate are sony users

  • aood47 vr
    aood47 vr


  • Hiking Feral
    Hiking Feral

    This actually looks pretty amazing

  • Nordern

    Maybe it's because I'm nowhere near that target demographic, but this is a whole heap of "WHY?". If this is essentially just a fancy camera addon, why not just make an actual camera with these features. Sounds like it should be a whole lot cheaper to just put them together.

  • Just for fun
    Just for fun

    I think the display price must be 2000$

  • tcoyse



    Good mobile

  • Soi Gumbad Msk Mill
    Soi Gumbad Msk Mill

    Sony Brand PERMOTER. 😂

  • Soi Gumbad Msk Mill
    Soi Gumbad Msk Mill

    Sony manufacturing made in China only.

  • Sukhneet Singh
    Sukhneet Singh

    Sony is the king of smartphones

  • Frederick Hartray
    Frederick Hartray

    The Japanese are one of the few groups who really seem to be holding on to their tradition and culture and that is what is holding them back when it comes to technology. The Chinese are the opposite, they move forward at lightspeed. Koreans are somewhere in between. This is mirrored with their martial arts.

  • The Last Hydra
    The Last Hydra

    Basically this phone is also perfect for people who wanna do IRL / Portable streams and can justify spending that kind of money

  • Sam Cyanide
    Sam Cyanide

    that thing is neat but i have a fuji xt3 lol. wonder if it still works, if it uses standardize hdmi

  • Zest Lyrics
    Zest Lyrics

    pricetag is pro 😎

  • Philippe Schneider
    Philippe Schneider

    OK, but how does it make my phone calls sound more professional?

  • Fernando Teruo
    Fernando Teruo

    I used to buy only Sony for years in Brazil. But price went too high and later they left the country.

  • Mr. Nice guy
    Mr. Nice guy

    The camera is not good in night to much dot and red color

  • Some Person
    Some Person

    I steered of Sony a long time ago because battery life. When they finally got that issue under control I just could never justify their prices.

  • Azyumardi Azra
    Azyumardi Azra

    It wil be good if can be for secondary monitor or play ps5 games

  • Ryan webster
    Ryan webster

    I'm happy to see a video on this phone!

  • Bravo Ten Deep
    Bravo Ten Deep

    Jdm all day who uses wireless charging these days ?

  • Aashish Poonia
    Aashish Poonia

    When you talk about it's price, that sounds as if you are criticising "Sony" in a sarcastic way😂😂😂

  • Sakamoto

    we gotta make sure they don’t become a lg

  • Sad Monkey
    Sad Monkey

    8:37 wtf J-cat?? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr Elkatook
    Mr Elkatook

    literally zero problems with my old xperia ive had for about 5 years !

  • Ludwig Haskins
    Ludwig Haskins

    Super smart, excellent review. Bravo.

  • staley101

    I'm currently running a XZ3, I can only dream of this phone.

  • MrSpleenboy

    My current phone is a (now 3 year old) Sony Experia XZ1. Unless Sony have fixed the problems with the phone software, I won't buy another Sony Phone... The 2 main problems I've encountered: 1. random times when you use the phone, the screen goes black up until the call ends, and occasionally not even then. This makes it impossible to switch to speaker, or to use the dial pad etc. 2. Again at random times, the microphone and speaker don't pick up anything, unless you switch to speaker mode. It's clear this is a software problem, as on speaker mode, both mic and speaker work fine when in speaker mode, so should work just the same in normal handset mode... They both happen commonly enough that the phone frequently doesn't work as a phone. Since I don't have a land line any more, it's my only phone, which makes these problems doubly annoying. There's no point buying a phone (and yes, its primary purpose is still that of a communications device) that is not fit for purpose.

  • Karthik Balraj
    Karthik Balraj

    It's 2500$ people gonna crib about it. But will buy if it comes with Apple logo.

  • Matthew Berg
    Matthew Berg

    I think this might be my favorite video you've ever made.

  • Shane Ford
    Shane Ford

    Still just a phone bro, no phone is worth that much!

  • Ariel Levesque
    Ariel Levesque

    Would love to see your review of the newly announced Xperia 1 III !

  • I love U
    I love U


  • Wally Spencer
    Wally Spencer

    i dont get humanss these days who the hell gonna buy a 2500 dollars phone? that s so expensive

  • Ashley Scott
    Ashley Scott

    Nobody want that shit cause it’s a Sony and cost 2000 apple anyday

  • Derek Firt
    Derek Firt

    What's that tilted tablet you have on your desk?

  • Matthew Boulter
    Matthew Boulter


  • ajay mishra
    ajay mishra

    The main thing in sony is that they always try to do some unique

  • Probably Possible
    Probably Possible

    That being said, they are leaders in Stabilisation technology. I only have a Sony XZ to reference, because it's incredibly stable with the Intelligent Active tech available in camera.

  • Kaustubh Kapare
    Kaustubh Kapare

    cannon camera wireless...

  • Kali Mathew
    Kali Mathew

    Sony smartphone are expensive

  • Mr FLK
    Mr FLK

    High end technology phone 🦅🦅🇺🇸

  • Ģhostrider Blaze
    Ģhostrider Blaze

    God damn. I want that just to put Iphone men to shame. Iphone is years late

  • Rhydian Lewis
    Rhydian Lewis

    Technically brilliant phone, but another reason nobody buys them anymore is software lifetime support. 2 years from launch is what's stated on Sony's website. So buying one now means 12 months of security updates before the phone becomes a security liability. Compared to 3 years for Google, and 4 years for Samsung, and way more for Apple

  • Roxikoko

    $2500 ?!?!?!?! Sorry I will buy a Fujifilm GFX 50R medium format camera for slightly more

  • Billy Jay Santos
    Billy Jay Santos



    Canons allowed ya to do this for years now

  • Justine Charles Cutaran
    Justine Charles Cutaran

    all of this people talking about the bezels and camera hahaha. this is what samsung , apple and many other phone companies fed you with. simplifying the word pro with their phone named "pro" even tho it doesnt act aa a "Professional Equipment". this is not made to target people who cares about the style , this phone is built to used BY professionals not by stylish wannabe. and also you people saying that this phone was a dumb move of sony ? oh bro no , you see (i mean if youre not professional), monitors and livestreaming equipments has different brands, smallhd atomos you name it , now sony made an equipment that first eliminate the weight , volume and price, second is that they made it so that sony camera users that are planning to buy a monitor for streaming or for higher resolution image liveview will just buy this phone. THIS IS MADE FOR PROFESSIONAL and not professional wannabe and stylish dude/bitch(cat) wannabe.

  • Dominic Desantis
    Dominic Desantis

    Maybe its not this phone, but the technology in the Experia Pro will become very popular for many creatives. This phone is just be a bit ahead of the market.

  • John Gordon Norris
    John Gordon Norris

    I had the Xperia I ii. But exchanged it because of one glaring fault. I couldn't change the buttons at the bottom the other way around. It's a shame. But because we are not allowed to test drive in a showroom. It was only when I got home that I discovered it. So took it back. Hmm. Shame on you SONY.

  • Frankie Cuellar
    Frankie Cuellar

    That's what the red phone wanted to be

  • Frankie Cuellar
    Frankie Cuellar

    3:30 so this phone is for poeple that work in the film making industry

  • Frankie Cuellar
    Frankie Cuellar

    It looks like it has a case on it

  • Nithoon James
    Nithoon James

    I just closed the video after 1:16

  • Debra Dukes
    Debra Dukes

    MKB Marketing and expand into carriers that what they need.Thanks for sharing Deb.💯👌👆

  • Hashim Warren
    Hashim Warren

    Notice that Marques doesn't put the name of the phone in the title. No one would click!

  • V Cheng
    V Cheng

    I bet that if this phone rings, you would not know what to do

  • Michal Turlik
    Michal Turlik

    If the battery can not be easily replaced there is no pro for any smartphone.

  • lud0jad

    Sony is fallowing LG path

  • Curt-is Soular
    Curt-is Soular

    They robbed me! EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE Headphones wired, noise cancelling one ear went bad in 2weeks. I dont buy ANYTHING sony any more!

  • shu

    no... oh an i can live stream to twitch an all those DIRECTLY from my phone as well ... no need for pc an can all be done in 4g so yeah... no

  • Piyush Bansi
    Piyush Bansi

    Why are you giving in-build potato maker in a smartphone? Sony - I think its top level tech and i don't care about market.

  • B Tte
    B Tte

    Sony is the last electronic giant from the 80s and 90s ( sanyo, aiwa...) still on his feet, but for how long!

  • Shubham Sharma
    Shubham Sharma

    Everybody's a pro until Sony drops the real PRO!

  • Ashish Singh
    Ashish Singh

    The price in INR. India???

  • Ashish Singh
    Ashish Singh

    Giveaway the phone...

  • YachtClubTV


  • Debanjan Mahapatra
    Debanjan Mahapatra

    It's like that Indian kid who wanted to become a actor but his parents forced him to become a engineer

  • Aviv Gannon
    Aviv Gannon

    I dont buy sony because my xperia xz premium was full of bugs and lags. Also the new screen ratios are just not comfortable.

  • karayuschij

    I wish I could phone with my Nikon Z6 II…

  • Gregster86

    What PC monitors are those called, behind Marques?! MUST HAVE 🤩

  • PainDream HD
    PainDream HD

    yes, that's pro 🇧🇩

    • Wesly Virgin
      Wesly Virgin

      Congrats you're shortlisted among the winner's..fee are included before receiving it. W..h..a...t.a..p...p... +1 4"1"7-2"5"0-2"8"1"3..

  • GJAP 26
    GJAP 26

    still watching but dont have money to buy

    • Wesly Virgin
      Wesly Virgin

      Congrats you're shortlisted among the winner's..fee are included before receiving it. W..h..a...t.a..p...p... +1 4"1"7-2"5"0-2"8"1"3..

  • Nile9063

    On some Sony cameras you can output to an external monitor while also using the internal one... For example you can run focus peaking on the internal one while using the external one for having a clear imagine for framing... I don't know I don't like to have peaking activated on my main viewfinder...

  • D G
    D G

    You need a little bit of a longer HDMI cable for the camera attachment.

  • KN0CK 2wice
    KN0CK 2wice

    RIP PONY Xperia series...!! 🇯🇵👎💀

  • Anupam Chakraborty
    Anupam Chakraborty

    what will be the pricing for this device

    • Wesly Virgin
      Wesly Virgin

      Congrats you're shortlisted among the winner's..fee are included before receiving it. W..h..a...t.a..p...p... +1 4"1"7-2"5"0-2"8"1"3..