The Portless iPhone 13: Let's Talk!
An iPhone with no ports. We all seem to have accepted it already... but why?
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  • iliketapwaterok

    Thinking about it more they have to bring back the headphone jack or u can’t use wired headphones on the phone

  • Jabez Morales
    Jabez Morales

    If they would include the magsafe charger in the box, or at least offer it for free upon buying the port less phone I would be fine with it

  • Jacques Achille
    Jacques Achille

    Do not fuck with buttons. The botton will outlive us all lol

  • Juan Teruggi
    Juan Teruggi

    iphone 20...., dude where is the screen?

  • Casey Mudkip
    Casey Mudkip

    I’m about 85% sure the iPhone 13 nots gonna come with a magsafe

  • Yeet 51
    Yeet 51

    Probably iPhone 14 will not include the phone in the box because.... It's overrated

  • Thomas Chu
    Thomas Chu

    cant wait for the phoneless phone

  • Oskar Carls
    Oskar Carls

    11:36 i am Part of the people that samt the Headphone Jack Back so i will hate when they kill the chargingport

  • Ankur Gupta
    Ankur Gupta

    I just can't wait for not buying the next iPhone. 😅😅😂🤣😁

  • the reaper
    the reaper

    my pov : the idea of removing the lighting port will be very controversial to anyone almost , but people will forget about the ports by time , so it's a great idea , also about the 10:09 question , i don't think it will be a reason for the buttonless iphone to freeze .

  • Orion Lucio
    Orion Lucio

    Me sacred

  • JBS!

    iphone 20, no phone, just screen protector

  • Anduril

    Not that crazy, if done right portless could make sense. Though it might be kind of pseudo portless. Like if they used something like magsafe for charging that could make sense. I don't necessarily like going full wireless charging just yet. But I mean who knows?

  • Charles Ring
    Charles Ring

    Can’t wait for the telekinetic phone. The phone-less phone. Videos streamed directly to your mind, and audio directly to your ears, via telepathy.


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  • Pawel

    Customer: I dont want to buy a wireless charging pad now that you got rid of port Apple support: I missed the part where thats my problem

  • Patrick Jerome Obaldo
    Patrick Jerome Obaldo

    Would be better if they used the old kind if MagSafe still with contacts but is flushed with the frame. They'll save space this way, and still have a cable for faster charging/data transfer.

  • Gamesetgaming

    The only way I would switch to a port less phone is if the wireless charging is faster than the physical charger

  • Top4Gaming F O R T N I T E
    Top4Gaming F O R T N I T E

    waiting for a non speaker iphone and then a 1000 usd for an emty iphone

  • James Shelton
    James Shelton

    Can’t wait for iPhone to be a implanted chip that pops a screen in front of our eyes

  • Squiggle

    iPhone 26 no battery only powered by a human sacrifice

  • TheSlavCat

    Honestly I wouldn’t be very much opposed to it because the first thing on every phone, apple or not, I’ve ever had to stop working is the charging port, or maybe it won’t stop completely working but it will start to get touchy and hard to charge.

  • 0RIG1N

    Guys get ready for a battery less iphone allowing for a 30x better GRAPHICS chip in it. Then you just need to buy this wireless power tower and carry that around


    Waiting for useless iphone🤩😜

  • Zille huma Rehan
    Zille huma Rehan

    I hate no port

  • Dr. Theory
    Dr. Theory

    Remove the home button Remove the headphone jack Remove the port Removing the speaker buttons Fk ! At this rate , Apple is gonna remove the phone it self ! “ five hundred dollars for air “

  • Luroma

    Wait until you pay 1500$ for literally nothing

  • Dick Grantberg
    Dick Grantberg

    It won’t work with CarPlay in my 2021 Silverado, it needs direct plug in.

  • Li Aurrecoechea
    Li Aurrecoechea

    Am I the only one who like the iPhone better without the home button?!!

  • Buttercup X
    Buttercup X

    Me personally I think it’s not a bad idea

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez

    Every year Apple pushes more and more people to become android users

  • Koenigsegg man
    Koenigsegg man

    Who else is excited for the IPhoneless IPhone, the IPhone Air if you will

    • Irish Legend
      Irish Legend

      Nah bro. I already got the nophone air and it has been my daily phone for a year. It is technologically superior and I still haven't lost it. It is theft proof too.

  • Alejandroide

    What if your iPhone stops working and you need to connect it to computer for resetting it with iTunes?

  • fj's crazy collections
    fj's crazy collections

    After apple removes the port, Samsung will mock them for it only to do the exact same thing later on! I love hearing about all the stuff that flagship phones are removing! 😃 (I'm being sarcastic by the way)

  • Nicholas Scheid
    Nicholas Scheid

    My Apple car play only works when plugged in. So what do I do with no port

  • Angela Robinson
    Angela Robinson

    I'm a Note 20 Ultra user. Had all Notes since the beginning. I can't use wireless earbuds...they give me a headache. So when Samsung copied and got rid of my beloved headphone plan was to stay with the Note 8...until I ran out of space...lololol. I have adapters so I can use my wired headset. So if Apple gets rid of that port and Samsung copies it...I will ride my Note 20 Ultra until the wheels fall off, then suck it up and look for a lesser phone with a port. Enough is enough with this getting rid of what I like.

  • Asura

    Maybe Air Power is finally making a return

  • Hekmatullah Rahmany
    Hekmatullah Rahmany

    Waiting for the day you pay apple to download iphone to your own cyborg self and pay 1k for the code lolz I think wireless have gotten to a place where we don’t need a cable anymore but then apple is definitely gonna charge you for iCloud storage and make it impossible to not have the monthly subscription. Thats where majority of businesses are headed, monthly subs.

  • Anthony Sciabarrasi
    Anthony Sciabarrasi

    yeah but wireless isn’t actually wireless u still need a cord so unless they release a stand alone thing is just a pad that sticks on using magsafe and u can charge the pad separately then it’s gonna be just an annoyance

  • Brootis Rinzler
    Brootis Rinzler

    The buttons will be due time 😐

  • Mr Lewis
    Mr Lewis

    My iphone have microphone jack home button and ios 15 guys guess which one is it ???????

  • Icarus Smh
    Icarus Smh

    Y’all hated the airpods y’all hated the jack removal. Y’all gon see this is an innovation

    • Tseriesbad67

      How is removing one of the most essential parts of a phone is “innovation”

  • Breakup GoogleNow
    Breakup GoogleNow

    Laptop, vertical being efficient? First, basically all laptops are vertical. Also, I could make one shaped like a triangle and so long as the cooling and chassis was legit, nothing else would much better.

  • Austin NightEyes
    Austin NightEyes

    Take this chance to add better sound and more holes

  • Deez Nuts • 23 years ago
    Deez Nuts • 23 years ago

    Can’t wait for the iPhone that can’t call people


    Should have just put the touch id at the back if the phone But if they are going to remove the port maybe a bigger battery would be so nice

  • FreeEnergy Experiments
    FreeEnergy Experiments

    thanks for the insight! very interesting. I dont think they will really get rid of the lightning port, because they are going to loose customers like me. I am a radio journalist and need the port to connect a high end microphone. Wireless microphones are a no go. the setup and control (not time to test) make us choose cable solutions. I also need the port for an adapter to transfer the audio files on a thumbdrive. (yes it works) I cannot mail the files because in some regions (west-sahara) there is no internet, or it costs like 20$ per mb, and i have for example a 60MB audiofile. I thought of switching when the audio port disapeared, it did cost me a lot of money, when i finally had to get a new phone without a jack. (adapters etc...) if there is no more port, i will get another phone brand, and maybe even be able to use my old equipment i still have, and that still works great. Luc but really thanks for the explanations.. very very interesting

  • Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate

    everyones thinking about the iphone, but no-ones thinking about the boring company flamethrower in the background

  • Jace Murdock
    Jace Murdock

    Won't care, Ill still be rocken my galaxy s10e. Best phone ive ever had!!!

  • nomad people allowed
    nomad people allowed

    iPhone 12.5, 13 is unlucky.

  • Planted Betta
    Planted Betta

    they would loss all the core and box sales that crappy dongle omg it sells out every where so why would they get rid of it before even going to usb c

  • Nate Burrows
    Nate Burrows

    the onlu issue with removing the charging port is not being able to use your phone at the same time as charging it

  • Nate Burrows
    Nate Burrows

    people think that they do this shit for no reason other than to sell their shit. but removing ports and jacks allows more room inside the iphone

  • Josh McNulty
    Josh McNulty


  • S H
    S H

    I will likely go Samsung if they do this. Samsung already has better phones all I need is a reason

  • Guri21

    lets get rid of the phone and just sell the box for a 1000$ then sell the phone as an extnsion for another 1000

  • Brandt Dixon
    Brandt Dixon

    Just a question for thought if they do go with full wireless charging doesn't that mean no more rings or pop-sockets on the back of the iPhone since it would cover the charging spot? I know alot of people are getting really attached to having those on their devices

  • Hamish Fletcher
    Hamish Fletcher

    so if i want to play music in my car from the 1990s that doesnt have apple play and I cant get an adapter because there is no port I'm screwed

  • Bee Locke
    Bee Locke

    unless they can make a magsafe puck with some form of data transfer ports on it that then wireless goes through the back of the phone there is just no way I could get an iphone without a port. You can't expect the rest of the world to catch up and be completely wireless just because apple wants their product to be wireless

  • mebombu

    My car doesnt have Bluetooth, so when I bought my new iPhone I spent almost $100 and bought multiple cable and Bluetooth adapters to fit my aux jack in my car. All that came in the mail. So the “environmental savings” that apple claims they’re saving the world with I singlehandedly have reversed many many times over because of their stupid design choice. I imagine it will be the same if they remove the charging port.

  • Call Him Daddy
    Call Him Daddy

    I don’t get this whole wireless charging shit, there’s a literally a whole fucking wire connected to the macsafe, fuckin idiots

  • James White
    James White

    From three cameras to none now introducing the iCam wireless.😂

  • Mikhael

    Apple being Apple. Creat a problem. Sell the solution.

  • Zuphox

    They say „wIrELeSS iS tHe FuTUrE” but actually call me crazy its for money. Woah.

  • Bob Joe
    Bob Joe

    If they get rid of the port, I will be switching to android

  • Liam Burge
    Liam Burge

    The meizu zero failed because people are preoccupied with the what's in the current android market, like Samsung or Huawei. Apple junkies will always be Apple junkies.... Unfortunately that is a lot of people.

  • Sankarsan Bhattacheryya
    Sankarsan Bhattacheryya

    Why do people still keep buying these even after complaining about it?

  • Cheems

    i cant wait for an iphone that’s not even visible

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Can you ask apple to track both of the earbuds. They track the body only not each of the buds

  • will fink
    will fink

    how would that work connecting your phone to iTunes on your computer when you lose your password

  • Vladimir A
    Vladimir A

    I plug in my phone to my car every single day, to charge, for car play, the audio quality is better than it is through bluetooth. Im still sour that theyve taken away the audio jack on all flagship phones because its really annoying having to set up bt for every time i enter a new car if i want to play music, and you cant pass around the audio jack with friends to play music anymore

  • Nico Kantega
    Nico Kantega

    maybe the phoneless phone techless phone

  • Deptless Entertainment
    Deptless Entertainment

    my ass thought this was an april fools joke

  • spambryan17

    If they did this, Iphone 11 will be my last iphone for sure. I just cant.

  • vbnm193

    My only issue with this is how will i be able to comfortably use my phone while it is charging

  • Christian Keil
    Christian Keil

    Lies and hypocracy

  • Pia Marie Reyes
    Pia Marie Reyes

    I'm not an apple user here but for a change I want to try the iphone. I'm not in favor in no charging port because I know everyone of us still love to use wired headphones esp when they used it during webinars. They can still upgrade using bluetooth without changing the port charger. No wonder many of apple user before turn now to android phones because aside from budget friendly it's very convinient. The only ugly thing in android it's very easy to caught viruses becoz of lack of Protection and Security. Overall android phones are good to use nowadays.


    They need to get you used to not having a wire charger so they stopped shipping it with the phone - we’ve already accepted that wireless chargers are something you buy separate so they’re just using this as a way to get more money

  • Max Blue
    Max Blue

    I legit thought this was a joke... they are paddeling back on the few ports on the macbook pro already

  • the gadget guy on wheels
    the gadget guy on wheels

    When I heard about this I was lost because how are you meant to connect To iTunes now

  • Ssine Gh
    Ssine Gh

    I recently switched to the IPhone 12 from a Samsung Galaxy, I wish I never did that this phone Sucks. I have no clue how apple user’s are clueless how better other phone companies are. I’m soooo limited with what I can do with this glass brick. P.S last IPhone I had before this one was the IPhone 4, that was some device.

  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson

    Now, i'm expecting them getting rid of both screen and camera.

  • Steruset

    I think removing the port is ridiculous, I was able to stomach using a dongle to keep using wired earbuds but having my only option being to go wireless would really really suck and I'd be considering quitting the apple ecosystem. Like they even realized that the headphone port going away on macbooks was dumb and brought it back later, if they hadn't I wouldn't have bought one. Not everyone wants wireless everything, managing a million batteries sucks, decreases longevity, increases cost. Just overall a lesser experience than my cheap wired earbuds that sound great and last forever, no worrying about battery life, always ready.

  • Habib Azizi
    Habib Azizi

    get rid of and use usb c

  • insomnia9999

    But their batteries are 💩

  • Palmar Artman
    Palmar Artman

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  • Sebastian

    If Apple removes the charging port, people are going crazy like when the headphone jack was removed. Or when they changed the charging port.

  • NikhilChowdary

    If they move portless definitely they should include headphone jack 🙄. Buying AirPods for 249 that's a big deal


    Cant wait for the speaker less iphone so you have to buy airpods :D

  • Kenon Bradford
    Kenon Bradford

    Yes I remember the day they did away with the headphone jack. It was really bad for mobile gamers. We really had to adjust to that change bc bluetooth interfers with mobile games so we couldnt use bluetooth headphones. Even so we had to get the adapter to use headphones which was fine... until your battery ran dead bc you cant charge at the same time. I switched to samsung after they removed the headphones bc its just better audio wise for gamers. Very low latency in the audio.

  • someone Random
    someone Random

    Imagine a world where you have to buy a new iphone every time it dies

  • Raz

    But how willd they solve the atrocious charging time with the magsafe. Im not waiting 4 hrs for my phone to be charged. Also, what about charging the phone while mounted on a car mount or camera mount or whatever else? I hate wireless charging with a passion. Id rather buy expensive cables and chargers rather than expensive wireless shit

  • Ian Filson
    Ian Filson

    I remember when the iphone 7 was released, before that I had an iphone 5c. I can remember the no headphone jack and I still don't like it, when they said that they wanted to have the "courage" to do so I laughed. I actually still have the 7 plus. After 5 to 6 years and watching this video I switched to buy a samsung s20 FE, and with the trade in I get basically half the price of a USED iphone 11 pro max, been with apple my entire life until this year. I Wonder why....

  • Scream

    i'm not an apple user, but imma feel sorry for apple users that buy the portless iphone

  • Tony Zapien
    Tony Zapien

    I guess I’ll keep my iPhone 8 for a couple more years

  • Armin Nekoonejad
    Armin Nekoonejad

    Iphone 378 you have to invent the iPhone yourself Cost: 2000$

  • Esteban Vargas
    Esteban Vargas

    Honestly I'm waiting for the 13 pro but if It has no charging port I'ma just get the 12 pro max because I charge my phone everywhere I go like to family's houses and stuff and if I have to use magsafe I can't just leave my phone on the floor even if I can out it on a counter whatever way its not gonna be as convenient as a cord charger

  • Jack Housser
    Jack Housser

    Apple flesh light: now hole-less (warranty void if you cut one in)

  • Jack Housser
    Jack Housser

    Coming up next, iphoneless iPhone pro max r for only 8999.99$ usd. Eight cameras for you to never use, at an added cost of 8999.99$ usd. (Cameras not included with purchase of cameras)

  • Delta14a

    They do kinda need the plug for phone backups and other things that pluggin in requires