Top 5 Mercedes EQS Features: Electric Luxury!
This is the perfect type of car to go electric... but I'd still rather be driven in this car than drive it! The 2022 Mercedes EQS
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  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky
    Pyotr Tchaikovsky

    Has the smartphone bubble burst yet?

  • Antonio Aaron
    Antonio Aaron

    I had so much fun watching this review. Literally giggled everything time you talked to the car. You're the 🐐

  • Dinorah Natalia
    Dinorah Natalia

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  • Reynard Crescenzo
    Reynard Crescenzo

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  • Chidi Ekweonu
    Chidi Ekweonu

    Me: Hey Mercedes Robot: How may I help you? Me: Can I have my lunch now? Robot: Sorry I'm not your wife.

  • Chidi Ekweonu
    Chidi Ekweonu

    This is like people sitting a Windows 10 pro.

  • James Scoza
    James Scoza

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  • James Scoza
    James Scoza

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  • Emmanuel Rubio
    Emmanuel Rubio

    As i was watching it i thought damn that UI really looks like the old windows UI for playing DVDs and shit and sure enough i wasnt far off

  • Peter Parkour
    Peter Parkour

    I still have that tablet. I use it as a bedside alarm/picture frame. They definitely could have gone to a newer version, that android UI is ancient by today's standards.

  • Andrea Vukasin
    Andrea Vukasin

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  • viralcutz

    Hey Mercedez..... Silence Hey Siri... Silence...! jealousy at its peak!

  • Kathy VanDoren
    Kathy VanDoren

    Beautiful Electric version of milage is high enough and price low enough.

  • Mr. R da Cowboys fan
    Mr. R da Cowboys fan

    I'd take the EQS

  • Jeetesh Bobbal
    Jeetesh Bobbal

    @MarquesBrownlee you forgot to mention that this Mercedes can also identify ghost and load their profile! (Gottlieb Daimler at 8:47) 😂😂😂

  • YouNeverKnow

    I am the only one who bought Manual transmission car in 2020 instead of automatic because I like control over my machines ? and shifting gears are more fun ?

  • Kastjels

    *Forget Everyone's Living room, this is a PlusProPremium Car👍*

  • Giriraj Beriwal
    Giriraj Beriwal

    Recently realised how cheap they are to run. If I am buying expensive car it should be cheap to run. I will only buy electric becoz they cheaper than water.

  • Felix Müller
    Felix Müller

    69 degrees ... nice 😏

  • KhangKannon V
    KhangKannon V

    Im investing in RGB in car interior.

  • Borkers Horchata
    Borkers Horchata

    It pains me to say this, but if I had to choose TODAY between EV and ICE I'd have to choose ICE. I'm a huge fan of EVs but the two showstoppers that prevent me from buying an EV right now are 1) Charging access for renters and 2) Premium cost in an emerging market. 1) In my area there aren't many apartments that have charging stations. One of the big advantages of EVs, and the reason that everyday charging is a nonissue, is the ability to charge your car at home. Since so many apartments don't have charging stations, I'd have to use a public charger which suddenly turns charging into a chore. From a renter’s perspective, even if I did live in an apartment with a charging station I would run into issues if I ever decided to move (I’d either be limited to the few apartments that have charging stations or forced to use public chargers). 2) Cost is obviously important to the average person, and EVs currently charge a premium. Given the fact that EV adoption seems inevitable, EV prices will likely fall as scale of manufacturing goes up. Pair that with the fact that companies like Tesla are talking about reducing the cost of EV batteries by >50% within the next 2-3 years and I end up feeling like the premium price isn’t worth it for me at this time. It seems to me like an EV I can purchase today will potentially cost $5-10k less a few years from now (not to mention the tech/specs/build quality of EVs might be significantly better in just a few years). I know this dilemma exists with all new tech, but I think the premium cost of buying the latest & greatest phone/tv/laptop/etc. is easier to swallow when you’re talking about a paying a premium of a few hundred dollars. Obviously a lot of people who currently buy EVs make enough money that it's not a big deal, but $5-10k is a lot of money for most people.

  • pearlie shelton
    pearlie shelton

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    pearlie shelton

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    pearlie shelton

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  • shivansh Srivastava
    shivansh Srivastava


  • pearlie shelton
    pearlie shelton

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    pearlie shelton

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  • Avaneesh chitta
    Avaneesh chitta

    ok are we gonna ignore the fact that a 100 grand car has headphone jack and a 1000$ phone doesn't?

  • james

    The Hi-tech Display screen is awesome !! German carmaker + South Korea's advanced technology(LG, SAMSUNG, SK..) Mercedes-Benz= EQS = LG Display(JNTC)+ SAMSUNG tablet + LG Chem's batteries(EQC) BMW= LG Display+ Samsung SDI batteries Volkswagen= LG Display+ LG Energy Solution + SK Innovation batteries All HI-TECH Displays + Batteries = From South Korea's advanced technology. * Tesla's FSD (full self-driving) chips are manufactured through Samsung, + LG Producing Tesla Model 3’s Huge Touchscreen + LG batteries. * Apple iPhone+Macbook (LG Display=IPS, Samsung Semiconductor+ Samsung batteries), * LG TV, Smart Phone(LG Display IPS, + Samsung Semiconductor+ LG batteries) * Samsung TV, Galaxy S21 ( SAMSUNG display + Samsung Semiconductor + Samsung batteries) What is the future of electric vehicles? Alliance between Korea and Germany?

  • Dylan Raymundo-Neal
    Dylan Raymundo-Neal

    “Hey Mercedes...” “How may I help?” “I’m cold” “I’m increasing the temperature to 69 degrees” “NICE” 9:35

  • KUMAR Aarush
    KUMAR Aarush


  • Project Brickell
    Project Brickell

    Elon watching this like “I let you interview me 😢”

  • Marcelle Beckwith
    Marcelle Beckwith

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  • Clueless Lass-i Joins Internet
    Clueless Lass-i Joins Internet

    *Of Course! EQS!!.* 🤷‍♀️👀

  • ZmannR2

    Do yourself a favor and sit in the new Escalade Marques, it blows this car away....and it self drives.

  • im dan
    im dan

    I would get the petrol s class. Here is why, the problem with an electric car is the battery, after 3 or 5 years the battery will lose its capacity and I don't have patience to wait for the car to charge tbh. Also as of now petrol cars are way more reliable than electric cars and you can't deny it watch a video from carwow in which he states the most unreliable cars and the vid is filled with electric cars like audi e tron, teslas, etc.


      more BS - your petrol cars engine has more moving parts then a WHOLE EV. The Ev has no spark plus, cam belts, engine oil, spark plug leads, oil filter, cam shafts etc etc the EV has nearly nothing to fail. Battery degradation has already been shown to be WAY MORE than 3-5 years. In Norway there is a Tesla Taxi which has done 400,000km and is still as 90+% battery health.

  • cmvelo1

    Definitely the EQS (electric) version! 💯💯

  • A B
    A B

    That dead squirrel tho.

  • Mamba

    Good video

  • ProWB

    Bruhh the intro music wow... you’re showing love to one of my favourite group of al time: Hocus Pocus (Équilibre) ! Wow I’m impressed (as always)

  • Imsurfy Bro
    Imsurfy Bro

    And this car will be very accessible only at $200 k

  • Nino Hervias
    Nino Hervias

    Although it's a cool feature, everyone in a car pretty much already listen and watch what they want using their phones.

  • Cornel Bogdan Macrineanu
    Cornel Bogdan Macrineanu

    Dude I know where you are at, that is news, but massage in the seats.... it's like 7 years before the iPhone 1

  • Cornel Bogdan Macrineanu
    Cornel Bogdan Macrineanu

    what has become of the ashtray....those whole are way to small to put out the cig in them....

  • Cillian Hosty
    Cillian Hosty

    I’d want the Mercedes

  • Matěj Machač
    Matěj Machač

    As for if Mercedes will become a decent software company... No it won't, because the majority of its infotainment system frontends are developed by external companies.

  • yuxing zheng
    yuxing zheng

    What is the bum in the beginning!

    • yuxing zheng
      yuxing zheng

      Sry bgm

  • Moein Mirjalili
    Moein Mirjalili

    11:20. Best piece of HRposts video, EVER ...

  • LadyDi M
    LadyDi M

    If it were dropped in my "driveway" today, me being such a gadget queen… yes, please drop this EQS so that my first setting is purple ambient lighting against the crisp white or cream colored interior. It would be cool if the exterior was blackberry and matching blackberry leather accents where leather is inside.

  • Mr Fish
    Mr Fish

    could he have looked any more sus walking up to the car

  • Shamir Akida
    Shamir Akida

    Smart and lucrative but Smart the software part, they invited you to get your tech opinion. SMART SMART SMART

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Mercedes has a reliability rating which places it in the LOWER 20% of all auto manufacturers. For a car with so many different ways to fail, that's not at all good -- beyond the traditional ways that Mercedes cars fail -- that's not at all good. I can't even imagine how unreliable this vehicle will be. Yikes!

    • Fravioli

      Most or all German cars are luxurious but unreliable endless money pits


      EVs are way more reliable than a petrol car

  • Clive Matthews
    Clive Matthews

    I pick the EQS

  • Shogo 昇剛
    Shogo 昇剛

    RGB came to the car industry.

  • ItsTr04kee

    Marques: "Hey, Mercedes: I'm cold" Mercedes: "I am increasing the temperature to 69 degrees." Marques: "Nice." :)

  • Chasing Photography Films
    Chasing Photography Films

    "The future of cars is electric cars" - I would amend to "The future of cars is electric cars alongside combustion engines for at least the next 50 to 70 years" Gas combustions will unfortunately be around way longer than we want. Also are we going to being doing blue LEDs in electric cars to further signal "ELECTRIC VEHICLE" - hi BMW.

  • mike mcfarland
    mike mcfarland

    4:31 kinda spoils the looks...

  • Vibhor Bansal
    Vibhor Bansal

    Why sound is so pitch my ears 🎉

  • Nosleep _4me
    Nosleep _4me

    Passenger, you are currently seething in jealous rage. Enabling massage mode.

  • Mike Osborne
    Mike Osborne

    so really the car only has a big screen and that is it. Pair the phone to the whole car.... been doing that for years nothing new with this.

  • Ayan Banerjee
    Ayan Banerjee

    Whats that hoodie?

  • Throdrim

    Well, you are comparing Telsa and Mercedes on build quality, finition and software. But i'll bet on the middle point, a car constructor like Polstar and a Google OS specialy made for cars. Both focusing on what they do best.

  • Alexandre Nilo
    Alexandre Nilo

    This UI is disgusting :o



  • Vikhnesh AR
    Vikhnesh AR

    One thing i absolutely hate about this car is the fake grill & Partially the UI running on the Hyper Screen


    Definatly the EQS

  • Frostyx

    for me electric cars will be an viable option when they give me a battery plan or something that have a fair cost after a few years of use and when i could make average of 800 - 1000km charge! right now i cant just get a car that if i got at 150km in a trip i need to stop to charge my car because im going a bit faster and draining more power! an average of 1000km will give me that 130-150 km/h speed for bigger trips. and having a solution to the used batteries is supper important because i dont whant to pay 10k for new batteries to be able to keep using my car with 1000km average autonomy! a regular new Disel car cost 10k or less in EU so yeah! but i would love to get an electric car and help the boost on helping reducing the earth footprint....i need viable option and for now is just a dream, but we are close.

    • Frostyx

      @SNORKYMEDIA so my car it is disel and cost around 11k its a disel car and im from EU. if you go to france you can get it below 11k. renault clio.i do around 1000km autonomy full deposit +-5L - 100km so give me that in a electric car. and i do travel more then 1000km in one go. if i need to go 600km south in work and come back its 1200km! eletric cars are a nice ideia for now in a few years when we can charge the car and make 1000km without charging it will be more then a trend. i hope that comes fast because we do need viable alternatives.


      tell me a new diesel in the EU that costs E10K??? Why do you need 1000km range?????? who drives 1000km in one go?

  • Made in Brabant
    Made in Brabant

    I do not want to spoil all the fun, but the future of cars will not be electric, it is however a very interesting transition. BTW: It will also not be fossil fuels.

  • Mayank Y A
    Mayank Y A

    i thick electric one is better for , me

  • Janko N
    Janko N

    Nice, but all this screens on top of everyone having a smartphone now and not talking to each other it's just too much. Road trips with everyone staring at their own screen, supper fun.

  • Wolf.

    I still don't get why the hell you'd need a screen at all in a car but ok lol

  • Sam S
    Sam S

    Why are we focussed on RGB lighting or voice commands? You never talked about it’s ride quality and suspension. These new cars are not comfortable at all. I have an E300 2018 and it drives shit. Cheap built.

  • Javier Morales
    Javier Morales

    Does it have anything to compete with Tesla's autopilot?

  • Adam Friis
    Adam Friis

    If you were to drop a car in front of my house right now, I would definitely pick the EQS, without a single shred of doubt!

  • Gianni Luca
    Gianni Luca


  • Ardak Aitbayev
    Ardak Aitbayev

    I would go for the EQS version.

  • murat arpacık
    murat arpacık

    i would go for gas version

  • Mateus Vaz
    Mateus Vaz

    9:46 BG GANG WHERE U AT?

  • Bruno The Magician
    Bruno The Magician

    the self-adjusting mirror blew my mind ngl, my guy just looked at them.

  • Trenton Simonson
    Trenton Simonson

    I personally wouldn't be able to stand that lag, I'd rather save myself an extra 50k and buy a Tesla

  • amndemo


  • Olivier Breton
    Olivier Breton

    A great software feature is much harder to achieve than high-end interiors imo

  • Olivier Breton
    Olivier Breton

    This is stupid, who the hell wants to talk to their car?


      This is stupid who wants a phone in their pocket?

  • Twikzer

    2021 when mercedes chose someone to review a S class variant, who get surprise for features a normal bmw has, and some even in seat

  • Ognjen Lukic
    Ognjen Lukic

    from a marketing perspective some would say that the UI was intentionally built like this at the first reveal, so people would point it out and say how bad it it, I mean such a big and experienced company would definitely not make a mistake of really making a UI that bad, so it would be likely that it was made like that for a reason, so on the official reveal it would be much better and people would be at easy being that a big problem was 'fixed' making it a perfect car

  • Hamed Emine
    Hamed Emine

    Man, you HAVE TO do a collab with Doug Demuro, I think A LOT of people would love that! Especially me!

  • Peter Gingerelli
    Peter Gingerelli


  • Brian Lazo
    Brian Lazo

    Can't show the final design of the car. Shows the final design with the 360 camera 🤣

  • José Dias
    José Dias

    My 2015 C class Mercedes looked nice, super comfortable but connecting a Bluetooth phone was a challenge. Not surprising they are still using the old tab.

  • Alin Alexandru
    Alin Alexandru

    i would def have the EQS

  • Krishnapatel 5
    Krishnapatel 5

    Can it fly

  • Ramandeep singh
    Ramandeep singh

    I thought I am in phone review video.

  • Behshad Alipor
    Behshad Alipor

    I don't understand English, but I like your videos a lot.

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips

    Great video! Which would I prefer? Well, if the price were the same I'd definitely take this one, assuming the range is comparable to a Tesla. Most of the features you demonstrated do already exist in the gas variant, which I already have but nice to see Mercedes understands people still want luxury in electric cars. Sad Mercedes hasn't done better with their UI. I couldn't agree more.

  • M J
    M J

    Only black on black with tinted windows electric ⚡️ 😎🕺Mercedes maintenance record🤪

  • Andrew Stevenson
    Andrew Stevenson

    "Hey Mercedes" ... "I'm... cold 😉" ... "Turning the temperature up to... 69 degrees..." 😏

    • Mujtaba Gangji
      Mujtaba Gangji

      Nice ,lollll

  • Sacha Durán Rillaers
    Sacha Durán Rillaers

    One of the greatest European car brand

  • Diego Peterson
    Diego Peterson

    And people think Teslas are where it’s at

  • Prasad Gujar
    Prasad Gujar

    You should try in the movies 👍

  • Nicolas Pittas
    Nicolas Pittas

    So this is Samsung and Tesla is Apple. the whole hardware vs software thingy.