Why Did LG Phones Really Die?
RIP LG Smartphones 🪦
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  • Abraham M. Luna
    Abraham M. Luna

    What a bummer man. Just found out about LG dying yesterday. My wife just upgraded my phone to an LG Wing. I've had my previous LG phone since 2011. I didn't want to give it up but oh well. Hope LG comes back by the time I upgrade this bad ass phone I just got. I still have hope for you LG. Please come back! ☹️

  • Beau Kaufman
    Beau Kaufman

    If youtubers killed LG in the smartphone world then it never deserved to be there.

  • Boughatii Lovren
    Boughatii Lovren

    I love LG

  • Salvador Flores
    Salvador Flores

    LG G2 Was the peak LG It was so good that people knew LG made good phone But the G3 wasn't as good as the G2 The G4 was good but then the G5 sucked again

  • CosmicDuckHD

    Morale of the story: all other phone companies basically copied some of LG's "makes-history" features and they thrive off of fraud because of their popularity. So much for "Life's Good", amirite? LG legit should've been more popular than Samsung, Asus, Xiaomi, etc. But then again, marketing skills for them just weren't there anymore. Edit: I hope that another company more popular will make the OP choice of including the Quad DAC headphone jack. That feature is what won me over to LG until my Apple freak mom decided to spoil me with an iPhone 11 😂

  • DaOzMan

    I still have my G3, Stylo 2 and Stylo 5. LOVE THEM!

  • Meme chan
    Meme chan

    Lg v20 was my first smart phone .....it was a peice of art the secondary display was great....but sadly I lost it last year in a subway 😢....screw luck

  • Cyberdyne Systems Skynet
    Cyberdyne Systems Skynet

    The upmost important feature of a phone for me is Updates. OS Update on a very long term. For example when a device ships with Android 10 expect it at least receive Android 12 At the Minimum. every device, every Manufacturer where i even think (because of theri Update policy) that is not meet that basic minimum of requirement will not only not purchased by me , but will not be requirement by me to every person around me at all. On the contrary i will heavily suggest NOT buying that device / Manufacturer at all!

  • Cyberdyne Systems Skynet
    Cyberdyne Systems Skynet

    It's extremely simple. A company teht is NOT providing OS Updates over a very long time, i do not support. Tht LG Died is exclusively their own update politics fault. It's that simple! Adn when One manufacturer (LG) is widely known for not providing OS Upgrades. Nobody recoments them!

  • Butterfly1

    Yeah, U really like my V60 dual screen but IPhone overall has more solid features out the gate. Example: (1) fingerprint ID, doesn't work on my V60 (2) emogees not the best (3) icon to answer phone a pain (4) no images when texting links. Anyway, minor annoyances because overall I LOVE V60 (1) dual screen (2) ability to close all screens at once (3) screen in screen - didn't have with IPhone 11. (4) sound quality. Guess I have to eat this one 🤔

  • Nathan Chang
    Nathan Chang

    I miss the days where there were really only 5 smartphone brands in 2010-2014 Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony when Chinese phones were non existent or at least just cheap knockoff brands and had bad reputations

  • Andy tsai
    Andy tsai

    long live LG

  • Viola Pearson
    Viola Pearson

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  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD

    When you make shittyProduct, you getShitty result...

  • 2011Kestrel

    LG didn’t bring their A-game to Canada. I wanted to buy the V40 to replace my aging iPhone, but it wasn’t released here. Same for the V50. So I bought a Samsung S10 instead. I don’t need to upgrade my tech regularly, so LG lost me as a potential customer for the next several years. Or they would have if they were actually selling their phones in Canada. If the V60 was released here, it came and went so fast no one noticed it. And the Wing wasn’t sold in Canada either. Kinda hard to have good sales when you don’t bring your goods to market.

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn

    Rip LG:(

  • Bernhard Sonn
    Bernhard Sonn

    Because they are shit. My LG g 5 and 6 died after a year wach. A joke!!!! I mean their Akku died

  • CHR1S

    Love your videos ! Do you use a voice-activated teleprompter and if so would you be willing to share the name of the app? Or do you just talk off-the-cuff?

  • Erik Aldecoa
    Erik Aldecoa

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  • Jesus Manuel
    Jesus Manuel

    I moved on from a Nokia bc something like this. Now watching this from my LG..... pikachuface.jpg

  • Yulando Cargill
    Yulando Cargill

    Blackberry joined the chat

  • Vk sharks 06
    Vk sharks 06

    One plus mokka phone

  • Ahmad Hussain
    Ahmad Hussain

    LG phones sucked at the basics. And their marketing had no understanding of the Anglophone demographics. That's pretty much a death knell for any company.

  • Liam Rose
    Liam Rose

    Watching on v20

  • Franco Barrera
    Franco Barrera

    The V30 was better than the S8 in my opinion. I had them both, and while the S8 was a great device, the DAC, battery life, and flat display made the V30 a better phone.

  • Alex Ojeda
    Alex Ojeda

    The only great thing about LG was it's quad-dac audio capabilities. Nobody else gives a shit about audio. Hell, most don't even have jacks.

  • Roc

    OS > Hardware, and LG's software sucked.

  • fun times with Tom
    fun times with Tom

    I switched to the LG V60 in May of 2020. Within 2 months it stopped recording 4K and 8K, I figured it just needed a software upgrade so I just waited for it. Then the headphone jack became loose so if I moved the phone the jack became dislodged and they final straw was the charger jack stopped working so I utilized the 1 year warranty and got a refurbished replacement and right out of the box it randomly turns itself off and they headphone jack is loose on this one too... I looked at new phones today and they no longer have SD card expandable so I guess I'll be using this phone for a while.

  • Bryan Santillano
    Bryan Santillano

    G3 is extremely popular. My granparents got that phone its cheap but like that why it good. Its actually not bad for a cheap phone.

  • Ethan Roylance
    Ethan Roylance

    I loved my LG G6, was a great phone

  • kasra khatir
    kasra khatir

    Bootloop issue killed LG for me. Nexus 4, G3 and G4 all died on me within a year

  • Joshua Quaid
    Joshua Quaid

    Unfortunately my camera is defected on my v60 and LG leaving the phone game they are not in stock in stores or on phone with asurion. They gave me the Samsung S21 ultra for 200 dollars and no added fees do to shortage of lg v60 phones and customer satisfaction. I only have 300 to pay off my LG so I got the s21 ultra for 500 bucks rang but I am going to miss my dual screen and my headphone jack. Video quality is best I ever had. So all of you who have LG v 60 baby it. it will be hell on earth to replace it or get it fixed. Now I am forced back to samsung I am happy to get the top phone on market for cheap but the v 60 is that good. But video headphone jack and dual screen will be missed but life is always changing going back to Samsung with a open mind. We'll see stay blessed.

  • Kusuma Wijaya
    Kusuma Wijaya

    My only lg phone is lg on clamshell

  • Anders Nielsen
    Anders Nielsen

    I had a Nexus 5 and it had really poor batteries life and the camera would occasionally stop working. Also had it lockup on a few occasions so not a great phone.

  • Jesus S
    Jesus S

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  • Juan Yepez
    Juan Yepez

    I loved the V30

  • Yasir Javed
    Yasir Javed

    Why do we call it 18:9 ratio instead of 2:1?

  • Ethan Bushay
    Ethan Bushay

    For it's time G4 was probably the best phone I've ever had, only problem was the bootloop issues

  • George R
    George R

    Nuanced or not my friend, you were definitely a member of their firing squad, I low key fought disliking you over your, no love, LG reviews, for real, just saying ... btw, I decided late last year to jump ship from LG after 4 years, soooo, here's that :-)

  • Know How KH
    Know How KH

    I used LG BL20 NEW CHOCOLATE. It's camera was great in capturing moving object.

  • Mitko Mitkov
    Mitko Mitkov

    I have V30 since 2018 and i would still buy it today. P-s I'm a audiophile 😀


    The forst phone i got from lg was a flip phone. I did love ot till smart phones came out. Wile stroght talk was in the stone anges they had a phone that looked like a smart phone. It is an lg phone. I never forget the 5 hour long argument i had with stright talk cause thire customer server sucked and i have had it. Got to a nice supervisor and she ended up getting me the phone. I had a phone from them that was replaced 3 times and never worked and i got that lg phone. It was awesome. Later my first lg phone when moto and others FAILED ME no sd card slot on Verizon was the lg g3. That phone got me into photography. Then lg g4 came and got me into manual camera. The v10 got me into filming. Lg from that point got me pushed that i now own a DLSR camera. I also use lg phones to make my vidoes


    Retired my V30 a few years back but never beaten the pro cameras or that Quad Dac. Real innovators. Well done LG. Thanks for the good times! :)


    Noooooo, I have one of their last phone lg velvet ,I will rocking it with pride (my first phone was lg g3 that thing never broke)

  • CC 420
    CC 420

    I had the G3, G4, G5, G6 and I currently have the G8. So sad ;(

  • annihilator247x

    LG should just allow unlocking the bootloader of all their smartphones. This will allow people to update Android themselves and they will. A flagship that is solid and has a Quad DAC headphone jack is rare now. People have modified Lineage OS to work on LG phones (which is pretty much the best version of Android in existence).

  • 김아무개

    역시 사람 생각하는건 다 똑같구나.. 나도 Lg 망한 이유가 여기있다고 생각함

  • Nephillus

    Really kinda sad... that wing looks wicked... would break super easy though

  • The Aussie Repair Guy
    The Aussie Repair Guy

    0:29 - definitely a relief for me. so sick of being asked to fix them.

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith

    G3 was one of the best phones ever made. It all went down hill after the V10 and G4 Bootloop problems. RIP

  • Danny Eledge
    Danny Eledge

    LG ENV was poppin.

  • Merry Magdahline
    Merry Magdahline

    I think u make the truth a little funny and harch

  • Chill Will
    Chill Will

    I have the V60 now and although the updates will stop soon, there is no phone out that I want to switch to

  • Nikhil Rajan
    Nikhil Rajan

    LG , Sony and HTC 😭

  • Sasan Mottaghipour
    Sasan Mottaghipour

    LG, the Lancia of the phone industry. all of the firsts.

  • jan

    no way, i’ve been an lg user since i bought my first smartphone, and i was looking forward to buy a new one this year😭

  • Kiki LaRue
    Kiki LaRue

    ...the mid 2000s???

  • Piotr D.
    Piotr D.

    Oh, G3 ... amazing phone for first two years. Multipoint laser AF, nice camera, quite usable for large enough hand. Naming and spreading lineup too far & too wide - well, Nokia, HTC...

  • RogueBrit

    LG V20 extremely high end DAC .full manual video controls but no updates and very poor battery life

  • Daniel Nygård
    Daniel Nygård

    V40 was amazing... fingerprint-scanner/on-of Button in the back.. missing it badly.

  • Funny Insider
    Funny Insider

    its true that technologists doesn’t give much space to LG's innovations! It was really a good innovator!

  • minorking1121

    The G3 was a great phone. I loved that phone. Then one day it went black screen and just... died. Literally while I was using it for GPS and doing nothing out of the ordinary.

  • jonathan gordon
    jonathan gordon

    People like you is the reason no one buys Lg

  • Fattymicfatfat

    lets also give it to LG for being one of the last companies to offer the ability to change the battery.

  • Fattymicfatfat

    I was exclusivly LG phones. I have my G8x thinQ. I always loved the little new quirks they will try on almost every new phone. the back fingerprint scanner is what got me to stay LG. now I really dont know what I am going to use anymore cause LG has always been great for me. dang, now I have to do research again for my next upgrade.

  • James W
    James W

    I would say the Stylo series was a solid competitor in the budget range. I am one of the few people who is genuinely disappointed by LG leaving the phone market. My favorite phones have almost always been LG. I loved my G6 and my current phone, the V50. They absolutely could compete with the big boys but they were just TERRIBLE at marketing their phones. They also had excellent DACs in their phones so they had the best sound of any other phones on the market.

  • Alexander Sustache
    Alexander Sustache

    the LG G Flex! That phone was amazing

  • Nimir Singh
    Nimir Singh

    So Sony is next ?

    • Nimir Singh
      Nimir Singh

      That reminds me where's HTC these days ?

  • Alan Cri
    Alan Cri

    My first smartphone was the LG 3D! The previous one: NOKIA N95 :D How time passes!

  • Baltazar Jaimes
    Baltazar Jaimes

    Great... Now who will samsung and apple take notes from...?

  • Abella Benigno
    Abella Benigno

    We want LG to stay that's for sure. But they need to look for what people needs. And not create weird shit on phone.

  • Cantor Yakov
    Cantor Yakov

    The real problem is they lacked C O U R A G E 🎧

  • irfan ali
    irfan ali

    Boot loop just Killed LG

  • Game Crusher Expert
    Game Crusher Expert

    Really appreciate it that I'am supporting ur channel more than watching videos , ☑️☑️

  • spctator63

    Also a couple more things about the Optimus and the V series of phones mentioned in the video, specifically the optimus 3D and the first V phone the V10. 1) The LG Optimus 3D was the first smartphone to have no glasses 3D, perhaps inspired by the Nintendo 3DS, but in a period where the 3D gimmick was making a comeback everywhere, it made a whole lot of sense, but more importantly it inovated even more on this gimmick by having eye tracking to shift the image so that the incredibly small sweetspot necessary for the no glasses 3D tech to work was not an issue anymore, something that Nintendo originally didn't do, but later implemented in the "New" nintendo 3DS. Also, the video states the Optimus 3D as the first phone with two cameras, well yes, but not in the sense we actually intend nowadays, it had two cameras for the purpose of taking 3D photos and videos. 2) I'm not a 100% sure on this so take it with a grain of salt, but the V series of phones where the first phones by a non-chinese/mainstream brand to include and actively advertise the hi-fi DAC, making the V10 the go-to smartphone for audiophiles. Back then if you were an audiophile that wanted to take hi-fi on the go, you either had to spend a fortune on portable high-end players that primarily run on their own OS and focused on playing locally stored music files thus losing access to streaming apps, or "build a brick" comprised of your everyday phone >connected by cable to a portable external amp and/or dac, which came in different shapes and sizes so not all amps/dacs would fit your smarphone or even your pocket, usually secured to the back of the device through rubber bracelets, making this a clunky solutions that also heavily taxed portability/convenience. But when you have it all in one phone, it makes it so easy.

  • Dr23rippa

    Innovation. In a world full of sheep was never going to work. Sad time for the mobile phone industry. HTC also!

  • • kaplancita •
    • kaplancita •

    i have an LG i love so much im going to cry if it breaks and i have to replace it, I already got too comfortable with the interface on this one

    • Joshua Quaid
      Joshua Quaid

      Unfortunately my camera is defected on my v60 and LG leaving the phone game they are not in stock in stores or on phone with asurion. They gave me the Samsung S21 ultra for 200 dollars and no added fees do to shortage of lg v60 phones and customer satisfaction. I only have 300 to pay off my LG so I got the s21 ultra for 500 bucks rang but I am going to miss my dual screen and my headphone jack. Video quality is best I ever had. So all of you who have LG v 60 baby it. it will be hell on earth to replace it or get it fixed. Now I am forced back to samsung I am happy to get the top phone on market for cheap but the v 60 is that good. But video headphone jack and dual screen will be missed but life is always changing going back to Samsung with a open mind. We'll see stay blessed.

  • Jessica Gillette
    Jessica Gillette

    If you don't care about your phone having the latest update, why not get an LG anyway? I'm genuinely curious and want to know people's opinions on the matter.

  • Lapis Loaf
    Lapis Loaf

    I loved my G3 but it did have overheating issues.

  • Aivis Vasiljevs
    Aivis Vasiljevs

    one of my fav phones was g3

  • Santhosh SR
    Santhosh SR

    In search of gold, we lost diamond Perfectly fits in this case.

  • El Insano Houstatron
    El Insano Houstatron

    Lmao, legit just bought an LG stylo 6

  • Skeeoubugs

    Watching on a g7. Started with a G3 -> G5 -> G7 going to be sad i cant get an LG phone again.

  • Humm

    I remember getting so hyped when the modular G5 was announced and felt it was the step in the right direction for smartphones to become modular. So sad that they didn't expand and develop it further.

  • Kenneth Yoc
    Kenneth Yoc

    Dang I had LG before for a very long time I loved there features on them. There unique in every way. Sad that they didn’t get enough credit. What’s worse I was planning to switch Back to get the LG Wing 😂but I can’t now. LG you will be miss

  • brian

    This is so sad, I love my LG phones, I had a g3, then a g6, and I'm using my v40thinq to write this comment.

  • yiban di
    yiban di

    The problem is that LG does a bad job at marketing itself... But why G8??? The V60 Dual Screen is clearly the best culmination of everything that worked for LG.

  • 大根G

    I think LG would be put inside the museum as an antique in future~

  • Chong Anthony Siaw Ping
    Chong Anthony Siaw Ping

    most of the recent LG AT&T model was unable to update their phone firmware when the user not using AT&T sim or outside US region. :(

  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore

    It's just Samsung and Apple now

  • Brian B
    Brian B

    I recall buying an LG phone as a response to frustration with all of the distracting innovations (especially curved screens) that plagued Samsung phones. I was quite happy with the phone and my next phone would probably have been an LG. That said, I can't say I'm surprised that they left the smartphone market.

  • Atlas

    I'm considering buying a LG Wing atm, dropped a lot in price. But I don't know if it's a good idea when LG just closed their smartphone division.

    • Tikitackfouls

      Same but with the Velvet

  • Tyler C
    Tyler C

    I have an LG v40, the battery life sucks and it's barely lasts me the school day of just listening to music

  • Darkijah-Anders Jehovahsøn
    Darkijah-Anders Jehovahsøn

    a Huge marked for people who wanted a phone like LG V20 with battery removal and just upgraded to modern tech... and yet... can't do that. And the LG V20 phone was not sold in Europe either, had to order it from Hongkong.

  • Mike Kafes
    Mike Kafes

    LG is not a hero. My LG g8x is proof that they should have stopped making phones a while ago. They lost the carriers collaboration, so when my USB C port stopped working, sprint told me I had to mail it to LG for repair, but due to a hairline crack resembling more of a scratch, LG sent it back unrelated and there was a huge crack in the corner. I can't wait to smash this phone with a sledge 😈

  • Seitinngam Singson
    Seitinngam Singson

    I loved my lg g6 camera but the phone just stopped booting after 13 months, 1 month after the warranty ended. Never bought an lg again.

  • Ti Ti
    Ti Ti

    (4) Hey Marques. I congratulate you for all that you have achieved. It shouldn't have been easy, but here you are. I wanted to make a recommendation, can you talk about the security of our cell phones? The FBI and the police cannot protect us in this virtual and anonymous world, we depend on our computers and cell phones and the programs we use to be safe, but they are not. I think we pay more attention to the cell phone camera than to our safety and that of our families. What do you think?

  • Dimondminer11

    2:06 Eh the later Stylos were alright I guess. Still slow though.

  • Dimondminer11

    I own an LG V40 and it is still a decent phone ngl.

  • Smitty Domingo
    Smitty Domingo

    So price and practicallity , wo, prunway, nina Gee says, its in the execution, and lg's hem lines was lack luster. But innovation; yes, but problems in its execution.... ru-s darlings paul boy, lg sashey away mirni minrna, mary you stay gurl stay.. sorry im such a dumbass, but i understand wat yu stay saying, ty oahu 1000 fm