Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones?
The Sony Xperia series is way cooler than any sales numbers indicate!

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The Sony sales numbers: sonyreconsidered.com/sony-mob...

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  • Harvien Genga
    Harvien Genga

    we love sony anyway and we like 3.5mm headphone jack

  • Wal

    Sony phones are underrated ❤️👌👍

  • Sylkis89

    Bad experiences from the past with Sony putting out 264775 flagship models annually that are nearly identical to one another but the release of a new one meant dropping support for the old one even a couple months after the release and leaving it to the scene to supply system updates and stuff that only power users knew how to handle so people got prejudiced though it's been a decade since

  • Troy Huynh
    Troy Huynh

    The available acknowledgment phenotypically reflect because quail daily float into a substantial aluminium. terrific, astonishing potato

  • LilKop

    Why people don’t buy Sony smartphones? Because despite the other smartphones from samaung, apple and others Sony doesn’t look actually like a toy. It feels in your hand like a professional thing, it has many functions that belong to professionals, and it is a professional smartphone for sure, but from other side of situation it still a phone and it’s GREAT. Sony makes amazing phones, but most people see in phones just a toy and there is nothing to blame them for this. Sony has never made their gadgets look like a funny, colored and fancy, they are actually strict and premium looking and for that i love Sony.

  • Aisha Alhsnawy
    Aisha Alhsnawy

    Sony is my favorite seance ever

  • Andrii Makukha
    Andrii Makukha

    I bought a $50 Bluetooth headset from Sony recently and it's literally the *best sound* I *ever* experienced in my life. I can only imagine what those $350 headphones sound like.

  • Mac Joe
    Mac Joe

    well since I still have in mind the days where SONY used to install ROOT-Kits from their dvd's on users PC's... NO WAY SONY!

  • Reuben Evans
    Reuben Evans

    I use Sony because of the build quality

  • Swapnil Choudhary
    Swapnil Choudhary

    Old video but suggested by yt anyways. I guess Sony needs to hire a new and better marketing boss. Give it a "Refresh" like what MS did with Satya N.

  • Soumik Biswas
    Soumik Biswas

    What is the model in your hand

  • it's me
    it's me

    I love sony phones.. And have Xperia phones

  • Yanni J Ehm
    Yanni J Ehm

    It's because most people are stupid. You can't even get Xperia here, In Canada anymore.

  • Barnabás Molnár
    Barnabás Molnár

    I would buy one but Sony phones are expensive as hell in my country they are topping Iphone prices. If you don't want the newest Iphone you can buy an older modell on a pretty reasonable price but Sony models the 3-4 years old ones are still near to 1000$

  • SpreckleFloss

    The gap between announcement and release date is a big reason. By the time Sony releases the phone, all the hype has died down. The hype cycle for the Xperia 1 III (Sony's naming schemes...Jesus) was in full swing with their announcement in mid-April. The current/latest release date for this phone in the US is Jul 1st. Even then, availability is going to be spotty. I don't know what moves me to buy this flagship at full price (an ***XM4 headphone bundle is likely and worth considering if you're in the market for great headphones/earbuds) when the next round of flagships are 3-6 months after that. It's a shame, too. The thin form factor and their photo/video/TV/game pedigree could make them a formidable sub-ecosystem (like Samsung) in the Androidsphere (ok...that's not a word).


    Others are fake reviews, don't trust .

  • The Schwifty Man
    The Schwifty Man

    Had the Sony Xperia Z3, XZ premium, Xperia 1 and im currently using the "Xperia 1 II" and i fucking love it

  • Auditing The Albion
    Auditing The Albion

    All the enthusiasts are buying Sony. The robots by Samsung and iPhone

  • Aleks Schtirlitz
    Aleks Schtirlitz

    Аккумуляторы слабые!

  • Jake Young
    Jake Young

    sony makes phones?

  • Henry A.
    Henry A.

    Marques here trying to make people rethinking about buying a Sony smartphone

  • xLaw222x SK
    xLaw222x SK

    My first smartphone was xperia P back in 2013 and even before that I had many sony ericsson phones so this brand is close to my heart but last couple of years I did somehow ignore them,they went totally under the radar for me.Even when I consider of buying new phone there is not a single one thought of buying Sony phone because as Brownlee said I dont know nothing about their products.They should improve their marketing and advertising.And names of phones are confusing aswell.There have been so many Xperia phones past those years that I lost track of them and simply cannot tell difference between them.

  • Ahmad Yousef
    Ahmad Yousef

    only iPhone

  • Nick Gurr
    Nick Gurr

    I don't even think they care about smartphones, I mean why would you? You sell millions on top tier cameras and top tier tv's and very high quality headphones so why would you care about stuff that's gonna get you less money than them, I highly doubt that they will even continue

  • Three Zero Four
    Three Zero Four

    Fix their overheating issues and make their customer service more accesible

  • Cristian Cruz
    Cristian Cruz

    Finding them is also kinda hard. Looked to get my hands on a floor model a while ago and not a single in any store

  • Hellwyck

    The majority of people who buy smartphones are either iPhone sheep or people who buy Samsung because they don't know much about Android and have been brainwashed into thinking those two are the only games in town. Sony is an amazing manufacturer.

  • moonlightaffairs

    I'm using Sony phone since Sony Ericsson, still using one now.

  • Danielandreas1

    The best Brand.

  • Senthilkumar M
    Senthilkumar M

    My Sony T2 ultra worked for nearly 7-8 years. No intentional slowdown BS. Finally, only the battery died not able to find a replacement battery. I don't know if 4k dislikers are humans or bots.

  • KING Gaming
    KING Gaming

    Because its expensive and people's intrested only in budget smartphones nowadays 👍

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    Come on Sony.... please recover 🙏🥺

  • The T.C.
    The T.C.

    I bought one off ebay last december and the screen broke, and it'd cost $200 to fix *and* it's harder than an apple to fix ergo I can't do it myself, so despite loving my red xperia, I gotta let it go. Maybe if I could get a new one on down payment then sure, but I don't have thousands to throw on brand new PDA Though I will say if I could afford it, then mos def. Tho I'm broke, so noperroni.

  • Akbar Shaikh
    Akbar Shaikh

    Sony is a very good company try to capture budget segment in India plzzz. How redmi and others. Are???

  • Eucrys Langher Cuevas Sánchez
    Eucrys Langher Cuevas Sánchez

    I see this video on a Xperia 10 Plus 😁

  • iggytse

    Sony mobile quietly pulled out of the Australian market. Not sure what the USA is like at the moment.

  • Richard Krejstrup
    Richard Krejstrup

    Just saw the mark III version. And yes I agree, why does not more people buy this brand/model? It's great!

  • Justis Turner
    Justis Turner

    This is the best tech video I've watched. Non stop good info and insight, no garbage.

  • yutsuneki

    21:9 is ridiculous

    • yutsuneki

      @C Woodford that's what Sony says. But actually no way

    • C Woodford
      C Woodford

      Why... Isnt that the aspect ratio for all movies?

  • David Mm
    David Mm

    Good video and presentation. Biggest issue I see is they don't get publicity. Like ZTE, they were everywhere with the different carriers and then they weren't. I wish Motorola would step up their products specs better but they have much better recognition so probably sell more than the others.

  • Da Syobon
    Da Syobon

    Simple, people either go for price (chinese phones) or brand (only apple for them)

  • David Escalante
    David Escalante

    Because I am no normie

  • Karthikeyan K
    Karthikeyan K

    The sales has followed normal distribution

  • Cryptids and Creepies
    Cryptids and Creepies

    Are you going to review the Xperia 1 iii when it is released?

  • iNFiNiTi RS
    iNFiNiTi RS

    Sony smartphone only for professional user

  • Binoy Sagar
    Binoy Sagar

    I've been using Sony Xperia XZ Premium ! Buttery smooth ! ❤️🔥 Never going back to any other ! Sony is ❤️


    Expansive and lack of functions

    • w0nderer82

      what functions do you miss?

  • Gabriel Gimenes
    Gabriel Gimenes

    4k is good for vr

  • Jed Halpin-Munks
    Jed Halpin-Munks

    Sony is suffering from success 😔😔😔

  • BigTymin

    The truth is, u just are not cool if u don't buy a Samsung or apple, that's why

  • cuttingsNL Netherlands
    cuttingsNL Netherlands

    "Why Don't People Buy Sony Smartphones?" Because they are marketing brainwashed? The past 14 years I am buying Sony mobile phones (every second year). I have my Nikon D7100, I wouldn't buy a mirror-less, but my second (point and shoot) photo camera is also Sony. I was searching to buy a new smartphone but guess what, Vodafone here in the Netherlands are offering only one Sony model ! Shocked...

  • Jose Protectores de El Salvador
    Jose Protectores de El Salvador

    Great video, hello from El Salvador

  • ReLaxative

    I think 4k resolution on such a small device is a huge waste of battery life, because to truly see the difference, you need a much bigger screen. But I'll keep Sony phones on radar. Good insights, though.

  • Galaxy Art Media
    Galaxy Art Media

    Good video. I am thinking to buy also a Sony phone, especially for the camera and video features!

  • Zareef Kabir
    Zareef Kabir

    Good video MKBHD

  • ZetiBaze

    People who use Sony will keep using Sony, people who dont, will never try This is my first time using Sony phone and i decided to keep buying Sony unless Sony is gone

    • ZAds Azhad
      ZAds Azhad

      I still remember the first Xperia Z, damn what a legend

  • DEAD SHOT swu
    DEAD SHOT swu

    I don't buy sony smartphone cause I'm broke

  • milahoot

    why because it's not available elsewhere

  • muhd fudinz
    muhd fudinz


  • Alfred Early D Min
    Alfred Early D Min

    Better yet, what about the Sony Xperia 5?

  • Alfred Early D Min
    Alfred Early D Min

    Mk, what do you think of Sony Xperia xz3 or ,xz2

  • Johann Heinrich Scheffer
    Johann Heinrich Scheffer

    I got my first Sony phone in 2014 and fell in love with them. Unfortunately, I can't find them anymore and it's just a struggle to find any phone that is comparable for me ever since. Don't get me wrong, Samsung, Apple, Huawei and various other brands bring out great phones but Sony was unique. The user interface was easy, the features you grew strangely fond of and they were reliable as a brick. Man, I really hope Sony makes a comeback.

  • JoCoHo

    I've got an Xperia E5 but I think it's about time for an upgrade

  • ELfebr0

    They just need to label their stuff with their brands "Cyber-Shot" App Camera, and "Walkman" App and refine android a bit more. they need to change the designs, all androids are similar, add a big monocromatic screen on the back for alerts and music visualization, I dont know.

  • Ali Cigal
    Ali Cigal

    Hi I don't have any many.. can you send one sony xperia 1 iii plus or pro to me brother please ı have never cash

  • vedista

    Here in Greece, they have even stopped being displayed in shops !!!! In fact, I had the impression that Sony stopped making mobile phones anymore ! Shame !

  • Dimitris K
    Dimitris K

    I alway was buying sony since Sony Ericsson Walkmans lol but stop at z5 since then they not offer much enough for the money they ask .... samsung offer much more and what's more import is sony security is trash

  • Kaushik Gopalan
    Kaushik Gopalan

    i use a sony zx2, pretty good still. it has a single camera but still does better than one plus 6 /6t

  • Mechenzo

    I tarzan,i see samsung i buy,i see sony i avoid

  • Levi H.
    Levi H.

    Because it is overpriced AF lmao

  • rosescale133

    I had 3 sony phones.. From the very first xperia.. 😊 my xperia z2.compact just died on me and i need a new one

  • Next-lvl

    Its not only Sony cant do a proper launch. And idk if they know it, but thaire software support is soooooo bad, its mostly the most bad support in the Smartphone World !! Yes, theire phones are cool, and have interesting features, but what does that mean, when they let youre High-End Sony phone die after one or two years, on software?

  • Mr Bubbles
    Mr Bubbles

    Does Google steal all your contacts from this mobile too, when you sign out from your Google account? It happens on my Pixel and I am pissed about it.

  • Bottle Of Water
    Bottle Of Water

    I would love to have one, I am saving up for one lol

  • faizah noor
    faizah noor

    i am heavily contemplating to buy Xperia 1 ii or should i wait for iii in a month (i hope).. but im sure the price for Xperia 1 iii will be very expensive

  • Rover

    They need to be more beautiful. Flagship aesthetics are critical.


    Nahh, the only reason is they don't have cheap phones, all smartphones from Sony are damn expensive.

  • Доктор Футболизма
    Доктор Футболизма

    Bro made pls video abaut sony 5 iii

  • Gerri Jaya Kantono
    Gerri Jaya Kantono

    I guess god just don't want sony to dominate the tech industry business....... because they used to, sort of...

  • Usama Saud
    Usama Saud

    The prices. Sony needs to put out competitive prices.

    • Eric Anderson
      Eric Anderson

      Not every phone can have pixel3a pricing.

    • RJeditor s
      RJeditor s

      @Usama Saud the problem comes from the culture of Japanese companies

    • Bill Gates
      Bill Gates

      @Undr Grnd the sony xperia have the same price as the base model of iphone 12 and s21 so I'm not sure

    • Undr Grnd
      Undr Grnd

      people are willing to pay 1000 for a samsung or iphone. They will be willing to pay for this if this was marketed well. People are idiots when it comes to pricing.

    • Bill Gates
      Bill Gates

      @Alpzepta how the hell is that more expensive than an iPhone

  • Norbert Kamiński
    Norbert Kamiński

    Sony has awful care centre where I live and they removed unique support for their 5-pole earphones like MDR-NW750 with ANC

  • Ved Aryan
    Ved Aryan

    In my opinion, if sony wants , they can sell more sony phones cuz they have the ingredients for it , like a familiar brand name in the mainstream too, great camera tech , and the resources and pockets too. But either they don't have the management, or they don't want to

  • Oliver Duro
    Oliver Duro

    I remember getting a PS4 a few years ago for getting a Sony phone


    That earlier mindset - Sony is expensive. But the fact is, Only those who buy Sony knows Sony. And The Sony they bought lasted very very long. No frequent purchase.

  • Glitch Freak
    Glitch Freak

    dude same thing with the vita.... all sonys products are really good but the marketing is just doesnt exsist.... until they advertise their products like they should they are just gonna keep losing money

  • Andrew Lee Yong Hooi
    Andrew Lee Yong Hooi

    Sony have the best phone in the world ffs Best graphic, best camera, best sound and etc. Only people like fake colours will say otherwise, and those fake wide zooms. As matter of fact, Sony phones will last you an average of 3 to 5 years, heck I even dropped my phones like multiple times in that period. 2nd, always get the second generation after they launched the first one. It'll came with everything they didn't provides on earlier generation, and it sits nicely in your 3 years period


    sooooonyyyyyyyy sounds like soon and soon stil sooon.....

  • ssruizhang

    Holy shit I didn't even know this phone existed. Now i'm regretting my Z Flip. Quality stereo speakers, 4k display, dedicated camera button, led notification light, and all that camera tech? Wtf??? WHAT THE F WERE YOU DOING SONY I'D EVEN PREORDER IT

    • Pixels

      The Xperia 1 III is even better: 4K 120Hz screen as well as recording. Variable periscope camera and more

  • G Bo
    G Bo

    I bought a Z1 Compact for my girlfriend years ago. Few months later, I bought the Z3 compact. We were happy with our phones, until they failed, one by one. The Z1 Compact started to have issues after 2 years. The Z3C also started to have issues 2 years after I bought it. Impossible to swap from the top. Problem known, several users had that same issue, but Sony did absolutly nothing at all to solve that. I don't know why people don't buy Sony smarphones in general, but I know why I won't ever buy a Sony Smartphone.

  • Aniq Asyrani
    Aniq Asyrani

    Im watching this video with my sony xperia xz which is still in a good condition

  • Sana Idnikla
    Sana Idnikla

    Well.. All I have to say is that Sony make good reliable phones but Apple and Samsung care more about profit than quality or price. Different brains, technology vs marketing

  • Hasan Tanvir
    Hasan Tanvir

    Sony and Lg are Made extra ordinary phone better than samsung, iPhone and any other cheap smartphone brand. It's clearly show that No one deserve the best thing in today's world...

  • smooth m
    smooth m

    I got my first Sony Xperia z never change my Sony phone I bought all type of Sony Xperia now I have Sony Xperia 5 Mark 2 I use the camera for my HRposts channel they are amazing phones

  • Moon Lalune
    Moon Lalune

    Because before, they released a lot of underwhelming phones...

  • RevaN

    Will we ever see it be compatible in North America?

  • Jantarochen

    my xperia xa just broke yesterday after I had it for FOUR YEARS. Just ordered my Xperia L4 because it was 160€ and it has all that I need. It didn't even cross my mind to buy from another company

  • Alexander Martinez
    Alexander Martinez

    Cause they dont have a good ecosystem. Their own OS, developing mobile games to compete with Nintendo swift for example, developing an special monitor to use with the playstation, special keyboard and mouse with special features , for gaming, giving the PS5 box PC caracteristics, instead of being just a gaming console, launching an RPGMMO you just can play on the PS5 which has a modular desing that i can upgrade, buying stuffs from Sony. Creating reasons to buy a SONY phone, cause i can use it, lets say, with this monitor or playing games using PS5 controllers... now i can use my PS5 to run a software to edit videos, photos on my Sony camera, etc etc. You create a rich ecosystem and you captive people and you keep your sales growing and growing. Give me a reason to not buy another iphone.


    why are you allways talking about benifits? Why not disadvantages?

  • Kacchan

    Xperia phone is great and somehow underrated.

  • Jonathan Vermeul
    Jonathan Vermeul

    I loved my Xperia Z and now my Xperia 1. I don't buy a new phone every year. Sony fanboy here.